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[SKINCARE] THE FACE SHOP Dr.Belmeur the Advanced Cica Recovery Series | Specialist for Super Sensitive Skin

Wuhoo! I'm back with another skincare review.

I guess you guys already familiar with THE FACE SHOP, one of the leading Korean beauty & cosmetic brand. This post is about their newest addition in their Dr. Belmeur Range: the Advanced Cica Recovery Line. Just some recap, this is not the Dr.Belmeur is a range that specialist for sensitive skin so if you're a person who really little little also red and itchy, then keep on eye on this range haha.

I did shared about Dr.Belmeur's Repair Line (check out here) before. Eventho I love Yehwadam line better then Dr.Belmeur but their mask and pimple patch still one of my favorite these day. For your understanding, Dr.Belmeur is THE FACE SHOP's cosmeceutical range; which is a combination of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals; targeted to sensitive to super sensitive skin, using active plant-based ingredients that are low-irritant to the skin.

THE FACE SHOP's Dr.Belmeur range has 3 lines;
the Daily Repair - for drying-sensitive and acne-prone skin
the Clarifying Line - for oily, blemished and promblematic skin
the Advanced Cica Recovery Line - for damaged, super-dry and sensitive skin

The Advanced Cica Recovery Line consists of 4 products :
● Dr. Belmeur Advanced Cica Recovery Serum (MYR 165 / 50ml)
● Dr. Belmeur Advanced Cica Recovery Cream (MYR 165 / 30ml)
● Dr. Belmeur Advanced Cica Hand Cream (MYR 52 / 60ml)
● Dr. Belmeur Advanced Cica Hyaluronic Sheet Mask (MYR 18 / 30g)

The main ingredients of this line is Cica (Centella Asiatica), a popular ingredients inside Korean beauty market nowadays. The reason why is because they found out this ingredients is great for people with sensitive or acne skin as it helps to relieve the skin while also helping repairing the damaged skin area from inside to outside. Besides that, THE FACE SHOP has included Skin Sync Rx technology which is their cutom-made formula.

By the way, I forgot to mention the best part of THE FACE SHOP's Dr.Belmeur line are all paraben free, alcohol free and sulfate free. They are all dermatologically tested & formulated without synthethic pigments and irritating additives.

Dr. Belmeur Advanced Cica Recovery Serum (MYR 165 / 50ml)
*highly recommend*

The reason why I recommend this as I can see a pretty visible result when I facing sun-burn and after travelling around. My skin becomes pretty fragile, not leading to sensitive skin yet but my makeup was like shit during that time especially after 6 hours snorkeling on the sea. The texture of this serum is light-cream texture but it is not oily at all even for my combination skin, as it gives a nice healthy Korean's glow without oily. Plus it gives a nicely asorb to my skin, feeling comfortable and create a smooth barrier before my makeup. However, I only recommend to super-dry to dry-combination skin type.

In general, Dr. Belmeur Advanced Cica Recovery Serum helps to :
● Soothes and calming the skin
● Giving firmness to the skin
● Regenerate and strengthen the skin barrier
● Moisturize the skin

Dr. Belmeur Advanced Cica Recovery Cream (MYR 165 / 30ml)

My first thought on this cream is thick like a paste! No joke! The texture is pretty thick means it provides strong moisturizing level to the skin. Like what I mentioned above, Cica Recovery line is meant for damaged, super-dry and sensitive skin so the skin needs high hydration so it can restore the skin barrier to its healthy condition.

In general, Dr. Belmeur Advanced Cica Recovery Cream helps to :
● Provides deep hydration from inside out
● Improve skin barrier
● Brigthen the skin
● Improve fine scratches & lines
● Help the skin from aging

Dr. Belmeur Advanced Cica Hand Cream (MYR 52 / 60ml)

This hand cream is lit🔥. My mother's hand is dry, scratchy and little bit sensitive while my hand is only dry. BUT! We love it so much! The reason why is because this hand cream provides deep hydration and significantly see the result in just 3 usage. My hand became softer and less dry while my mother's hand becomes smoother and less wrinkle. We giving big applause to this little hand cream.

The texture is thick and rather slippery but once it absorb, the hand will turns so smooth and soft. No feeling sticky or oily at all and a little goes a long way. It spreads very well and leaving a very nice scent on the hand. Eventho this is not the kind of refreshing and lightweight hand cream but I still well recommend to all people especially your hand is rashed and living in an air-conditioned room.

In general, The Advanced Cica Recovery Hand Cream helps to:
● Reduce wrinkle on hand
● Provides 24 hours moisture
● Not oily and sticky texture

Dr. Belmeur Advanced Cica Hyaluronic Sheet Mask (MYR 18 / 30g)

When you read the name, Dr. Belmeur Advanced Cica Hyaluronic Sheet Mask, you probably already can guess this mask has Hyaluronic acid ingredient inside which is popular with moisturization and hydration to the skin.

In general, Dr. Belmeur Advanced Cica Hyaluronic Sheet Mask helps to:
● Deep moisturizing and hydrates the skin
● Intensive soothing the skin
● Help with Anti-aging
● Promote wound healing
● Calming the redness and breakouts

The essence inside the mask is alot! Just apply 15-20 minutes like other sheet masks do but the best thing about this mask is does feel drying. Once I pull off the mask, I can really tell the mask is well absorbed and leaving a nice refreshing scent to the skin. I am a fan of THE FACE SHOP every mask (you will know if you follow my Instagram's stories), this mask has the great quality like their other mask too. Love it? Yes!! No irration, calming my skin and perfect prep before makeup. Thumb up for this mask👍

To find out more about THEFACESHOP, you can check out at

Instagram : @thefaceshopmalaysia


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