Tuesday, November 24, 2015

[Event] Panasonic Beauty 3 new Hair Stylers

I love beauty tool and it's my pleasure to joined Panasonic Beauty's Launch Party showcasing the newest range of 3 trendy Hair Stylers that are specially designed to compliment the busy lifestyle of savvy ladies.

Panasonic Beauty has introduced 3 trendy Hair Stylers which are the EH-HV51, 6-way Multi-Styling Hair Styler, the EH-HV20, 2-way Straight & Curl Hair Styler and the EH-HV10 Compact Straigth & Curl Hair Styler.

Although the 3 new trendy Hair Styler is different but they can all be used as hair straightner and curler as the same time. All three models have color-care photo ceramic placte for color-fade prevention that helps to keeping hair moist and prevent color loss.

From left to right:
EH-HV51, 6-ways Multi-Styling Hair Styler | EH-HV20, 2-way Straight & Curl Hair Styler
| EH-HV10 Compact Straigth & Curl Hair Styler.


Multi-Styling Hair Styler, Eh-HV51
EH-HV51 looks like a normal straightener but in fact, this hair styler has additional 5 attachments that can create a total of 6 different hair styles. You can choose go for Normal Straight, Super Straight (Straightener), Volume Up, Medium Curl, Large Curl to Extra Large Curl all in this curler by only attach them into the styler .

With its new technology, the even heat distribution plate, heat is evenly distributed thus enabling hair to be styled more quickly and evenly without looking fussy and can be ready to use in just 15 seconds from a low 140˚C up to 230˚C. The selling price is MYR 255.


Straight & Curl Hair Styler, EH-HV20
This is a 2-way Hair Styler, a simple version that also has the even heat distribution plate and can be ready to use in 15 seconds (similar with EH-HV51). But this hair styler is extra suitable for those who have long or thick hair because with 105mm extra-long plate, this model offers speedy straightening and easy curling. Definitely save the time better! The selling price is MYR 189.


Compact Straight & Curl Hair Styler, EH-HV10
A compact yet travel-friendly hair styler. This model comes with three colors; black, white and pink. The size is only 23,5cm  with a storage cap attached where it can be stored in a bag conveniently means you can touch up / change your hair style anytime and anywhere.

This styler has set a fixed temperature of 210 ˚C and can ready to use in 40 seconds. Besides than only creating straight and curl hair style, this styler also can create beautiful wavy hairstyle effortlessly without look fussy and dry. The selling price is MYR 109.


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  1. Wanna try this hair styler! Having unruly curly hair by nature, I have a constant desire to straighten it. I`m nuts about straight hairstyles .

  2. great share me also wanna make my hair thin and straight but my hair is so unruly curl :) anyways great ideas of you for make your hair straight .

  3. Wow such an amazing hair styler,I have also straight hair and i wanna be make my curls sexy, finally got best hair-styling idea.

  4. Wow its amazing tool to straight hair and curls to straight, great and informative post thanks for share!