Monday, October 18, 2010

Graduation Ceremony~~

Hoh!!! Glad god~~ At the end my internet become normal back~~ Glad Glad Glad~~ I really happy when my internet become normal back~~ Without internet, my life like missing something~~ Internet is one of important part in my life~~ My mama say i'm crazy for internet~~ haha~~ Whatever!! I like then okay already~~

Oh ya!! I have something share with you guys~~ My school is having a graduation ceremony~~ Damn happy when heard that all girls is need to make up and wear high-heel shoes~~ Wow!! Damn happy when see Yukie and Mey expression~~ They becomes shock~~ This is the opportunities for me seeing them make up and high-heel~~ So how can I miss it out~~  Hahaha~~ Sudden expect with the ceremony~~ Wakkaka~~ BUT!!! I quarrel with my mama because of a dress~~ Damn hate her~~ She buy shirts for my second brother and my little brother~~ What the!! I damn mad with her~~ I know i put my lady temper but my heart really in a bad mood~~ Is really unfair with me~~ A men shirt cost RM100++ and I just want dress not much cost only but she need think it~~ I already explain to her that I need it for ceremony but she just give me a un-logical reason~~ Damn not accepted with her reason~~ Really sXck feeling, you know~~ Oh shit!! I just keep silent  when she talking to me or asking me~~ She call me to doing something and I just do it but i not put out any word from my mouth when she asking me anything especially about dress~~ Hoh!! My heart damn not well when she say this topic~~ Huh huh!!

Let's go to other topic~~ Today at school damn funny~~ I and my friends sot sot jor~~ We all crazy and just laugh and laugh ~~ I think today we haven't ate our medicine~~ Hahaha!!! Just a little case then we can laugh and laugh~~ Lol!! Don't know what happen to us~~ Haiz~~

Evening I surf to Hilary Giogio blog to read a blog name 八十块的处女~~ Waa!! After reading this blog, my conclusion is actually a happy life can just end easily with a lie~~ Damn funny when thinking again about this story again~~ Don't think this is kinda funny~~ This make me more clearly that a girl must have independent when carry any kind of situation~~ This just my feeling because I'm a Leo girl~~ Haha!!

I end my blog now~~ Sorry for any grammar mistaken and suddenly stop my blog~~ Forgive me ya~~ Tieter~~

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