Tuesday, December 8, 2015

[Spa] Avi Spa, Avillion Port Dickson

Travel is about relaxing and nothing is even better spending time at a spa, let the therapist helps you to release out the stress in the body. If you read my previous post (read here), then you will know I shared an amazing place.

Avillion Port Dickson Resort & Spa is famous with their spa, Avi Spa which is one of their highlight when you stay at there. Thanks to BioTHIK arranged an amazing back massage and spa experience the Folliplus Factor (For Her) which is an essential Oil Therapy Series.

Avi Spa is located in between of water chalet house (surrounding by room 600 to room 700) and my room is the closet to it. Avi Spa is pretty outstanding with the clean contrast white house which is pretty attention-seeking and the building is beautiful. It is standalone double storey white house where the ground floor is Avi Spa while the second floor is a lounge area that is specialist only for hotel guests and spa guests only.

This contemporary peranakan inspired spa is divided into a 3 spa venues consisting of avi spa suites (7 luxury spa suites with 2 couple suites, 1 premium suite and 4 suites, floating verandas and baths with unparallel views like no other) , an avi spa space (on the go and require a taste of relaxation and beautifying at 2nd floor) and an avi lounge (light refreshment area at 2nd floor).

Warm greeting by friendly stuff with some simple explanation and a cup of tea & towel in an aromatic place while listening to soothing music. Depends kind of services you choosing for, I'd leaded to single suite room which has changing area, bathtub, sauna room, mini foot spa area and massaging area. Love the white & Tiffany blue themed room facing sea view already makes me wow for many times.

After changed clothes, therapist was started with mini foot spa session. I can even picked the scent I prefer when the therapist scrubbed my foot. Since this is only one hour massage session, so I have no try their bathtub and sauna, and straight into massaging. It is so comfortable and relaxing. I have no idea what's going on because I slept in the half way till the end, lol.

After massage, therapist leaded me to waiting area which located at the end of Avi Spa. It is an open area where you can straight facing the sea view and the scenery was so magnificent. Although is kinda hot with no air-cond but it's okay, the scenery calm me down. Enjoyed tea and fruits after treatment.

Then when you done massage, head over to second floor which is Avi Lounge where you can have some light refreshment and the view is even more stunning. You can get many stunning picture with the panorama view.


Avillion Hotel Port Dickson

Batu 3, Jalan Pantai Cunningham, 
71000 Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia

Phone:+60 6-647 3333



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    1. You can check at TripAdvisor or other hotel booking website. :D

  2. may i know the second floor the big round table chair only open for avi spa guest?