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Hello! Welcome to my mini design information space.

Little introduction before starts everything. 
My name is Chency Ccy, an ordinary beauty lifestyle blogger at my blog, http://www.thechency.com but in other way I also claimed myself as designer too. Thinking I'm not professional enough like other designer gurus but guess designing is part of my hobbies. I believe my artworks make you to click this page. (∩_∩)

Why choose me?
I can fulfill your ideal mind of your basic design by providing custom pages professionally with standard web design rules. Other than that, I am the tailor and mechanic behind the beauty and code of a website/blog. I can code it from top to bottom just for you. I also can helps you to draw and customize your ideal looks of your website and of course! price will be increases for work. My rate of services are reasonable enough even DEFINITELY lower in professional industry field because I'm just a freelancer designer but I can provide professional work.

If you use my services, you'll not only get exceptional work that you are happy with, I can guarantee that every piece of work I do will be consistent and tailored for your brand. 

• Basic Blogger Design
• Pro Blogger
• Custom Blogger Design

• Theme styling
• Logo Design
• Custom Header Design
• Featured Slider
• Sidebar Title Design
• Banner Ad Design
• Social Network Icon Design
• Business Card Design
• Social Media Timeline Header Design

{ RM99 }
This package is perfect for beginning bloggers or bloggers who want their blog looks prettier with small budget. Create under default layout with two columns but accept special request of adding additional column like column under post, two columns under sidebar, etc.... maximum of four column in total; require additional fees for changes. Installation on other themes/layouts are require additional fees.

 Favicon image
Custom Header Design
 Basic Sidebar Title Design (adding icons or images beside)
 Background Pattern
 Social Media Button Set (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, RSS, Email, etc...)
 Banner Ads Design (125×125 px or 500×500 px)
 Theme styling (fonts, color styling, allignment, etc...)
 Optimization of website (Load & surf faster) 
 Instillation and fixing bugs 

{ RM199 }
This is a package for serious blogger who wants to looks more professional and unique. Customize under your request given but does not include drawing service. 

 Favicon image
 Navigation Bar
 Custom Header Design
 Custom Sidebar Design
 Background Pattern 
 Social Media Button Set  (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, RSS, Email, etc...)
 Banner Ads Design (125×125 px or 500×500 px)
 Post Signature
 Custom and Standard Sidebar Widget Setup (“Welcome”, Social Media Links, Search, Recent Posts, Categories, etc.)
 Theme styling (fonts, color styling, allignment, etc...)
 Optimization of website (Load & surf faster) 
 Instillation and fixing bugs 

RM300 }
If you really like my blog design, then this package is for you. Tailor and design specialist just for you. Drawing services is available. Every services was inside this package. Let’s talk and come up with something that’s just right for you.

{ RM20 }
Costumization of special fonts, color styling, allignment, etc..

{ RM40 }
Offer full logo development depending on customization request. This service is suitable for who want to be identical or making use as official in every social medias or printing. Logo design is preferable for simple typographic design or as business.

{ RM30 }
What is the different between Logo and Header design? A header gives the blog an identity without going through the process of developing a full logo. Mostly a header is a representative of yourself by using image or illustration to presenting. This service is suitable to who blogger who want to make blog header more attractive with quality.

{ RM20 }
Sometimes the best way to feature multiple posts in a compact space is with a featured slider or slideshow. These animated features allow you to select a handful of posts to display front and center on your homepage. Useful for displaying recent posts, seasonal posts, or other featured content, and often in combination with a teaser. Service includes of installation. *images of slideshow does not automatic update, require manually update (will teach you how on it)

{ RM50 }
Want an unique alignment or special design for your blog then this service is for you! Designs under your requests and helps to align even 'special align' for you.

{ RM45 }
Two types of services offer, image or swf type. What's the different? Image is ordinary banner you may see at any offline or online shop/blog while swf delivers multiple image in one like motion image or video even with sound available too. I will make my best to designed and flow with the vibe of your products.

{ RM35 }
Custom made icons depending on your request professionally. Perfect to who wants unique icons on website.

{ RM40/page }
Offer customization design service. Any styles of design you can provide me no matter professional, unique or special design are available. This service not including printing service. Will send you the file then you need to print at your desire printing shop.

{ RM20/page }
Available for other media header design like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc... This service is for who want to look professionally and identical in all social media.

{ RM15/30mins }
Custom drawing is available.

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