Friday, July 9, 2010

Sry is my mistake~~

Firstly, i say sorry to 无名组~~
Sorry for let you all misunderstanding my meaning of my blog~~
But actually in other point~~
无名组 can say is an emotional team~~
Think too much liao~~
Especially Kah Hoe~~
Think too much liao~~
A boy is can't think too much de o~


Today when P.J period I asking Amelie and Chia want go out for next Tuesday~~
But again Angie make me so speechless~~
Actually i don't ask for her~~
But suddenly she say, "Sorry i can't~~" ~~
 Speechless~~ Many time already~~
Sometime feel pitiful to her~~
And sudden i feel over-acting to her~~
Acting CUTE!! 
Her classmate always make her transparent~~
Hai~~ Hope she know her problem soon~~

This is the 2nd week I relationship with  Winston already~~
But i feel i don't have feeling to him~~
Today go out with Winston~~
I just feel boring and no topic to say~~
I'm just quiet all day long~~
He buy thing to me i not feeling happy~~
Hai~~ Better single~~
More happy and freedom~~
Just like FAD say, in a relationship just boring and wasting time~~
Haha~~ Agree agree~~

The End

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