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[Skincare] My Secrets of Beauty Facial Mask | The essential of beautiful skin

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I treat mask as a cheat skincare and also booster to have a good looking skin on that day. Better to say, is actually my emergency rescue. I don't know who did, but whoever did, let's high five haha. :D

I love mask! It's a quick and simple extra at-pampering. It's gives a quick pow-wow to my skin looking hydrating and make my makeup fits better. There's many types of mask invention that we could found in the market right now but facial sheer masks still indeed the quickest and convenient comparing with the other types.

Recently, I have received another facial sheets mask for review. If you're blog-walker or social-scroller, then you might know this because many bloggers and influencer have been so raved about this mask. Okay, let's straight to topic, I got these mask from My Secrets of Beauty Facial Mask (MSB) which is new-born brand in Malaysia. It will be officially kick-start selling at 1st March 2016. :)

My Secrets of Beauty Facial Mask (MSB) is formulated in France and manufactured in Hong Kong that invented for all skin types. It is comes with an elegant black sleek box that has 7 pieces of facial masks inside. What make it special is inside the box has 3 different facial sheet masks which is kind of rare in the market; contains 2 pieces of Facial Firming and Anti-Aging Mask, 2 pieces of Brightening Mask and 3 pieces of Hydrating Masks. A box that can solved your skin problems. :)

First a note on the packaging. My Secrets of Beauty Facial Mask comes in a bright and colorful cute packets that hold only 1 mask in there (of course!). The packaging each has different packaging design that will be easy to recognize when picking the mask. Quite eye catching, that's for sure.

There's a saying, "A white complexion is powerful enough to hide seven faults". I do see a significant brightening effect after apply this mask. With snow lotus extract and hydrolyzed silk protein, MSB My Secrets of Beauty Brightening mask treats existing pigmentation while preventing the formation, the essence revives dark and tired skin while restoring, whitening and brightening the skin within short period. I love the scent of this mask. My skin looks plump, hydrated, fresher and brighter after using this mask.

This mask is enriched with tocopherol (vitamin E), yellow collagen and hyaluronic acid, the anti aging essence will rapidly penetrates deep into skin and replenished collagen, made your skin look firm, plump and youthful. This mask does not make my skin feeling uncomfortable tighten effect during applying. In a better way, it's like a normal mask but when I removed and gently massages, I can start feeling the mild firmness and plumpness sensation which I am in love with. Perhaps with regular use, it may help but with just 1 use I did not notice any significant effect but at least I can see quite a significant result after using this. By the way, one more thing to jot down which the moisturizing level is high and I am impressed with it.

This is my favorite. This mask will gives double hydrating and moisturizing. Pack with vegetable glycerine, hyaluronic acid (HA) and arbutin, this hydrating mask contains an unique small molecule technology that enables rapid penetration and strong absorption, improves skin's moisture locking while nourishing your skin, leaves you an incredible sensation of freshness. It does really boost the hydration level to high and the best part is the hydration level actually lasts for a good day.

When open the packet, you will find a tightly compacted rectangle which is folded mask. It's a three layers mask, where's the center will be the real mask while the others just to protect the mask for being ripped because is a silk mask. The material is ultra-thin which use Single Cocoon Silk Yarns Technology that can enhance the absorption by skin which is pretty different from the other silk mask that you currently can find in the market.

his mask is fits perfectly to my face. The eye holes, nose and mouth cut outs were exactly where my eyes, nose and mouth were. Most of the mask leaves quite a big gap around the nose area while this only leaves a little which my prefer. In terms of size, the sides fit to my hairlines so I assumed it is suitable even for bigger face because my face already big and round. Generally, it is easy to adjust.

The hydration level comparison above was by MSB Hydrating Mask as test. I am so pleased with the result after using the mask. The other two which are the brightening mask and the firming & anti-aging mask is pretty good with hydration level too but just not as high as hydrating mask because this is not their main concerns.

To Sum It All Together

My Secrets of Beauty Facial Mask (MSB) is formulated in France and made in Hong Kong. It has 3 different masks in a box which are Brightening Mask (2 pcs), Firming and Anti-Aging Mask (2 pcs) and Hydrating Mask (3 pcs). I love the concept of the mixing masks in a box so consumer can save money not buying separately. The packaging is cute with bright and colorful theme design. If have to choose the most favorite, I would personally hand-up to hydrating because I can see a big different no matter from moisture tester or physically. My skin feels so plumped and hydrated after applying the mask. One thing I love about MSB Facial Mask is the essence in the masks. It is not those sticky, oily consistency. The essence is watery, light and very easy-absorb to the skin while leaving a nice cooling sensation. Lastly, the silk mask fits well on the skin and stays put.


BRAND: My Secrets of Beauty
TYPES: Brightnening Mask (2pcs) | Firming and Anti-Aging Mask (2 pcs) | Hydrating Mask (3 pcs)
PRICES: MYR 150 per box / 7 pcs masks
MADE IN: Formulated in France; Made in Hong Kong

They're having contest on their Facebook where you might stand a chance to win iPhone 6S Rose Gold and other attractive prizes. For more information about My Secrets of Beauty 7 Days Face Mask Pack, please visit their Website, Facebook and Instagram.



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  7. I love how effective the mask is in keeping your face mosturised. Knowing me, I'd buy the masks only because they come in cute boxes!

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    They all look very lovely.
    The mask is very special, 3 layers mask.
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  13. I love their 7 days series mask, all of them are great and has different benefits on my skin.

  14. Great review. It works for my skin I feel so good with these masks

  15. Great review. It works for my skin I feel so good with these masks

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