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[Skincare] NUViT MoistLoc Hydrating Skincare Series

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Hydrating is actually really important in our daily routine no matter for body functioning and also to our skin. Therefore, NUViT has recently launched MoistLoc Hydrating series, a pretty basic yet quite important need that is suitable for all skin types, especially dry skin. So yea, if you're looking for a lightweight, ultra-hydrating and long-lasting hydration in helping you to repair, rejuvenate, and revitalize at the same time. So yea, please keep on reading to know more about NUViT MoistLoc Skincare.

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So what so special about the NUViT MoistLoc Hydrating Series?
NUViT MoistLoc Hydrating Skincare using a unique combination of ingredients with targeted functions on different skin layers based on scientific research that helps repair the skin barrier, activates moisture circulation and retains optimum moisture. Besides that, also using the most concentrated formulation and the combination of science and natural plant extracts, alcohol-free and non-allergenic.

MoistLoc Hydrating series features a unique triple action hydration complex, CeraHA+™ which can help to:
● Provides long-lasting hydration
● Plumper and elastic skin
● Repair skin barrier
● Activate hydrating circulation
● Fresh and soothing skin
● Retain optimum moisture

In this series, there will be 4 products to introduce to your skincare routine
● NUViT MoistLoc Hydrating Double Action Cleansing Milk
● NUViT MoistLoc Hydrating Toner
● NUViTMoistLoc Hydrating Active Gel
● NUViT MoistLoc Hydrating Crystal Serum

NUViT MoistLoc Hydrating Double Action Cleansing Milk is 2 in 1 cleansing and makeup remover with unique emulsification technology that softens, repairs, hydrates and protects the skin against damage from dust. Besides than cleansing purpose, this cleanser also has the ingredients of Ceramides that can help to strengthen the skin barrier, POLLUSHIELD™ to protect skin from pollutant damage and soothing purpose from Licorice.

This cleanser is a light and gentle kind of cleanser while not making my face feeling striking dry. I love it won't produce too much foam but still good enough to cleanse my light makeup (sunscreen and eyebrow powder). My skin feels soothed, purified and refreshed after cleansing.

NUViT MoistLoc Hydrating Toner is a gentle, fresh and non-greasy hydrating toner that can help to softens the skin, repairs the skin barrier and maintains skin oil-water balance. This toner consists of ingredients such as Botanical extract complex that can help to promotes healthier skin, Vitamin B5 to soften the skin and HA Complex to leave it moist and hydrated.

Besides than after cleansing, I personally love to use this toner as makeup prepping to create a lightweight hydration barrier before going on with my makeup. This toner is scentless and feeling fresh, lightweight and non-greasy. If sometimes I need extra hydration, I will be using my hand to patting the essentials goodness into my skin 3 times repetitively until my face looking plump.

NUViT MoistLoc Hydrating Crystal Serum is a light and refreshing serum that provides highly concentrated hydration, actives water circulation, and smoothens skin. It does contain Vitamin B3 to helps brighten skin, Licorice for soothing purpose and HA Complex that intensively hydrates the skin.

I love this serum so much! This serum is lightweight, non-greasy water-gel texture makes no burden to the skin at all. The best part is this serum yet still provide quite high hydration level even sleeping in a dry and low-temperature room. This serum already becomes one of my night-routine and also travel essential pick.

NUViT MoistLoc Hydrating Active Gel, a double usage cream-gel that can be applied lightly during the dat and used a mask during the night. Retains optimum moisture, making skin plumper and more elastic. The ingredients in this gel moisturizer such as SymCalmin and Plantal extract complex can helps to relives, replenishes, rejuvantes and boost the skin radiance, PatcH20™ for long-lasting hydration and Sacrum Algae to retain moisture.

Love this moisturizer especially for travel use. I really love the light gel consistency texture just perfect for my combination skin without feeling greasy or oily even apply a thick layer as sleeping mask. It is really moisturize my skin and feeling plump and hydrated on the next day. Definitely, recommend if you're looking for a deep moisturizing gel moisturizer.

For more information, please visit:
Instagram: @nuvitmy
Product Info Line: 1800-88-3679


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