Friday, October 28, 2016

How I Control my diet & Lose Belly Fat while Travelling

I love traveling❤ It's much better to see something once than hear about it in thousand times. My way to determine if a place is worth of visit is the culture, scenery, and food. When there have good foods, then a big probability I will visit again and again lol. And that is the reason why I always gained weight after traveling. *sob* Also, I am not sure does this happen to every frequent flier, as I always feel so worn-out after a flight every time. That kind of feeling like extremely fatigue, kinda dehydrated that give me a feeling of being out of breath. I don’t really know the causes, but I suspect this is probably due to the cabin condition plus toxins build-up in my body (as you know I can’t resist good food :P).

So I figure out a way to control my diet during my trips and I am glad to found out NANO Detox & Cleanse, a healthy functional food that can help to detox while replenish with 219-different kind of plant enzymes, at the same time controlling my appetite.

Drinking Nano Detox & Cleanse before lunch to reduce my appetite 
while also replenish my veggies & fruits intake while I'm traveling 

I already brought NANO Detox & Cleanse several times with me for my travels and it works so well! Like what I said, normally I consume NANO Detox & Cleanse before lunch / sometimes dinner to reduce my appetite. I will still eat after consuming this drink because I never willing to give up foods especially when traveling BUT at least I won't take too much for my main later. Another plus point why I'm still continue drinking is because this supplement also works so well for my digestion. This health supplement is not the kind that will make me stomachache or even diarrhea right after lunch/dinner; yet it is the one who helps me to digest smoothly instead lol.

Description said it taste like green apple smoothie and I agree with it

Just to let you know they also come with a spoon measurement. Add 1-scoop of Nano Detox & Cleanse into 200ml - 300ml of water and stir evenly. Personally, I just add 3/4 scoop into the 300ml water because I like the consistency runnier. Try to be careful as the consistency might turn slimy if the ratio is lesser.

I know many people also pretty concerns about the taste like I do as well. To be honest, I will never consume if the taste is bad no matter how benefits they can offer. The taste of Nano Detox & Cleanse is sweet with a hint of citrus. Overall the taste is like sweet juice to me. Oh ya! This one small bottle can last up to one-month servings; something small & convenient to carry around while traveling. :)

Comparing after taking NANO Detox & Cleanse | Stomach is flatter & smaller waistline

I know I have a flappy stomach so don't judge me lol. But I still want to show you the comparison after consuming NANO Detox & Cleanse every day for two months. Although there's not much of comparison but at least my stomach is flatter (compare before & after photo above). In fact, my waistline reduce from 30cm to 28cm! At least now I have a little shape on my waist which I have never had before. Just to let you know that I do not go on any special diet and have no exercise at all so the result is quite good tbh. And I believe if matching with special diet and exercise then it will be much better. :)

As I have mentioned earlier, I always have uncomfortable feeling every time after flight. I’m happily surprise that I don’t feel that way anymore in my recent trip to Indonesia after taking NANO Detox & Cleanse for a month! Yes, no more dizzy, no more lethargic, no more headache! I need not to rest and adjust for a period of time on arrival at hotel anymore! Guess what, I can now straight away heading to next destination and start with my journey right after the flight. NANO Detox & Cleanse is truly the best travel partner to me!

Price : S$31.90
Volume : 210g
Made In : Japan
Availability : / 11street



  1. I am glad to read that you have found something that works to help you adjust after a flight. That sounds quite bad.... Also, I am impressed with the results on your waistline. I would like to give it a try too. :)

  2. Go thru your "before & after" pictures, wow this products works!

  3. Times for me to keep fit now. Will try this out.

  4. wow, so win! :) ima rushing out to get this product nao.

  5. I also need this... though for me traveling is the time I go on diet... especially in expensive cities like Singapore, Korea or Japan... hahahahah... if in Thailand.. then gone case lah... eat till you drop

  6. Nano Detox & Cleanse is affordable. Will buy one to try myself yeay

  7. This is a new product to me, looks like its quite effective yo. Will check it out.

  8. Didn't know about this brand until I read your post, thanks for the info sharing :)

  9. Saw your before & after pictures.. It works! I hope it would works on me too!