Thursday, October 8, 2015

Love Online Shopping, Rewards, or Cashback? Then you should try Shopback!

Due to the improvement of technology and internet, shopping online is not a big thing anymore. We can order anything thru online by just few clicking and transfer bank-in. So what is your favorite online shop you like to shop? Zalora? Hermo? Luxola? Taobao? Or how about buy travel tickets or booked accommodation on AirAsiaGo, Expedia or Agoda? No matter what kind of stuff you want buy, online will helps you find everything you need!

Shopback did it! I really super duper love about this website. Let's face it! Who don't love discount and cashback?! If you buy maybe only RM10 stuff then yea... discount and cashback maybe not a big deal in general. But getting some of that money back will save you some serious cash over time and lessen your spending. Another #fact is there's no one will only buy RM10 value things online because we all cheapskate, lol! We always fight for free delivery by reaching the amount of purchase or buy more to make the postage fee at least worth it. #thefactofshoppingonline 

So what is Shopback?

ShopBack is a cashback site where you literally get cash back when you click through to our merchants from our site. On top of existing discounts and voucher codes, get back a percentage of the money you spent! After making payment, the cashback is credited to your ShopBack account, which can later be cashed out into your bank account or PayPal for real cash.
Simple explanation: Shop your favorite online shop thru Shopback and get cash back! As easy as ABC! *kawaiiface*

Shopback not only offer few online shops but up to 200+ merchants from fashion, electronics, travel, food, gifts, sports, home & living and more for you to shop! All of them are well known online! So all you need to do is change your habit by landing to Shopback website first then only continue with your favorite online shop. By the way, Shopback offers many awesome promo codes and deals at the same times too. :)


1. Head over to

2. Login or Register Using Email or Facebook
(make sure to use active email account)

3. Looking for promo / hot deals or search your website by categories

4. Choose the website you want to shop

5. In the shop page, click 'Shop Now' to access to official website
CAUTION : Please do not close Shopback Website to qualify for cashback

6. Taadaa! Shop like normal and waiting for cashback! 

I'm a nerdy beauty junky. I will only go out whenever there's an event or maybe sometime hanging out with friends. I do not like go any shopping center unless I have something that craving for because I do feel exhausted walking around the shopping mall. And one thing I hate is sometime is hard to find the stuff I want! This is the most pek cek ever!

Personally, I love shopping online. I can find anything even weirdo stuff online. I rather spend whole evening searching things online rather than walking in shopping center. Of course! Both are different kind of interest but online is so so convenient. Honest speaking, I spend more by shopping online. After found this website, I do really save up my money during purchase on my favorite website like Zalora, Asos, Hermo, Zalora and my favorite one, Taobao. I can get cashback and the best discount on Taobao. *eyedrooling*

You will definitely amazed by the amount you save up after time by time accumulate in Shopback account. Try it yourself and you will know I am not joking. The amount can buy me a yummy meal or another item online. *thumb up*

By the way, just to let know that you will only allow to cash out starting from RM10 in your account. Awesome right! But please be patience with the progressing days. *kawaiiface*

Now you can redeem your RM10 from me by sign up thru the link Now worry! There's no commission for me when you sign up using my link. :) I'm promise! *pinkyfingerup  I'm just want to share with you since I have this awesome deal for you.

After you sign up thru my link, you will get automatically get RM5 in your account. Then when you make your first order using Shopback, you will get another RM5 automatically into your account.

Besides that, you can get up to 30% cashback from Zalora, Groupon, Lazada and 200+ other merchants when you sign up using the link given ( so why not joining it? :D

In summarize :
1. Get RM5 SIGN-UP bonus + RM5 bonus with your first ShopBack order
2. Receive up to 30% Cashback from Zalora, Groupon, Lazada and 200+ other merchants.

Of course! This is optional! I'm not pointing a knife at your neck forcing you to do so but this is a great deal for you. So yea. Why not getting extra benefits right? Anyway, have to mention again that I am not getting any commision from Shopback, just sharing only. :D

For more information about Shopback, you can head over to



  1. The site sounds lovely, I would love to try it out if it ships to USA!
    Jessie @ bijou-heart

  2. i dont really understand .. emm i also already bought from taobao a few times but i used an agent so how did u buy from taobao from shopcashback ? sorry if i didn't make sense lol