Thursday, January 24, 2019

[Skincare] Dr. Belmeur Advanced Cica Peptite Ampoule

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Today's post is another skincare review, the new Advanced Cica Peptide Ampoule from THEFACESHOP. Previously I have shared about their Dr.Belmeur the Advanced Cica Recovery Series (click here to read) and today's product is the newest addition of Dr.Belmeur series which is meant for sensitive to super sensitive skin, using active plant-based ingredients that are low-irritant to the skin.

Anyway, back to the main point. The main point of this Dr.Belmeur Advanced Cica Peptide Ampoule is the addition of Peptides which are the fundamental building blocks of skin. Other than Peptide, this ampoule also using THEFACESHOP unique skin-sync Rx™ technology to enhance skin's vitality and repair damaged skin.

So if you've improper habits such as

*rubbing your skin with rough towel
*washing your face too harsh
*consuming too much alchohol
*creating frictions on your skin while wearing turtle neck dress

then you should scrolling down and keep reading for more detail.

For your easy understanding, Dr. Belmeur Advanced Cica Peptite Ampoule is a premium line with products formulated with high efficacy active ingredients that helps improve damaged skin causes by environment stressors. The texture is water-oil based, lightweight, non-greasy and so easy to absorb to the skin. I like this ampoule has no significant scent into it and how it makes my face looks so healthy glow. You can use it after toner or use as a serum as ampoule is basically an enhanced serum while also can mix with another skincare or mask together if you want to boost the efficiency.

In overall, Cica and Peptide as ingredients already the best convincing power. I suggest this ampoule to all type of skin types as it is a gentle yet still powerful product that able to normalize skin barrier and recover damaged skin surface thus turning skin into a smooth and resilient condition.

PRICES: MYR 165 / 45ml
MADE IN: Korea

To find out more about THEFACESHOP, you can check out at

Instagram : @thefaceshopmalaysia


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