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[Makeup] THEFACESHOP Flat Velvet & Glossy Lipstick | Flat-Shaped for Defining Lips

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Today's post is another lips product review and swatches from THEFACESHOP. They just launched the new Flat Lipsticks recently and I ready so excited to try them out and show you guys in my blog. THEFACESHOP Flat Lipsticks comes with two types of finishing, Glossy and Velvet. Each of them comes with 6 colors and the most unique is their flat shape tips which claimed for easier application when drawing a sharp line.

I believe my pictures already did a well done job to deliver the messages to you guys. 

Besides than that, I found that the design is really convenient as pencil type of packaging which makes gripping become easier and more stable when drawing a perfect line. Oh ya! I forgot mention that is actually even more space really comparing with the oldie type of cute lipstick. Not bashing! Just finding out that I am actually love this packaging design more haha.

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THEFACESHOP Flat Velvet Lipstick (MYR 45/ 1.8g) - 6 colors available

● BE01 Solar Beige
● PK01 Rose Pink
● PK02 Be My Pink
● RD01 London Red
● RD02 Darjeeling Red
● RD03 Cassis Red

If you love matte finish then Flat Velvet Lipstick should be your pick. The best way to describe is matte and powdery finish. This is one of my favorite finish when picking a lipstick too. With the "Silicon Cross Polymer" technology, the Flat Velvet Lipstick application feels weightless like 'oil-gel' that easily fills up the lips including fine lines. It does not accentuate the lips line, not feeling drying and chappy, and not turning falky on the lips. The best part is the staying power is suprisingly staying super well on the lips even after heavy meal, the color pigment still staying well on the lips. So it means it should be a little hassle when comes to removing as just for your information, most of the Korean brand lipstick always leaving stain especially pink tone so please beware of that if you're a person who want leave nothing after removing.

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THEFACESHOP Flat Glossy Lipstick (MYR 45/ 1.8g) - 6 colors available

● OR01 Punch Orange
● CR01 Gemstone Coral
● PK01 Lily Pink
● PK02 Rococo Pink
● RD01 New York Red
● RD02 Berry Lip Red

The Flat Glossy Lipstick will deliver a high-shine glossy finish without feeling stick yet comfortable on the lips. With the technology of "High Glossy Polymer Network" technology that coast the lips evenly with ultra-shine and intense colour. To be honest, I am quite surprising with the Flat Glossy Lipstick. I love how the shine outcome on my lips looking multi-dimensional shine. Moisturizing level is obviously higher than Flat Velvet lipstick but the staying power is pretty great too. So far I am pretty enjoying the Flat Glossy Lipstick too. Well done TFS!

In conclusion, I love both Flat Velvet & Glossy Lipstick. The color pigment is awesome; archive in just one layer. I love every colors of Flat Velvet Lipstick and 3 colors of Flat Glossy Lipstick (CR01 Gemstone Coral, PK01 Lily Pink & PK02 Rococo Pink).

So yea! That's pretty much it! I hope you guys enjoy reading my mini review on THEFACESHOP Flat Velvet & Glossy Lipstick. Each of the finish comes with 6 color selection and the unique part is the rectangle flat tips for easier application when drawing a perfect lines.

To find out more about THEFACESHOP, you can check out at

Instagram : @thefaceshopmalaysia


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