Saturday, February 25, 2017

[Makeup] VelvetCreme by Breena Beauty

Hey loves ❤~ Today's video is all about lips swatches on the new launches VelvetCreme Matte Liquid Lipstick by Breena Beauty. Just for your knowledge, Breena Beauty previously mainly in selling makeup brushes which are in super good quality but at an affordable price so if you're looking for a budget makeup brushes, then you can check out their product. They got sell it on their Website and Hermo as well. Until recently Breena Beauty has launched their first lips product, Velvetcreme by Breena. Super proud of you Sabrina Tajudin, who was the famous beauty blogger than I'd been followed for a long time ago. *hugs & kisses*

Velvetcreme is available in 9 color shades. And I have divided them into 3 groups, 3x nude undertone, 4x pink undertone and 2x red undertone. But they are mostly more towards nude color. Velvetcreme is a matte liquid lipstick that already approved by KKM (Ministry of Health), halal and vegan. They are super long lasting, kiss-proof, transfer-proof, highly pigmented, non-sticky, and has velvet soft finish. Oh ya~ Something important that I've missed.... This VelvetCreme is retailing for RM39.00 per each. So does it works like they claimed? Scroll down to check out the color and my personal thought. 😉

In case you're the lazy reading person, I did post my first impression x review 
on my Youtube channel too. Teehee.... 😄

Personal thought time! Firstly, I really love the texture of this VelvetCreme. It is pretty watery (not too mousey texture) so it glides on like a dream. Even tho the texture is pretty watery but it still highly pigmented and not patchy when applying. The second thing is I love the feeling on my lips which does not feel super tight and not DRYING at all. Trust me! When I said not drying, means it won't makes your lips crack like hell and not creating any flakiness at the inner lips because I have the driest lips ever. For the price point (RM39.00/each) of this kind quality, definitely worth of BUY! The quality is comparable with Huda Beauty and Kat Von D but way cheaper version. Oh ya... I forgot to mention that this VelvetCreme has a nice kinda sweet vanilla scent when apply on.

Izzit worth of buy? I said, go ahead and try one! 
Just some sharing, they having a promotion price RM100 for 3 
in case you're interested so you won't miss out this deal. 😊


BRAND: Breena Beauty
SHADES: 9 color shades available 
PRICES: MYR 39 x 7ml (0.6 fl.oz)
MADE IN: Malaysia (support local 😊)
AVAILABILITY: Breena Beauty | Hermo | Instagram



  1. wow all looks nice, I can't think which to pick.
    shall take time to think about it, nice shades to choose from.

  2. You look very dramatic in your swatches. I like the all but can't decide on which is the best shade. Perhaps it is courage.

  3. oh my... I love all these colours... so pretty.. I want to try it out also... They look oh so eye catching....

  4. All those shades babe, rocking it! <3 Love the swatches that was done as well- I am all for the dramatic flair, so Lady Boss looks ideal for that ;)

  5. Oh my goodness they all looks goodon your complexion and plumpy lips!

  6. Breena beauty got lip creme meh? I thought it only have cosmetic brushes.

  7. Nice colour, especially the #peachcake. But, it's look a bit dry, scared may make my lip line obvious.

    1. It does not feel drying , just it will enhance your lips line like every liquid lipsticks will do as well :D

  8. Beautiful shades. Everything looks good on you.

  9. Whoa. The lady boss one so awesome. I love how pigment they are.

  10. Oh they are all gorgeous!! Can't wait to get my hands of these lippies!

    Mhaan <3 | Mommy Rockin' In Style - Beauty and Mommy Blog