Tuesday, October 26, 2010

High School Graduation Ceremony

23 Oct 2010, Saturday - Three day before today.

At first, sorry to all for late posting my blog out. Second, did you all see my blogger now? My blog is already change. This is the reason why I'm late updated my blog. I change my blog picture, widgets and my music box. I damn like this template now. I make this template using two days long. Can you imagine it how hard to find this all one by one. I also change my song in the blog. Is really nice hear. Hehe, anyway Kamshamida~~

Let's to topic now! Last Saturday my school had a graduation ceremony for our Form 5 student. This is the first time our school held this activity because our school this new and late progress. Glad to heard that when our school said to us have this ceremony. By the way, we used many money for this graduation and many thing was happen because of this ceremony. But is already passed. At the last, all thing is already fixed. Thanks god.

Graduation ceremony start at 8.00am. So, my friends decided come to my house at 5.00am for make up and style their hair. BUT, there lated on that day. I waked up at 3.45am waiting for them and started preparing for myself first because scared later will be no time to be done with myself. In my memory, I saw to my clock is already 5.45am like that. I'm started think, "Wah!! Is already very late! Say want come at 5.00am but now is already 6.00am. They must sleep late already." Then, I message Yukie. She really over sleep. Sui po a~~ Because they lated came to my house so we also late for ceremony because for preparing. So sorry said to Yukie and Mey that their make up not really balance. Oh shit. Damn worry with my next make up exam because I can't balance their make up. But from the other side not my fault because they late coming make me less time make-up for them. Three people using 1 hours more like that sure can't balance. We rush to the ceremony. Luckily, we not the last person whose arrived at the ceremony. Got one more people lated than us. Haha~~

When we arrived to the ceremony, we have to put the graduation robe up first. Boys really hamsap guy lolx! Always say want capture capture capture. Aiya!! No need la. Very yong shui 1 nothing to capture de. About 8.10am, graduation ceremony started. The opening wors blah blah blah. Then start to taking the scroll on the stage. At that time, I'm really nervous. I scared I made mistake on the stage later. But glad god, nothing mistake make from me at the stage. Hu hu~~ Breathing nice again. Hehe.

Sorry to say that, this picture has a little blur. I take this picture from my friends. This is the graduated student whose take picture on the stage. All taking the scroll happily taking photo. Hehe.

This horrible look girl between the two guys is me. You can see my hair. So horrible. Actually I make my hair curly on graduation day but my hair get straight back in just a moment. =.= Sad~~ Maybe I rebonding my hair before.

The two women standing in the middle who is my English and Malay teacher. 
Both of them is nice, I like them so much.
The other is my classmate and the most taller guy is my best best friend, Fendi Fad. He cute and humor. Hehe.

This picture is taking with my Ekonomi Asas teacher. I also like this teacher so much. The Indian girl is my best friend, Rupini. She is clever and smart but she very poor in her handle her love sentiment. The girl who wear chocolate colour baju kurung also my best friend, Jami. She nice and lovely girl. ^^
(I have many other race of friends.)

       After graduation, Yukie, Mey and me plan to go have our lunch in Kepong Jusco. I'm very shame wearing like that walking at kepong. This is my first time wear like that at kepong jusco. Really Shame arhh~~~  We take our lunch at 'Food and Tea' restaurant. Stupid Yukie and Mey non-stop underline thier word that the waiter always watching me. =.= Actually is watching them lol. They too cute together. So, they make wrong word to me.. Wakaka.

See them~~ Introduce to you all. My classmate, Yukie and Mey. They look cute looking at the food. Hehe. P/s: Like this picture very much.

     We specially eat very very slowly because we buy our movie ticket, "Perfect Wedding" at 3.40pm. We need to wait 2 hours like that before the movie on screen. So, we make our motion slow and slow. Haha. After eating, I went to Elianto buy some base coat for my lovely nail. I love my nail very much. So, I won't make my nail in a horrible look. Wakaka. Then, we go eat some dessert waiting for time gone. We talk a lot of things. We also gossip a lot of things. Hehe. Both of we very bagua de. Hehe.

     Hooray!! At the end, the time was gone. Is already 3.40pm. We go to cinema watch our movie. We watch, Perfect Wedding (抱抱俏佳人) whose act by Lam Foong and Qian Hua. OMG!! After seeing this, I can't accept Lam Foong can act like this. NO!!! NO!!! This movie have a little XXX inside. They kiss alot and very hard. Wow!! Sit in front of us の xiao mei mei very funny. When they kiss their action and laughing make me feel very funny. Cute them.

This is the movie we watched it. 
Star Rating: ★★★

        This is my graduation ceremony style. Hehe. ^^

I end my blog at here lo. Thanks. Bye. ^^

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Monday, October 18, 2010

Graduation Ceremony~~

Hoh!!! Glad god~~ At the end my internet become normal back~~ Glad Glad Glad~~ I really happy when my internet become normal back~~ Without internet, my life like missing something~~ Internet is one of important part in my life~~ My mama say i'm crazy for internet~~ haha~~ Whatever!! I like then okay already~~

Oh ya!! I have something share with you guys~~ My school is having a graduation ceremony~~ Damn happy when heard that all girls is need to make up and wear high-heel shoes~~ Wow!! Damn happy when see Yukie and Mey expression~~ They becomes shock~~ This is the opportunities for me seeing them make up and high-heel~~ So how can I miss it out~~  Hahaha~~ Sudden expect with the ceremony~~ Wakkaka~~ BUT!!! I quarrel with my mama because of a dress~~ Damn hate her~~ She buy shirts for my second brother and my little brother~~ What the!! I damn mad with her~~ I know i put my lady temper but my heart really in a bad mood~~ Is really unfair with me~~ A men shirt cost RM100++ and I just want dress not much cost only but she need think it~~ I already explain to her that I need it for ceremony but she just give me a un-logical reason~~ Damn not accepted with her reason~~ Really sXck feeling, you know~~ Oh shit!! I just keep silent  when she talking to me or asking me~~ She call me to doing something and I just do it but i not put out any word from my mouth when she asking me anything especially about dress~~ Hoh!! My heart damn not well when she say this topic~~ Huh huh!!

Let's go to other topic~~ Today at school damn funny~~ I and my friends sot sot jor~~ We all crazy and just laugh and laugh ~~ I think today we haven't ate our medicine~~ Hahaha!!! Just a little case then we can laugh and laugh~~ Lol!! Don't know what happen to us~~ Haiz~~

Evening I surf to Hilary Giogio blog to read a blog name 八十块的处女~~ Waa!! After reading this blog, my conclusion is actually a happy life can just end easily with a lie~~ Damn funny when thinking again about this story again~~ Don't think this is kinda funny~~ This make me more clearly that a girl must have independent when carry any kind of situation~~ This just my feeling because I'm a Leo girl~~ Haha!!

I end my blog now~~ Sorry for any grammar mistaken and suddenly stop my blog~~ Forgive me ya~~ Tieter~~

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