Friday, July 31, 2015

[Gadget] Pobling Mini Ion Applicator

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Recently I got this cute Pobling Mini ION Applicator from If you're beauty junkies, then most of you already knew that their star product Pobling Sonic Cleanser was a big rave in Asia. So... Pobling now came out with something interesting beauty tool, Mini Ion Applicator to helps to absorb skin care ingredients deep into the skin.

How does this actually work? Let's say if we take around 2 to 3 minutes to gentle deeply massage the skincare by just using bare hand, then Pobling Mini Ion Applicator will be the shortcut. It's take less than 1 minute to push the benefit of skincare into our skin effortlessly and effectively with negative forces. This applicator uses the principles of ionization with the nature of some poles pushing each other.

Pobling Mini Ion Applicator comes with two color selection, grey and pink. What I love is the design is pretty handle. The main highlight is when the applicator touches with skin, an automatic vibration sensation will feel which could helps penetrate the products deeply into skin that bare hand can't does this. By using bare hand to apply, most of the nutrients of skincare will not fully absorb into the skin but with this Pobling Mini Ion Applicator, it will turns easy peasy. The skincare will get absorb easily just in few minutes so we don't waste our product. :)

Normally I will using Pobling Mini Ion Applicator after apply the serum and moisturizer (yes! is both. is twice!) because I really want to maximize the skincare's nutrients into my skin in an easier way yet effortlessly. The best part is this applicator is gentle to eyes area too. Yay!

I tried this applicator for around two weeks and I do really see the difference after using this tool. My skin is more hydrated and healthy glow. The product absorbed faster as applying with bare hand. It's like fast ion massaging tool for face. For those facing puffiness every morning like me, this applicator is good to reduce puffiness as well.

Extra tips: When apply paper mask, you can massage with Pobling Mini Ion Applicator on top of it to maximize the nutrients develop deeply into skin.

Frankly speaking, I was scratched my head when the moment I got this applicator on hand. This applicator does not have any On/Off button (it's vibrant by inducing the skin) so don't be fool, stay calm. Battery placement (AAA size battery) was at the center, just put it and that's all. :)


If you're keen to try this cute useful applicator then I have some awesome deal to share with you. :) Pobling Mini Ion Applicator is having promotion at for RM38 instead Rm58 (original price). So better hurry up before the promotion ends on 3rd August 2015.


BRAND: Pobling
SHADES: Grey | Pink
MADE IN: Korea
AVAILABILITY: Hermo ( | Pobling Mini Ion Applicator (product link)

For more information, please visit:


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  1. I wanted to have this gadget after reading your review. Thx for review dear...