Friday, January 13, 2017

[Skincare] Pore Perfection Range from PINK by Pure Beauty

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Recently attended an event about a new skincare line from PINK by Pure Beauty. They came out with a new skincare range calls Pore Perfection Range where targeted in pore purifying and skin refining for young women. Pores are one of the most common problems especially youngsters who will get oilier face & clogged pores due to the high metabolism but it's okay because it's happened to every single person even myself.

This Pore Perfection Range from PINK by Pure Beauty is targeted to 3 key pore problems which are clogged pores, pigmented pores and sagging pores. For your better understanding, clogged pores happened was due to excessive sebum secretion that will cause blackheads and whiteheads while pigmented pores are melanin generated inside pores dug appears darker where you can determine by realizing the pigmentation occurs around pore area. The last one, sagging pores is caused by lack of elasticity and dryness of pores. No worry! Perhaps you can check out this Pore Perfection Range which will help to deep cleanse, hydrate, smoothen and brighten dull skin. Scroll down to read the ingredients of this range to understand more 😄

During the event, Caryn Loh, Country General Manager and Head of Watsons Malaysia (5th from left), Sharon Lim, Trading Director, Watsons Malaysia (4th from left), Danny Hoh, Head of Marketing (3rd from right) and the Pink by Pure Beauty models are ready to launch the Pore Perfection range.

Pore Perfection Range from PINK by Pure Beauty - exclusively available at Watsons Malaysia
◾ Pore Cleansing Foam 125ml @ RM39.90
 Pore Toner 250ml @ RM39.90
◾ Pore Essence 30ml @ RM72.90

Pore Perfection Range is formulated using the unique combination of mineral-rich Pink Clay and Jeju Volcanic Ash, Jeju carbonated thermal water and natural Pink Flower Complex. It can help to cleanse down the skin, regulates sebum, minimizes and tightens pores, simultaneously hydrates skin and refines skin tone.

◾ Pink Clay 
Pink clay is one of the type of Kaolin clays - the oldest treatment that mankind has available and it effectively and naturally treats many disorders. Pink Clay provides a profound absorption of toxins and clogged oil from the skin while combats skin irritation and dryness. It cleanses the excess sebum and other substances from pores. The clause is dried by sunlight from natural ingredients taken from mountains areas in France Jula. It is enriched pristine naturally balanced minerals, balancing the most stressed and sensitive types of skin. 

◾ Volcanic Ash 
Jeju Volcanic Ash is called "light rock" in Jeju dialect. they are precious natural resources that are strictly protected under the special law of Jeju island, which could only be extracted from specific regions in Jeju and non-complete products cannot be exported. Jeju Volcanic Ash contains zero harmful heavy metal. It is safe to used as the cosmetic raw material. The ability of neutralization of Jeju Volcanic Ash absorbs sebum or a harmful matter of outside environment, leaves skin purified.

◾ Carbonated Thermal Water 
Korea's best quality carbonated thermal water from San-bang mountain in Jeju. Purified groundwater is rich in 13 minerals including carbonic acid ion, calcium, sodium, and others, hydrates the skin from inside-out. 31°C of San-bang mountain's thermal water allows carbonate acid to keep it's moisture, leaves skin moisturizes and refreshed. Carbonated thermal water helps keep the collagen fibers between cells strong, aiding overall firmness and plumpness to the skin, also helps mechanically wash out the pores without too much harshness.

◾ MAT-XS Bright ◾
MAT-XS Bright is a compounded ingredient with Java tea leaf extract. Via clinical evaluation, scientist found MAT-XS Bright is effective in reducing sebum production, reducing shiny appearance and decreasing pore size.

Even tho the packaging of Pore Perfection Range is sweet and feminine but it is actually working on men's skin too. During the event, a model 'little fresh meat' test his skin after trying this range for sometimes and guess what?! He is loving this range and see the difference after some usages.

Before ending this post, special thanks to Watsons Malaysia for having me to the event ♥ The Pore Perfection range from PINK by Pure Beauty is now available exclusively in Watsons Malaysia Stores and also online. You can also download Watsons Malaysia Mobile App (available on both Google Play and App Store).

For more information about Pore Perfection Range from PINK By Pure Beauty, please visit Watsons Malaysia Website and Facebook Page

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