Wednesday, January 24, 2018

[Makeup] Eleanor World is now in Sasa Malaysia | Being Beautiful Never Goes Out of Art

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Over the last week, Sasa Malaysia has brought in the new exclusive cosmetics brand Eleanor which integrates "makeup" and "art aesthetics" together with the concept of 'being Beautiful never goes out of Art' to feed every women’s inner desire for beauty which in turn breeds art. Now, Eleanor Wolrd makeup is now exclusively available at all Sasa stores nationwide.

Eleanor products are made in Japan and authorized for retailing by the Japan government. The packaging of Eleanor products is inspired 1920's kinda vintage, retro with the touch of elegance. Their beauty products are aimed to help women transform to be a muse of charm and unveil your inner artist to craft your own beauty. So follow me to explore the complete range including Eleanor's skincare and makeup. Keep scrolling down. :)

Eleanor makeup is available with prices ranging from MYR 63 – MYR 183

Eleanor Skincare - LA MARIN 

If you visit Eleanor's website then you will realize they named their skincare, LA MARIN while their makeup calls THE MIRACLE KEY. Talking about the skincare first, there has the total of 10 products from basic skincare to mask even makeup removers. The packaging is so feminine and gorgeous until I have to mention over and over again lol. I always love the effort of Japan products are always high quality and so presentable packaging.

● LA MARIN Foaming Facial Wash (100 ml)
● LA MARIN Toning Lotion (200 ml)
● LA MARIN Eye Treatment (15 ml)
● LA MARIN Advance Moisturizing Gel (50 ml)
● LA MARIN Sleeping Cream Mask (100 ml)
● LA MARIN Melt-Down Water (280 ml)
● LA MARIN Melt-Down Oil (196 ml)
● LA MARIN Eye Makeup Remover (100 ml)


I am kinda surprised when I found out Eleanor has come out with 4 types of foundations, 3 liquid foundations and 1 powder foundation. Each of them offers different types of finish and texture so you can choose according to your personal preference. I get the opportunity to try the Silk-Touch Foundation during the event launch and I love it. I can't wait to explore their base product more as a foundation junkie. hehe

( available in three shades: 01 Bright, 02 Natural, 03 Healthy )
● THE MIRACLE KEY Silk-Touch Foundation SPF 25 PA++ (MYR 245 / 30ml)
● THE MIRACLE KEY Liquid Foundation SPF20 PA++ (MYR 245 / 30ml)
● THE MIRACLE KEY Hydra Cream Foundation SPF 18 PA++ (MYR 245 / 30g)
● THE MIRACLE KEY Couverture Powder Foundation SPF 20 PA++ (MYR 245 / 30g)

Even Eleanor comes out with two types of setting powder, loose and pressed version.

( available in three shades: 01 Bright, 02 Natural, 03 Healthy )
● THE MIRACLE KEY Sheer Veil Loose Powder (MYR 225 / 5g)
● THE MIRACLE KEY Sheer Veil Pressed Powder (MYR 225 / 30g)

Others than that, Eleanor has primers, concealer, brows, eyeshadows mascara and blushers. I am so surprised they owned such a big range of makeup.

● THE MIRACLE KEY Face Primer SPF 24 PA++ (30ml)
● THE MIRACLE KEY Pore Refiner Primer Natural (30g)
● THE MIRACLE KEY Serum Concealer (5g)
● THE MIRACLE KEY Brow Shaper (3 colors / 0.25g)
● THE MIRACLE KEY  The Attractive Eyes (MYR 180 / 4 colors / 4.4g)
● THE MIRACLE KEY Gel Eye Definer (0.11g)
● THE MIRACLE KEY Liquid Eye Definer (0.45ml)
● THE MIRACLE KEY Extend & Curl Lash (6.5g)
● THE MIRACLE KEY Glowing Blusher (MYR 170 / 3 colors / 8.6g)

Eleanor lips product has two types of lipstick and two types of gloss. They even have accessories like the super gorgeous mirror, makeup sponger, eyelash curler and more...

● THE MIRACLE KEY Satin Lipstick (MYR105 / 7 colors / 3.4g)
● THE MIRACLE KEY Crystal Lipstick (MYR 105 / 8 colors / 3.4g)
● THE MIRACLE KEY Sheer Lip Gloss (MYR 105 / 8 colors / 5.8g)
● THE MIRACLE KEY Creamy Lip Gloss (MYR 105 / 8 colors / 5.8g)

Last but not least, the nail product. They have quite a big range of color to play with.

● THE MIRACLE KEY Nail Lacquer (MYR 45 / 13ml)

Did you spot the mirror on my hand? Super gorgeous right? 😍😍😍

Anyway, I did a video showing my everyday makeup look using some Eleanor makeups.
Click to watch it and hope you will love this look. Enjoy 😘💖

Okay, here's come the end of this post. Thank you Sasa Malaysia invited me to the Eleanor launch event. I learned many makeup tricks and tips during the event and get to explore every single product of this brand.

Anyway, do explore yourself on Eleanor and its range of products at all Sasa stores nationwide. If you want to follow the update, do follow Sasa Malaysia's Website & Facebook and Eleanor World's Website & Instagram.

See yea 😘


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