Wednesday, March 22, 2017

[Makeup] THEFACESHOP Moisture Touch Lipstick

Annyeong๐Ÿ’• Welcome back to my blog๐Ÿ˜˜ Today I have another lip swatches on THEFACESHOP Moisture Touch Lipstick. If you're my family on my Youtube or Instagram (let's be friend if haven't), then I think you might already know this lipstick because I keep on posted how much I love this lipstick. Anyway, let's talk some basic information about this Moisture Touch Lipstick by THEFACESHOP.

THEFACESHOP Moisture Touch Lipstick is retailing at RM63.49 (inclusive GST) for 3.4g/0.11oz, available in 20 colors BUT only 12 color shades available in Malaysia. Yes! Which means THEFACESHOP Malaysia picks the popular color that Malaysian will love. Anyway, I have 12 color shades in my hand and some of the colors are not valid in M'sia because I had a trip to Korea with TFS so I get to tried some on my hand before this product launched.

TFS Moisture Touch Lipstick can be categorized in 7 undertones which are Beige (#BR), Coral (#CR), Orange (#OR), Brown (#BR), Pink (#PK), Red (#RD) and Purple (#PP). These are the 12 colors available in Malaysia; BE01, BE02, BE03, CR01, CR02, CR03, BR01, PK01, PK02, RD02, RD03, PP01.

Like the name said, this is a moisturizing lipstick that provides deep moisturizing care and vivid color payoff with radiance. It provides long-lasting moisturizing effect over 4 hours by the serum formula with 10% squalane ingredients adds rich moisture the more you apply for dewy and plump lips.

In case you're the lazy reading person, I did post my lips swatches x review 
on my Youtube channel too. Teehee.... ๐Ÿ˜„

Here's my personal thought. Firstly like what I said above, this Moisture Touch Lipstick is a moisturizing lipstick that provides deep moisturizing care and vivid color payoff with radiance. It does works like what it claimed, give a long-lasting moisture to the lips so if you have super dry/crack lips, try this lipstick! Even tho this is a moisturizing lipstick but it only gives a subtle shine and it won't feel slippery/waxy on the lips. Color wise.... yes! It is very vivid and vibrant, the more layers you apply, the vivid and vibrant of the color. But you can't get the full pigment on the first swipe which means this lipstick is actually buildable from sheer to natural to full looks. I love matte lipstick but this is the kind of lipstick that I will go for an everyday look. Besides than that, the shape of the lipstick is a plus point as well as it is easy reaching to the cupid bow and creating shape.

#BR01 City Brown, #PK03 Blooming Rose and #PP02 Purple Muse is my favorite among the 12 colors I owned. #BR01 City Brown is the only brown undertone in the collection. The color is really special, brownish red giving a retro vibe and looks brighter for my complexion. #PK03 Blooming Rose and #CR01 Dreaming Coral is my go-to natural looks. If I need just a hint of color for my lips, these two is the one but I reaching more towards #PK03 Blooming Rose because the color is muted rose color which towards to my natural lips color. #PP02 Purple Muse is a very special color, especially in Korean makeup. It is a purple with a strong pink undertone but not too over drama. It looks super pretty on lips๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿ’–

So which color is your favorite? ๐Ÿ˜„


SHADES: 12 colors available in Malaysia (BE01, BE02, BE03, CR01, CR02, CR03, BR01, PK01, PK02, RD02, RD03, PP01)
PRICES: MYR 63.49 (inclusive GST) / 3g 0.11oz
MADE IN: Korea
AVAILABILITY: TFS Outlet's | Website | Hermo

For more information, you can visit


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  1. Hey babe! I noticed that you are still using double eyelid tape after getting your lids done at Me Clinic! I just had mine done a month ago and am considering if I should increase the crease. Did you increase your crease? And if so, does the effect not last for long? Please reply me as I am going back to the clinic from Singapore on 1st Apr!