Thursday, March 24, 2016

[Scent] ck2 #the2ofus | Is the story between us

Hey, guys! This is my partner in crime, Joeann Minako.
We've been together for about 10 years since high school.
And guess what? Our birthday just four days apart.
..... is my silly bff, the story of ck2 #the2ofus.

Finding a friend is easy but found someone that being able to act yourself when you're together is hard, and we label it as 'Best Friend'. A best friend is the people you don't need to talk every single day. You don't need to talk for a week even a month, but when you do, it's as if you'd never stopped talking. They can make the bad times good and the good times unforgettable.

Our story started was when she transferred to my school in the same class with me. She is just sit in front of me and believe it or not, we never talked until my friend approached her for conversations. My first impression of her is super shy. She doesn't really elaborate too much of her words despite just listen to my bubbly talk. Day after day, we started to get close and even closer until now. It's already ten years and we are looking forward to more years to the upcoming friendship goals!

I swear this will be the first and last time of me being ugly and silly but hey! This is the real me. I am a childlike, bubbly and pretty whine. I like to laugh even in public without caring how people looking at me either they're hate or not. I love yumcha not because I am fancy with the food but love to split my saliva like a machine gun. But hey again! I swear not everyone will see the real me. :D

Joeann took over my keyboard. "Hello, I'm Joeann Minako. I am pretty, charming and cutie. I am shy but not quiet and well-behaved. I like to laugh, chatting and I have some sudden lame joke too. Food is something that I can't resist with and this is the reason what you can see my body size. If you're not familiar with me then you won't know the real life of me but when you know me, you can't resist my craziness."

After reading her paragraph, I reply, "(¬_¬) You tak tau malu lor! Hahahhaha. "

A fragrance special designed for two, is the connection between two people.

ck2 from Calvin Klien is a scent for #the2ofus (the 2 of us). This is a fragrance designed to show the connection between two people, can be friendship, the love one and family, to celebrate the differences that make the connections richer and fine what makes us, us.

ck2 is a unique scent. It is not just a scent, but a multi-faceted scent that changes according to individuals. The top note opens with an unexpected spice of wasabi flavor, mandarin, and violet leaf absolute. For the middle note, followed by the warm and rich sensuality of wet cobblestones, orris concrete and rose absolute. As for the base note, it has sandalwood, vetiver, and incense to create an exuberant, intimate and contrasted connection feeling fresh, warm and electric.

I and Joeann love the scent so much. Although Joeann not a fan of fragrance but she absolute love it. She said, "I like the scent reacted to my character. It smells different on both of us and I love the smell of me." She stated that the scent kinda woody and fresh while I feel it's citrusy, fresh with a hint of sweetness. And this is the reason why we fall in love with this unique fragrance, ck2 #the2ofus.

Another thing that we like about this fragrance is the design. We love the simplicity and futuristic design which is an expression of ck2's gender-free fragrance unites male and female. The sleek transparent rounded glass reminds us of the hour glass, something that we love to collect during our high school.

#frienship goals

We have achieved many friendship goals but nothing is complete when we step the feet together to another country, in a simple way, we call as 'Travel'. Travel with different people gives the different memories but with #bff definitely become one of the precious.

Our style is way completely different but we still love to do sister-matching. Buying the same design clothes, bag, shoes then wearing the same accessories , sharing the bowl of food and hey! Now we can be wearing the same scent. It's #the2ofus.

BFF is like, having those weird conversations and thinking if anyone heard us, we would put in a Mental Hospital. Haha.
This is the story of us, ck2 #the2ofus

If you have a BFF and her/his birthday is coming soon, ck2 eau de toilette spray is the best gift. Thinking the concept behind, it's definitely more than perfect as a gift to your BFF, loves one and family. It is now available and retail at 50ml for RM 219 / 100ml for RM 289 at all Calvin Klien's counter nationwide.

By the way, just to share that ck2 launch & roadshow is happening at Mid Valley Center Court from 21st to 27th March 2016. Come with your friend, loves one or family and experiences the thrill of life with fabulous deals. :)



  1. Awh babe this is too cute! Love the pictures too - certainly friendship goals ;) Will check out the perfume too for the packaging itself has already got me intrigued.

  2. Your pictures are too cute!!!
    And I will definitely buy this perfume - love the bottle!

  3. Awhhh too cute lah you both . I have one this at home :D

  4. Waaa.... so nice you get someone to be silly and travel together. So fun right.

  5. You two so cute! Wanna buy this set too so that can share the fun with my hubby.

  6. Wah both of you really look alike and so sweet. Thanks to CK2 make you guys more great together. Enjoy the life with BFF 😆

  7. Wah both of you really look alike and so sweet. Thanks to CK2 make you guys more great together. Enjoy the life with BFF 😆

  8. Awwww.... so cute... I like this CK2 project.. it brings people closer together... it is so nice seeing you all post about your BFFs and boyfies and all.... so sweet... stay together always

  9. You both are cute, but I feel you both looks as lovely sisters! :D CK2 make you both enjoy each other as BFF :) Best!

  10. Both of you really able to click with each other. Enjoy your CK2 together ya.

  11. wow.. CK perfume.. smell so wangi from here.. hehehe
    u both look so cute loh.. sesuai pakai CK..

  12. What a blessing it is to have a close friend like this. Sometimes, friends can even be better than family, I have to say!

  13. both of u r sooooo cute! I wanna try CK 2 with my bestie soon too :)

  14. Great way to show appreciation towards your bestie but doubt mine would appreciate fragrances

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  16. I've try this! love it so much. my BFF also! will definitely buy soon.

  17. Thanks for the suggestion, will definitely try it.