Wednesday, November 4, 2015

[BlogSkin] The Monotone | Black & White Basic Design

Hey guys~ I want to officially welcome you to the new interface of my blog. If you're a friend on my personal facebook then you might already knew about it but yea... I am super excited to share with you my latest blogskin design.

As the ages getting bigger, jappy and fancy kind of design was not my stuff anymore. Somehow sometime I do felt like a old woman still wearing a school uniform tho. #actcute  But anyway, my dream is to making a beautiful dress; kinda royal garden / flower scenery in elegant way for my blog. Since my country place's sources are so limited so this plan eating 10000000x hours to make it real. Still in progressing but in the meantime, let's talk about this new design.

Because I am the tailor behind my blogskin, so whenever I have new sudden concepts and ideas, I will try my best to make it real. You probably don't know that actually I have additional three more blogs just for myself to keep changing and developing the blogskin. Definitely not overstate but every one of them is completely different. :)

Even now I start developing a blogshop that specialist blog template so people won't need to purchase a professional webshop. It's definitely look like cart-friendly proffesional webshop. Well~ Still facing some coding problem as the 'checkout' part kind a little confusing but yea... looking a long long forward into it. lol #lazygirltaking4ever

This time is about black & white, the monotone. These two colors never get old yet fashionable enough for presentable; creating a great contrast compliment each other. In the meantime, this can be the trickest tho. Because is simple, so the main problem I facing was how to make it simple, spacious without looking overloading even it is overloading. I know this is confusing so just ignore about it. :D
After few brainstorming, here's the latest blogskin called, "The Monotone".

This design is inspired by magazine style. I get this inspiration was when I did some editing; tone-downed my header's photo for syiok sendiri. Just a sudden idea popped-out, and then bang! here's the outcome. By the way, I have to disclaimed that the label part with youtube & instagram (below header's photo) was copy inspired by Pony's Makeup Blog. I always thinking a way to present that I have a Youtube Channel without simply putting at somewhere else on my blog. And then I discovered her blog and this is not a bad way to present (since I have no idea at all). So yea... that's part was not my idea! :D


Now I only found out that I have played with many style of blogskin before. 
Probably missed some (no save!) but still my revolution from time to time. hehe


By the way, just to share that I have new logo ('C' badge) yay! Always wanted and I am happy with this one. 
Oh! I have changed the pages to matched the theme too. New content, align and new theme. 
Do check out my pages too yea!

Thank you for reading.
See you on my next post.


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