Wednesday, November 4, 2015

[Scent] Victoria's Secret Forever Sexy

Hello my little sexy girl ❤~

The sexy iconic brand, Victoria's Secret has introduced a new perfume line to spice up the sexiness, Forever Sexy. As seductive as Victoria's Secret lingerie, Forever Sexy flirts with an exclusive golden amber blend, which is one of the most expensive ingredients in a perfumer's palette, giving this fragrance a luxe, sultry warmth. It’s an icon in the making in a covetable corseted bottle.

The combination of delicate tulle and ultrasexy corset lacing up the black of the bottle, inspired bu our lingerie, makes it seductive, flirty and totally iconic. It's an unique interplay of delicacy and strength.

The eau de parfum features notes of Italian Belladonna Orange, Creamy Solar Gardenia, Coconut, Jasmine Petals, and Golden Amber. It is available in Mist (250ml) , Lotion (250ml) and Rollerball (7ml) types in case want closet to skin.


BRAND: Victoria's Secret
INGREDIENT: Belladonna Orange, Solar Gardenia, Golden Amber, Coconut, Jasmine Petals
TYPE: Warm
SIZES: 50ml & 100ml
AVAILABILITY: Victoria's Secret Stores

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