Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Curve and Ikano

13 th December 2010,  the day trip with my family~~
Actually I want to go The Curve is searching my lovely supra Jeremy Scott EX-Edition and Nike Pink series~~
I heard from my friend that Pavillion KL and The Curve have sold it~~
But I can’t find it~~ Aiyer~~ Pik Cik~~
At the first I want brought it to my Thailand trip but now seem have little bit hard~~
Hai~~ A little sad but never mind~~
But I brought much than that~~ Haha~~
I brought new T-shirt, new skin care, new hair care, new vest, new rings, new earings, new spectacles (only fashion no degree de), new dresses, new necklace, new hat and much more~~
Haha~~ Damn excited when I watch this all lay on my bedroom~~
A little windy plus high feeling appear in my heart~~
Just a word to explain all, “”~~
Recent, there something make my feeling damn moody~~
Thanks for my friends, buddies and family comfort me and bring me enjoy everywhere for releases my moody and stress~~
A thousand thank you to you all~~
Thank you so so much~~ (^ω^)
The most excited thing is I brought many skin care from The Face Shop~~ XDXD
But I still failed get their bag collection~~
But never mind I still get The Face Shop recycle bag from their~~ Hehe~~
From The Curve shopping centre to Ikano shopping centre~~
Made my papa feel very tired~~
He said shopping more tired than working~~
Papa damn tired and also my two brothers~~
Haha~~ Man always can’t shopping for long time~~
But there a little weird to my papa~~
When papa accompany me to Sungai Wang and Time Square, he not that tired~~
I seem he has little feast shopping with me~~
But when he shopping with at The Curve or One Utama shopping centre~~
He always damn tired~~ Haha~~ Papa is wierdo~~ XDXD
The Curve Christmas decoration is not that beautiful than Midvalley Christmas decoration~ 
But I also take a lot of pictures at there~~
P/S: I only be the photography girl~~ Protagonists is my mummy and my little brother~~ Hehe~~ XDXD

The Curve decoration~~ More prefer Pavillion KL decoration~~
But their theme also look cute~~ ^^

A cute house~~

Cute~~ ❤❤

Ikano decoration~~ Erm~~ Not really beautiful~~ Wahihi~ XD

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