Thursday, January 21, 2016

[Food] The Roof @ 38th floor, Mode Sathorn Hotel Bangkok

Previously has updated my amazing experience stay at Mode Sathorn Hotel and please do check out my other experience in there (refer box below). Anyway, one of the main highlight of Mode Sathorn Hotel is their rooftop breathtaking view restaurant. I have went to The Roof @ 25th floor at Siam@Siam Hotel Bangkok but this is even higher and the amazing is different as well.

It's a honor dined with the great hotel's management team and friends at The Rood with the most stunning views of Chaopraya river. The roof is located at 38th Floor which is the top floor of Mode Sathorn Hotel but the lift button of until 37th floor; it's okay. Just pressed it and then you will lead to going upstairs access to the restaurant. Their service is supper friendly so just ask. :)

They offer Mexian, Morocaan, French and Asian dishes pairs with varieties type of creative cocktail and punch juice. It's start from 5pm to 1am.

 Brazil Spring Rolls - THB 250
Let's start with appetizer. Crunchy spring rolls insides has prawn cutler marinated in Brazillian spices accompanied with spicy tomatoes tartar and sweet plum sauce. The marinated prawn filling is really yummy and my personal love to dip with sweet plum sauce which crushing some salty yet sweet in a bite. 

Blue Affair Martini- THB 320
Beautiful scenery of course have to pair with colorful cocktail as well. Blue affair martini is a combination of vodka, blue curacoa, lychee, green apple, pineapple juice and lime juice. The taste is not too strong with a touch of sweet and tangy that I think girls will specially like it.

French Mixed Platter - THB 380
Another pretty popular appetizer. A kebab style that has marinated prawn with chili, mustard and sweet basil served with dill sauce. The prawn is perfectly cooked, fresh and tender. 

Modern Punch - THB 400
If you're not alcoholic person, then how about punch juice? Beautiful gradient peachy red juice that combines of rum, peach schnapps, orange juice, cranberry juice, lime juice, ginger ale. Citrus and peach lover will definitely love this alcohol drink.

Beef Tenderloin - THB850 
Nothing is accomplishes with main course. Sauteed beef tenderloin served potatoes wedges, cherry tomatoes and bouquet vegetables with creamy French pepper sauce. The beef is perfectly half-raw cooked and tender (you can request the rawness) and the sauce is absolutely divine; pretty similar with black pepper sauce but with even more spices.

Bangkok Summertime Cocktail - THB 320
One of the signature cocktail. Sang Som Thai rum, midori, coriander leave, sugarcane juice, lime juice. A pretty special drink; something sweet with coriander leave scent surrounding when you drink it.

Salmon a la Francaise - THB 550
Tournedos of salmon wrapped in bacon topped with onion mushroom and shallot sauteed accompanies mash potatoes and mustard seed sauce. Another favorites dishes of mine but it's little tad salty for my flavor. 

Sex On The Roof - THB 400
An unique name of punch juice that has vodka, galliana, orange juice, cranberry juice, pineapple juice. I can taste the alcohol is heavier comparing with Modern Punch and less citrus but I actually like this drink better. All of the combination is my favorite drink.

Scallop & Crab meat Dumpling - THB 350
An extra appetizer after a long chit-chat session. Sui Mai dumpling that has scallop mousseline and crab meat inside served with green pepper sauce. This dish is pretty hot and spicy so for those who can't take spicy, try beware of this but this is really really good! :)



Mode Sathorn Hotel
(BLD Bistro located inside)

144, North Sathorn Road,
Silom, Bangrak, 
Bangkok 10500, Thailand. 

Tel: +66 (0) 2623 4555
Fax: +66 (0) 2623 4666

Instagram: @ModeSathornHotel


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