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[Makeup] Chriszen Roller Moist Cream Ampoule Plus HD Foundation

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Before I did a makeup tutorial, "My Dating Makeup Look” featuring Chriszen makeup. Feel free to watch if you're haven't. O(∩_∩)O~

Although I did not try any product of Chriszen before but have heard many good rumors about it especially their Chriszen Moist Cake. Now Chriszen has launched another new product, Chriszen Roller Moist Cream Ampoule Plus HD Foundation that makes another kapow on internet. It claimed is a new innovation and the combination of their star product, Chriszen Moist Cake Foundation and Ampoule 24k Gold.

Either true or not, in this post I am going to in-depth review on their new foundation, Chriszen Roller Moist Cream Ampoule Plus HD Foundation. Let's see if this product worth the hype or not?! Scroll down to read more. :)

Chriszen Roller Moist Cream Ampoule Plus HD Foundation is roller type of foundation. It claimed that will gives a perfect coverage with its advanced application that helps to flawlessly apply the makeup and covers the appearance of pores and scars to create a smooth perfect skin.

Besides that, this is a high definition foundation that claimed giving you a flawless looking finish like HD especially if you're facing camera or video. It contains L-Glutathione that helps to brighten up the face and collagen as skin care benefits giving smooth and moist application. It has SPF 50 with PA+++ that perfect for hot country especially Malaysia so you can worry-free from the harmful UV rays.

This foundation also contains ampoule formula (Ampoule 24k Gold) acts like a primer. It's basically foundation + primer + sunblock + skincare = all in one in this foundation. This foundation selling at MYR 69.00 for west Malaysia while MYR 72.00 for east Malaysia with 20g of amount inside.

Some touch up about the packaging. A pretty color scheme combination of black and fuchsia color in a long flat tube bottle. The lid is transparent that cover up the pump button and sponge applicator inside. To use this foundation, is to press the button on the right-side to release out the foundation to the sponge. By the way, the sponge is detectable so you can remove easily.

Two shades available : No.1 Natural Beige & No.2 Honey Beige

Chriszen Roller Moist Cream Ampoule Plus HD Foundation comes with two shades; No.1 Natural Beige which has light beige color with warm undertone while No.2 Honey Beige is also medium-light beige color with warm undertone. The color shades are match perfectly for Asian skintone but the only cons is not suitable for those who has medium-dark to dark skintone. I am using No.1 Natural Beige which match perfectly with my actual skintone; not too dark or too light while No.2 Honey Beige is slightly darker than my skintone.

I really love the finishing of Chriszen Roller Moist Cream Ampoule Plus HD Foundation; giving a powdery-fresh finish but not looking cakey or drying at all. Besides that, it is also giving a beautiful healthy glow. The foundation feels very lightweight and does not leave any white-cast.

I would rate this light-medium buildable coverage. The first swatch when apply, I still could see my actual skin undertone but after few swatches, the foundation basically cover my pores perfectly but still can my acne scars under-neath where I am much more prefer. Looking more natural like my actual skin.

As for the application and bendable wise, I give a big thumb up for these categories. The sponge is a soft-dense and medium stiff sponge. It does absorb some of the product inside but since the sponge is pretty small so I'm still okay with it. It apply beautifully on the skin and blend so easily without giving any stroke or the foundation sets on the face which really impressed me.

I know many of you are pretty concerned with hygiene problem. I think Chriszen are pretty smart because the sponge is detachable which means you can pull out the sponge and clean it if you want to. It's a brilliant idea.

Another tips, the pump seem pretty tricky. One button equal to one pump so please do not keep pumping or else you will get messy sponge head. Other than that, pump this foundation vertically (sponge facing upward) so you won't feeling like the product not coming out.

To Sum Up All Together

I am so impressed with this Roller Moist Cream Ampoule Plus HD Foundation by Chriszen. I love the interesting idea where is a roller type of foundation which is so travel friendly and requires no extra tool during application. Another thing I love is the finishing effect which feeling so lightweight and kinda powdery finish with light to medium buildable coverage. It gives a healthy glow and even perfect when it sets with Chriszen Pearl Loose Powder for oil-control and matte finish. It apply very easy but one thing is might getting tricky when pressing the pump button because sometimes it might not getting out but everything solve once I found the real-way to get the product out. 


SHADES: No.1 Natural Beige & No.2 Honey Beige
PRICES: MYR 69 (w.m) | MYR 72 (e.m) / 20g
MADE IN: Korea
AVAILABILITY: http://www.chriszen.com


Anyway, I have did a makeup tutorial, "My Dating Makeup Look" using Chriszen's foundation, loose powder, gel liner and lip tinted stick. To be honest, I love every single product of Chriszen. All of the products are so quality and more than my expectation.

Click to watch the makeup tutorial video to know how I apply, the pigment and more. Head over to my blogpost for more images and product details.
Youtube Link : https://youtu.be/7nRatNIK3LE

For more information about Chriszen, please visit to
Official Website : http://www.chriszen.com



  1. I love how its so easy to use, and the fact that it looks very natural on you. MAJOR LOVE!

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  3. Natural coverage is the best! Not too cakey and since your skin is good, it's perfect!

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  7. I like the roller! It makes make up fast, easy and it has better coverage too.
    Gonna try it soon. ;)

  8. Chriszen Roller Moist Cream Ampoule Plus HD Foundation looks suitable for me. It is so easy to use and just roll it over.

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  15. nice sharing, this roller style moist cream very easy and convenience to us e:)
    cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  16. hey i saw this product too, was really tempted to get one to try seems like fun and easy to use

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