Saturday, February 10, 2018

[Food] My favorite CNY snacks Munchy's Muzic is now available at Shopee

Yay! Gong xi gong xi gong xi ni a~ 😁😁😁
Chinese New Year is approaching very very soon 💥💥
Wish you all have a great holiday and makan minum sedap sedap 😋💖

I believe no matter for Chinese or non-Chinese, you guys already bought some yummy snacks at home since sales are everywhere now. What is your 'must-buy' snacks that will definitely appear at the table during Chinese New Year? 

One of the snacks that will appear on my table every year is Muzic from Munchy's, every colour every flavour since when I was a kid. I have no idea why.... but it has already become a tradition since I was a kid. But surprisingly I’m not bored of the taste! 😳

(Muzic, LEXUS & Oat Krunch)

Anyway, for those who are still busy with their works and have no time to do grocery shopping at all... I have a great news for you. Munchy's is now available on Shopee with even lower promo price and greater combo package! Check out their product at Shopee ( Get RM5 discount & free shipping for purchases above RM35!  Keep reading to find out what else I bought!  

Muzic bites 
(Chocolate | Chocolate Hazelnut | Vanilla | Peanut Hazelnut Chocolate)

I love all Munchy's Muzic series; the Wafer Bites, Wafer Rolls and Gigabite. All of them taste so good and convenient to eat. Omo! Suddenly I feel like I'm a kid lol. 😆 Anyway, currently Munchy's on Shopee is not available for Wafer Rolls and Gigabite so just in case you want to buy the other two... you better buy at your nearest mart. 😄

LEXUS, the calcium vegetable cracker sandwich-packed with smooth and creamy indulgent fillings
(Vegetable crackers | Cream sandwichs "4 flavours" | Choco Coated Cream)

Munchy's Oat Krunch : 4 flavours
(Strawberry & Blackcurrant | Dark Chocolate | Chunky Hazelnut | Nutty Chocolate)

Besides Muzic, Oat Krunch is my favourite while Lexus sandwich biscuit is my dad's favourite. Oat Krunch is more like my breakfast on-the-go every morning where I will normally stock up at my home and office just in case I crave for some snacks. My favourite flavour is dark chocolate and strawberry & blackcurrant.  Wholegrain, trans-fat free with no preservatives, perfect for me who is currently on diet right now. 

Munchy’s official store on Shopee:

Current promo:
RM5 discount & free shipping for purchases above RM35 till 28 February 2018 

For more information, you can check out them at


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