Tuesday, July 18, 2017

[Skincare] Frudia Green Grape Pore Control Series

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Wondering anyone up for fruits skincare? Recently I have changed to new skincare routine and now! I am completely obsessed with this skin care series, Frudia Green Grape Pore Control Series. The scent is so so delicious just like I am in 'Green Grape' Wonderland because it is the main ingredient. The second thing is the concern about pore problems which is my main concerns on my skin.

FRUDIA is a Korean skincare brand under Welcos believes that nutrients of fruits can be directly delivered to the skin for healthier skin. What makes FRUDIA stand out is using 'fruity formula', only fruit juice, 100% extracted with R VITA W™ – stabilized with the optimum mixing ratio, in order to deliver the essence and anti-oxidative energy of the fruit effectively to the skin. They do available in 3 ranges with 3 different skincare concerns;  Moist-Tightening Blueberry, Vita-Brightening Citrus, and Pore Control Green Grape.

But in this post, I will let you know my personal review and thought after using FRUDIA Green Grape Pore Control Series after one month. 😄💖

FRUDIA Green Grape Pore Control Toner (MYR 69.00 / 195ml)

A grape juice essence in a bottle! This toner is containing 89% of green grape extract which means had extremely rich in antioxidants. This slightly acidic toner complements well with the acidity of our skin and removes unnecessary Keratin which creates a smooth and soft skin texture. Watery texture gives a comfort fresh finish.

The scent pretty personal, for me, it is not too overpowering and smells like grape juice, not those artificial scents which make me feel safe and quite into it. 😁 The legit thing is this toner really helps to minimize my pores! Omo! I super duper into this toner especially as morning routine where also can sloughing off dead skin cells. 👍👍👍

FRUDIA Green Grape Pore Control Serum (MYR 103 / 50g)

If you're a combination or oily skin type, then try out this serum because it combating oily skin and large pores issue. This serum containing 81% green grape extracts instead of water. It is crafted with skin-revitalizing tannoids that visibly mattify pores while smoothing outer skin complexion. Anyway, although this serum meant towards combo to oily skin types but it is actually suitable for all skin types.

Fluid gel consistency not leaving the skin feeling sticky and greasy. It is absorbed quickly and feeling fresh to skin. This serum is great to use before applying makeup because it can help to smooth out the surface and mattify the skin while hydrating the skin. After one month usage, this serum really minimizes the pores. So far so good, I am enjoying this serum. 💕

FRUDIA Green Grape Pore Control Cream (MYR 96 / 55g)

This texture of this moisturizer is really special! Talking about this point later. This cream is formulated with 81% green grape extract. It reduces the appearance of pores while tannoids moisturize and brighten for smooth and soft skin. The cream has a unique 'matte' gel consistency.

This also can use as a base before makeup because of the matte texture while hydrating the skin at the same time. I found out that my foundation stay better and less oil producing which makes me immediately fall in love to cream. Even tho the texture looks like siliconey primer (imagine it to Innisfree No Mineral Primer *green tube*) but it is actually a skincare that can improve the skin texture and minimize the pores. This cream is goodness! 💣💕

FRUDIA Green Grape Pore Control Mask (MYR 12/pcs - 27ml)

Containing 60% of green grape extract with ingredients rich in tannin, this sheet tightens the pores and creates a balanced skin. By using skin-friendly fiber derived from nature, this mask fits well on face, while delivering active ingredients effectively into skin. Fresh green grape extract controls the balance between oil and moisture, creating a smooth and soft skin.

I love this mask in a quality material - a thick cotton mask that adheres to skin so well and the size fits just right for Asian faces even the big face girl like me. You already can tell by the result above that this mask provides a really good hydration to the skin. My skin feels so plump and moisturize after applying this mask (10-20 mins). Essence from the mask absorbed quickly into skin but it does feel a little stickiness behind. It can be solve by bloting the remain excess essences by using tissue. :)

Overall, I am impressed with this FRUDIA Green Grape Pore Control Series. I have been using this for one month now and I really enjoying this entire series. I would suggest Pore Control Serum and Cream if you're keen to try it out because this combo together is so legit! You will definitely amazed by the result if your skin concern is about pores. :)

FRUDIA Skincare can purchase in most Watsons store natiowide. For more information, you can visit to fb.com/FrudiaMalaysia


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