Sunday, January 17, 2016

[Hotel] Palm Garden Hotel IOI Resort City, Putrajaya

Palm Garden Hotel IOI Resort City is a 4-star rated hotel nestled in 330 aces of scenic and lush green lung that located on the fringes of the city of Putrajaya. Although it's not center but the resort is actually 5-minutes away from the hear of Putrajaya Administrative centre, 30 minuets away from Kuala Lumpur and Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). It is also just few minutes away from Palm Garden Gold Club and IOI City Mall.

Palm Garden Hotel IOI Resort City offers 151 tastefully furnished rooms surroundings by a courtyard, 3 dining outlets and 12 multi-function rooms that caters to different requirement from the guests whether for business or leisure.

Looking from the outside, the resort looks kinda Bali-styled for me, and I believe Palm Garden Hotel should be operates for quite some years because of the building design and still using dim yellow lighting. But anyway, did some researched still many people give a positive raved to this hotel as the facilities, services plus the price seem much affordable comparing with the other hotel located in Putrajaya.

During my trip with Gaya Travel, I have an amazing stay at this hotel. I love the concept that has a courtyard in the center surrounding the rooms seem a great place to chill (scroll down for picture references). Plus it's actually quite a big place to explore and the facilities have to walk to other part surrounding by two swimming pools, game room, camping ground and function rooms. If you love massaging, head over to the highest level for a chillax Bali-styles massage services. It is good!

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Like what I mentioned, The Palm Garden Hotel offers 151 well appointed rooms and suites to cater to various guest requirements. It has divided into 3 room designed which are Heliconia Room, Orchid Room and Anthurium Suite. Each room has balconies or windows opening out to lush green surroundings and all rooms are built around the relaxing Courtyard bar sporting cascading waterfalls and a tinkling fountain.

I stay at Heliconia Room which has twin super single beds with open-door balcony facing the round-about lush green road. It is cosy and comfortable with the basic requirement during the stay.

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Palms Cafe that offers free breakfast during the stay, lunch even dinner (of course with additional charges). Like usual, Palms Cafe is a buffet style dine-in and the food selection is lesser but what I like about this cafe is they offers more Malaysian style foods with fusion food too. So guest even foreigners can try out Malaysian food. Say yes to Nasi Lemak and curry chicken okay! lol

Anyway, as for the lunch, Palms Cafe will offers theme-food according the season like Thai Food, Seafood etc... so you can check it out on their facebook or website to catch up the news. I tried breakfast and lunch at there and so far, the food is good. :)

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Palm Garden Hotel IOI Resort City

Add: 62502 Putrajaya
Tel: +603-89432233
Fax: +603-89431122


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