Thursday, July 21, 2016

[Makeup] Too Faced Sweet Peach Eyeshadow Makeup Palette

Too Faced Cosmetics is well-known for their delicious scented eyeshadow palettes that smell as amazing as they look. This summer 2016, they have new Too Faced Sweet Peach Eyeshadow Palette that's smell just a like peach. Another interesting part is this palette has more color (18 shades) than their previous Chocolate Bon Bons Palette, Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar Palette, and the Chocolate Bar Palette which are only 16 shades. The size of the shadow is now consistently the same size which I am more than happy with it because I'm kinda frustrating when a design is not consistent and align (personal problem lol).

Too Faced Sweet Peach Eyeshadow Makeup Palette, obviously is a peach-tone color scheme palette. It is the combination of peach, brown and few shades of dark color in mostly warm and some neutral undertone. I really in love with this palette and become my everyday go-to palette. This color is so perfect for summer and sweet look. Asian girls will definitely enjoy this palette as we are always into this kind of color on our lids.

Read from some beauty blog and Youtube reviews, some people are complaining as the color is pretty hard to match with each other. But my personal, this palette can create so many looks like from simple to sweet even to drama eye looks. Is a fun palette to use more than my other favorite, Chocolate Bar Palette. If you want me to pick a con, then I hope they can have included a duo-ended brush like Urban Decay always did. Just saying. :D

As for the scented, this is will half-half feedback. I hate peach in personal so automatically the scent is definitely not my liking. The scent is pretty strong, smelling like artificial peach (like peach bubble tea) more like a natural peach scent but I'm kinda used to it now. The scent is not going to stay on the lid so for those who are wondering, this is not a problem then. :)

Formula wise, some of them are so buttery and creamy (mostly on matte eyeshadows), very pigmented and not patchy or chalky. Only some of those dark color with sparkle / glitter might create fall out when applying on so it is advisable to apply lightly and build up the intensity. By the way, this palette is retail for MYR 215, available in Sephora and Sephora's Online.

Drama Sunset Eyelook :)

Palette Contains :

First Row
White Peach - Pretty neutral white color with frosted finish
Luscious - Metallic brown with kinda bronzey and rose gold undertone
Just Peachy - Pretty duochrome peachy and pink
Blessed Her Heart - Metallic khaki brown color
Tempting - Dark brownish black with golden shimmer
Charmed, I'm Sure - Bronzey dark brown with warm undertone

Second Row
Nectar - Shimmery yellow vanilla color (Perfect for highlight)
Cobbler - Reddish warm-undetone brown with pearly sheen
Candied Peach - Matte warm red-tone orange with a slight of sparkle
Bellini - Mettalic peach pink color
Pitch Pit - Dark red-brown with pearly sheen
Delectable - Plumy brown matte

Third Row
Peach 'N Cream - Matte pink-vanilla color
Georgia - Pale peach matte
Caramelized - Bronzey brown with pearly sheen
Puree - Matte warm orange brown
Summer Yam - Rich matte brick brown
Talk Delby to Me - Satin black with purple sparkle


BRAND: Too Faced
SHADES: 18 color shades (0.03oz each)
PRICES: MYR 215 / 18 x 0.03oz
MADE IN: Korea
AVAILABILITY: Sephora & Sephora's Online (



  1. I'm in love with the colourrrr. <3

  2. The colors are so beautiful, I'd love to own a palette one day =) I also love the look you did with those colors, the Drama Sunset eyelook. So much attitude~~ ^_^ <3

  3. Your eye make up is fabulous dear! Loving the colours on the palette, ok not sure if I will like the scent either,but damn that price tag is scaring me a little.

  4. woah your eye make up is so pretty...i love the peach scent here tooo!!

  5. The packaging is so sweet and nice so as the colours too! Between your drama sunset eyelook is cool! :D

  6. Theses days now, more and more make up are coming out and i cant keep up, I'm still at my wish-list on my Urban Decay Naked and now there is a prettier pallet now. Geez lol, I cant keep up. Though im loving your eye make up <3

  7. OMG So sweeet and pretty! I wanna buy one too :)

  8. Love the packaging and the colours... and you rock the colours so well!!!!

  9. I like the packaging, color choices are adorable too, will check it out :)

  10. Love the colours! looks so youthful and radiant, and I adore your makeup skill too! keep it up.

  11. OMG love the colours by Too Face so much! Feels so summer!

  12. Oh my, it looks amazing. Love the all shades and also your makeup!Lovely photos (´°ω°`)

    ♡ * Family trip * ♡