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[Travel] 5D4N Superstar Libra Cruise Trip | 1st Experience on the Cruise!

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To be honest, this is my first time traveling by cruise and after this trip. It was completely changed my thought about traveling by cruise. So if you never think explore the world by cruise-ing or it might too boring on the cruise then let me break your mind by showing you my fun experiences about my 5D4N SuperStar Libra Cruise.

SuperStar Libra Cruise offers many packages depends on your need. The one I went is reaching three places and the farthest place was Phuket Thailand. The price for this trip is RM 1763.80 but they always have a great promotion which is only RM 899+ now.

Besides that, from 1st November onward Superstar Libra has increased with a new route,
Port Klang - Phuket - Macleod Island (Myanmar) - Penang - Port Klang

If you're interested, check out their Website, Facebook & Instagram for more information or deals.

Anyway, let's back to topic. SuperStar Libra Cruise has many rooms option to offer. Me and my partner in crime, Amelie stayed in Oceanview room which has an amazing seaside window but the room is kinda small tbh. The cruise trip is very suitable especially for a bunch of people and family because when you can cray cray like the world is yours especially when you're using their facilities like Karaoke room, Gym room, Boomber Disco and more.

Note: Everything is the cruise is FOC except for alcohols and some special services. If you love to eat, the cruise is the best option for you because you can dig into all restaurants for FREE.

And has many Instagramable places ❤

SuperStar Libra Cruise inside has many restaurant like Blue Lagoon, Four Seasons, Mariners, Ocean Palace, Spices, Taipan, Coconut Willy’s and more. Most of them are FREE but still please check out first as some of them is chargeable. 

The first destination is Langkawi, Malaysia. If you love sea and craving for chocolate then pitch this place as your next travel destination lol. We disembark at Langkawi around 3.30pm and then we took Uber to Cenang Beach which is pretty near to our jetty.

PS:// If you're smart user, please don't fool by the taxi driver around jetty because they are the real scammer! Sorry for being rude but it is the sad fact. Cenang beach is only approximately 5-10 mins far away for the jetty but they offer us RM30 while it's only RM8 using Uber. So please download Uber / Grabtaxi app for better saving.

Anyway, since we already been here many times so I and Amelie decided to chill nearby by having lunch, do some sugar shopping and hop around Cenang beach. Pretty boring but relax enough. Cruise only giving us 4 hours to chill around Langkawi before we need to get back to the cruise. Then we went back to the cruise for dinner and magic show.

Second destination is Phuket Thailand. Pretty early disembark around at 9am which makes me pretty hurry. When talking about Phuket means beach and foods. Since I'm having pms during that moment so I wearing 'like I am not hot at all' clothes instead of less cotton surrounding lol. But lesson learned! Even tho pms is with you, still try not wearing like I do because it is super duper hot.

Anyway, we went to the famous Patong beach area where has a nice shopping mall, street shops and beach around. We head over to Patong beach first for some sun chilling and of course #OOTD shots lol, then we hop around street shops and then having my favorite Thai food at the shopping mall. Since we are only given 5 hours to chill around Patong beach before back to the cruise. We end up spending our time in Big C Extra for some snacks.

By the way, do you love my henna?

The third destination is Penang Malaysia, one of my favorite city besides than Kuala Lumpur. Disembark at 9am and guess what?! The center heart of Penang is just a walking distance from the jetty. We explore around for some beautiful aesthetic graphic-wall and then head over to one of my favorite cafe, China House for some dessert time. The time given to explore around is 5 hours but we end up getting back to the cruise at 2pm as we had another #OOTD shooting plan on the cruise.

So yea.... here's come to the end of my 5D4N SuperStar Libra Cruise as the fifth day is basically having breakfast and then leaving the cruise. In conclusion, this is a whole new experience for me traveling by cruise and it is so much fun! It is not boring at all on the cruise as they offer many fun activities and facilities on the board. My personal favorite was the magic show, clubbing at Boomber Disco and sing k at Karaoke Lounge with a good bunch of people that I've met on the cruise. And guess what?! They offer 5 meals per day from Breakfast, Lunch, Afternoon Tea, Dinner to Supper which will never let my stomach screaming. Will definitely travel again by cruise if have another chance.  \(^o^)/

In case you are interested traveling by cruise, SuperStar Libra has increased a new route, Port Klang - Phuket - Macleod Island Myanmar (crystal clear beaches) - Penang - Port Klang. You can check out amazing deals at


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