Saturday, November 27, 2010


Haha~~ It was amazing feeling~~
I'm already have one week didn't open my computer~~
Can you imagine it??
A girl can't live without online world now can stop online-ing in a week~~
It is super hard for this girl~~
But now the girl just make it~~
Haha~~ Good feel now~~

Yesterday, my brother was sick~~
But he need go for work~~
Damn worry to him la~~
I seriously shock when he wake up earlier morning and slept in sofa laying at there scream cold~~
But he nows feel better already~~
Hope he can get well soon~~

So, now to my examination topic~~
Oh my god!! My history subject made a big big mistake~~
My score A is flying away~~
So sad when you found there a careless mistake happen~~
I'm getting crazy when i found it~~
So suck lol!!!

But never mind, my mummy buy a candy yummy for me~~
I love this so so much~~
My mummy love me always~~
I love her so much~~
Opppss~~ Daddy is jealous-ing~~ ^^
I love you too, daddy~~
I love you all in a conclusion~~ Haha~~ ^^

This candy is really really yummy~~ The process of making candy really impressed me~~
I hope I can learn it also~~ ^^
Want know about this candy??
Go to
(Help promote) ^^
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Monday, November 22, 2010

30 hours left form now o(>﹏<)o

Now is the second days before SPM, ooopppsss wrong~~
Is the day before SPM examination~~
Looking at my clock wall pointing at 12.53am~~
Still left about 30 hours from the day of examination~~
Huh!! Damn wonder about my exam~~
I scare I can't do well on that day especially on Thursday (History paper exam)~~
Everything come with a lot of pleasantly surprised~~
But I know how much I wondering~~
Time still goes~~ 
So, I need to catch up the time and keep hardworking on my subjects~~
Huh!! Wish me luck on my exam~~
Luck too to whose exam SPM, STPM and pre-exam~~
Good Luck!!
Hope we can build our own rainbow without no regrets~~ 

My dream!! Newyork and Paris!! I want build my rainbow at there~~ Wish me~~ ^^
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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

How to draw punk and public style eye??

This is some of the technique how to draw punk and public style eye~ Suitable for boy and girl~ Any mistaken can comment on my blog below and share some more tips~~ ^^
P/S : Any grammar mandarin mistaken please forgive me, I not good in mandarin. TQ~~

This is me!! Haha~~ Show oneself up~~ ^^

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Last Month of My High School Life

From now, still left 1 month with my high school life…
Suddenly, many memories flash in my mind…
Everything started from my high school life…
And now I need to say goodbye to my high school life…
I’m really so upset … Huhu~~
But from the other way, I’m happy because at the end I become mature already…
When I was 12 years old, I was hope I can graduated as soon as possible…
But now I have a little begrudge for end my high school life…
Time really waited for no man….
Everything just like a flash…
I’m really begrudged with my high school life…
But from other side, I’m looking forward to my collage life…
My feeling just upside down….
Today is 16 November 2010 and my SPM will starting on 23 November 2010 just 1 more week left…
I had to try my best for my SPM examination…
I need to work harder and non-stop practicing with my subjects…
Oh gosh!! Just 1 more week to go…
Damn nervous and stress….

Here I had to say to my Damansara Damai school friends about my feeling to you all…
P/S: Any grammar mistaken please forgive me… TQ~~

My first time image to you all and years ….
Pai: (2006) Wierdo Force guy
Joshua: (2010) Wierdo Nerd
Amelie: (2009) Short girl
Ang: (2006) Responsible girl
Elvene: (2006) Good good girl
Chia: (2006) Malay girl
Liana: (2006) Cute and tembam girl
Nichole: (2006-2008) Small eye girl
Yukie: (2006) Hamsap girl
Tommorow: (2008) LC girl
Rupini: (2009) Smart girl
W.C.C : (2009) Skeleton guy
Mook: (2006) Trumpet guy
Nelson: (2009)  Fur Fur guy
Joeann: (2008) Matured girl
Nicole: (2009) Coquetry girl
Micheal: (2009) Blur girl
Kah Hoe: (2009) Funny man
Sammi: (2009) Idol idiot girl
Sim: (2008) Eight march girl
Irene: (2004) Baby size girl
Fai: (2009) Tall and big eye man
Samsoon: (2004) Feminine guy
Wei Hao: (2004) Short short guy

This is a part of my first image to you all…
Returned to my previous memories have a little kind of funny and supernatural…
Haha~~ Time gone time…
Many things happened and now we all ready to graduate!!
Hope we all can keep contact on Facebook or sms~~
Friendships till the end of my life~~


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Searching for job

Today Amelie, Joeann, Yukie and me go to Kepong Jusco searching for job…
We damn humble pie when we searching to our first target shop (SUB)….
We non-stop walk along in front of the shop…
I think the workers feel us weird…
We take a long long breath and make decision going inside and ask for job…
But at the last, we fail…
Haha~~ Funny…
We went to Food and Tea Restaurant for fulfill our stomach first…
The waitress who served us really no manner…
I hated with her expression and motion…
No smiling and friendly at all…
What a suck service…
After eating our lunch, we return again to SUB and again walking along in front of the shop…
We standing at their shop front about 10 to 15 minutes..
At the last, we brave lance in…
Amelie and Yukie really humble pie…
We still have time standing there discussing…
The workers stand at there and smile at us…
Oh Gosh!! Shame!!!
Really shame… This is my first time like that…
At the last we failed….
 Then, we keep searching again..
Yukie interested with a pet shop…
So, she applied a job at there…
While waiting or her filling the form, Amelie and I search for other shop…
We go to florist, Etude House, Starbucks and Heng Tien fashion shop applied…
Damn happy when applied such many shop…
Now I can choose whether where I want to work when I finish my SPM examination…
I got many job…
The Face Shop, Etude House, Heng Tien, florist shop, promoter, starbucks, seller manager and director…
Hmmm…. I need to think about it which is more suitable for me…
Have a little headache about it…

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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Photography me ❤ ❤

 KaChack!! Let's me be the photography girl!! ❤~

Haha~~ I be the photograhy girl~
I love capture myself,  friends, nature, families and also such silly things that I thought worth.
Sound like pro in shooting but actually I'm idiot.
I not really know how to shoot a nice picture.
I really interested in photography but if  I choose this course as my major.....
My families especially papa and mama will against me.
They thought photography and drawing will be good for nothing.
So, I respect their decision.
I give up on this two course that I will choose on May 2011 soon.
Maybe you will advise me that don't give up on my interested...
Firstly, thanks for your advise...
I want to let you know that I will never give up to my own interested no matter my parents against me or somethings else...
I choose to give up photography because i know this not my real favorite...
Photography is fun but my real interested is designer...
I would like to be designer and this is my future life...
I already make a strong decision...
I know which the best for me...
So, I decide take characters design and fashion design as my major courses..
I lost my interested before so now I won't let it become blur again..
Wish me have a good decision and successful in my future life..
I hope this will be a part of my colorful rainbow..
Thanks. ^^

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Saturday, November 13, 2010

SPM Examination is Coming!!

SPM Examination is Coming!!

SPM examination is coming on 23 November 2010.
I feel very scare and I didn't on a heart preparation at all.
I feel very very worry about it.
Oh gosh!!
Shit Feeling now.
Today is 13 November, from now just left 10 more days to go.
I scared my History subject.
A lot of things need to memory.
I begging to God please let the time goes slowly and slowly.
I already wasted many time.
Recently, many things was happened.
Its make me starting crazy.
Especially LOVE!!
I hate to think this.
But it non-stop rounding me.
When I need somebody to love there;s no one.
But when I hope no want bother me, there's a lot of rounding me.
This call God likes to fool people!
I starting feeling sick.
I scare I will sick on the day of the examination.
That what I really worry about.
The other I don't care anymore and not going to bother anymore.
Now in my life, I'm just welcome my sisters step in my life.
To whose guys please stay AWAY!!
I'm begging you, guys.
Anything let me end my examination first.
I'm promise you all after examination I will seriously think about it.
Kay!! Thanks alot..
It really tired when a lot of things rush to me.
Sometime  lost in this world named Earth maybe is a good thing.
No worry, no wondering and no such silly thing anymore.

Other things need to share it out.
See it??
My blogger changing again.
It really take my time to refresh my blogger.
Everything news no matter widgets, layouts or tabs.
I love you all too~~ ^^
Keep in touch with following my blogger yea!! Love you~~ ^^

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

My friends put an aeroplane to me~~ T.T

11 November 2010



可是!! 突然收到一份讯息说,“不好意思,我没去学校了。我生病了。”

=。= 我朋友突然放我飞机呢~~

可惜啊~~ 害得我今天也没去学校了~~

我穿着我的校服又躺下去睡觉了~~ 哈哈!!


哎呀呀呀~~ 睡过头了呢。。。




哎呀!! 我这里住的地方还真的很不好。。。

网络很差!! 非常差!! 超级差!!


我受够了啦!! 最近的网差极了~~


我的天啊!! 我没有网络我不行啊!!




我的天啊!! 我快死了~~


谁能来救救我!! 我快疯了!!



=。= 已经第3次了~~


哎呀~~ 靓仔,够了啦!!


偶给?? 哈哈~~


自在多了~~ 不用报告~~



RIGHT?? 我的单身朋友们~~ 呵呵•~ ^^

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Is My Shopping Time Again ❤ 09/11/10


呵呵~~ 又是shoppng的时候啦!!


有点不同的是,Alex哥哥他们一家和Wi Wang Wang 他们一家也来了和我们一起血拼。





好多大减价哦!! 全部大减价害得我全部都想买回家。。。

呵呵~~ 可是逛到3点左右就走了因为要去吃东西。









难得难得啊~~ 哈哈~~

这是我刚买的新皮包~~ 是Hello Planet出的~~ 我一看就一见钟情了~~ 二话不说,直买!!哈哈~~

这是我刚买的新eye liner~~ 他是比较shining的哦~~ 这支笔还不便宜呢~~ 都买了30多块~~ 可是是值得的~~ 呵呵~~

我买了几瓶指甲油~~ Elianto那天大减价叻~~ 哇~~ 你看~~ 我差不多买完Elianto的指甲油了~~

P/S: 白色的是Elianto的~~ 黑色的是The Face Shop的~~ 其他的就不是很好的指甲油哦~~

除了这个我还买了新内衣呢~~ 呵呵~~

是名牌内衣~~ 妈咪叫我选当然诗选最好的啦~~ 哈哈~~

还蛮贵的~~ 一件就要100++呢~~


哎呀呀~~ 妈咪哪里可以这样说的呢~~


因为我相信我自己的实力~~ 一定!! 哈哈~~
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