Sunday, November 22, 2015

People ask me how to Taobao? I said, 'Let's Cincaibuy❤'

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Since I wrote on a post said that one of my favorite shopping website is Taobao, and then many of you started asking and email me how do I Taobao since eventho Taobao has opened to Malaysia market but the posting fees is kinda expensive. Honest speaking, I am not going to pay approx. MYR 24 per kg and then MYR 9.4 for the continuous every 500g weight. Ouch, that's hurt! I tried their direct services before, one thing have to admit is they really have a good services. They sent me message for every single action on they did to my parcel even call me the one or two days before telling me the date and time of delivery. This is professional services. I love it but it's kinda expensive. I don't want to spend half of my money on the shipping fees! No way!

So my solution is find a third party to handle for me. They do also provide professional services like Taobao did and they even help me to solve if I have problems. It's basically just throw everything and let's them settle and then just "goyang kaki" waiting for the parcel come. How's convince is that?!

Allow me to introduce you a website

Some short information for your better understanding. is an pre-order basis online shopping website that helps shoppers from Malaysia buy things from Taobao. They offers wide range of products in their website like apparels, side-apparels, accessories, wedding stuff, home deco, phone/tablet accessories, pet accessories and more. It's basically everything! The items are directly converted into MYR and auto-calculates the shipping fees for you. Once you place order, Cincaibuy will start helps you to purchase and deliver to your doorstep in 10 working days.


Cincaibuy is a friendly-user interface. Nothing complicated to understand their website but in case you need directory, I will show you how I place order in Cincaibuy.

The most common step ever. Register an account. If you have an account then you can skip to Step 3. Once register, you can start order your stuff like normal. By the way, you can easily find the register and login button on the right top of their homepage.

STEP 2 : fill your personal data base
The is the most important step ever. Click "My address book" by holding your email address at the right top. Please always fill in the any related information and address accurately to avoid any unhappy things happen. If you have any question, just find the button "click here for help" at left bottom let them assist you.

STEP 3 : start adding your item into 'cart'
Yay! My favorite segment ever! Find your desire products and then choose the color & size (if have) and quantity, then finish by clicking 'Buy Now'. After than, a box will pop up and ask to confirm and you may fill in the 'remark' box if you have any specific message to let them know. Once you add your item into cart, another box will pop up asking 'continue to shop' or 'go to cart' to complete your purchase.

STEP 4 : check out to complete your purchase
Once you done shop at Cincaibuy, click 'go to cart' or click trolley icon or right top to complete your purchase. You can modify and confirm your item and then it will show you the total and the shipping fees cost of your order. Once you good with it, click 'Check out', you will be brought to confirm your personal data. Once you good with everything, click 'Confirm Order' and then gao dim! *thumb up*

STEP 5 : make payment
Once you confirm order, you will redirect to Order Details Page. You can select the options to make payment. Cincaibuy provides e-bankin option which you be able to pay directly by clicking 'Yes, pay by my E-Wallet' and if you have a voucher to redeem, you can redeem it by clicking the 'Redeem Voucher' button.


That's it! The steps are simple enough to follow. Once you make payment, Cincaibuy will start process your order and your product should be delivers at your doorsteps in 10 working days.

In a nutshell, I am enjoyed shop at Cincaibuy. Although my products still in progressing but overall my shopping experience with was awesome. I love their services and their website is so user friendly especially for those who don't understand mandarin and want to buy Taobao, try Cincaibuy instead because they did all the job for you. The price is affordable enough comparing with the other website.

By the way, Christmas is coming soon. Let's Cincaibuy for some Christmas deco ba~ O(∩_∩)O~ Hope you have an amazing shopping experience with


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  1. I really like how this website includes the shipping upfront! I like knowing how much I'm paying always haha!
    Jessie @ bijou-heart

  2. Nice! Have always wanted to purchase stuff on Taobao but find it rather inconvenient. Cincaibuy seems like a great way to shop