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[MakeUp] YSL Fusion Ink Foundation


I'm always up to dated with makeup trend / collection because I love seeing interesting and unique stuff that might catch my attention to rob my piggy bank. YSL is one my favorite luxury brand. Yup! It's pricey (admit that!) but I believe everyone are down with their quality and packaging. In additional, they always come out with many interesting formula that makes everyone holy grail with it.

Okay! Let's kinda fancy today.
I am going to share my review and thoughts on this little gold black bottle, YSL Fusion Ink Foundation that I got it once they launched this product but only share in my blog now. Paishe! Lazy girl always late. :(  I got it from my USA friend who sent to me because Malaysia does not have YSL Beauty. You might find it at airport tax-free shop.

The price of this little gold bottle is $60, approx MYR 240 - MYR 280 with 25ml. Yup! Kinda pricey on hand. It comes with 16 shades of color and claimed delivers flawless coverage that lasts up to 24 hours, resistant to heat and humidity, while still feeling feather-like ultra-light on your skin.

YSL Fusion Ink Foundation contains a combination of sensorial and volatile oils which, upon contact with the skin, evaporate away – leaving only a veil of perfect pigment behind. These oils also make application a deliciously sensorial experience.

YSL Fusion Ink Foundation in #B20 Ivory, second lighter shade that has neutral undertones to it

Luxury packaging; frosted glass container with gold cap

 Inside comes with nail polish like cap that once twisted off features

Kinda love-hate with this heart shaped wand/spatula applicator; 
convenient yet controllable but not germ-friendly 

Comes with 16 shades that cover the majority of the skintone spectrum

Incredibly lightweight texture with silky soft matte finish

The formula is super easy to blend effortless with brush or beauty blender even with just finger

Light to medium with buildable to full coverage, yet still giving a natural finish

One layer of YSL Fusion Ink Foundation on face, enough to cover flaws and even up skin tone

It also gives a powdery finish, so it's won't feel greasy even without setting with loose / finishing powder

Love this foundation works so well in humid country

Incredibly lightweight like feather
It doesn't feeling greasy although this foundation contains oil but feeling so silky and soft during application.

• Blurs imperfection
• Has light to medium coverage but buildable to full
For natural finish, advise using one layer of Fusion Ink to whole face then another layer for specific area that need more to cover flaws. If you love full coverage, go with two to three layers but advise to prep well with moisturizer especially dry skin to avoid looking cakey and unnaturally.

• Silky soft matte finish
It blends so well and feeling extreme comfortable on skin. It gives a soft matte finish yet quickly settles into powder finish so it's okay if without setting with loose / finishing powder. Although it matte but it doesn't flatten your face, natural glow still maintain on. 

• Heat & Humidity resistant
• No pooling into pores, no creasing, no migrating, no greasing
• Non cakey all day but not on dry patches (unless moisturize well)
• Oil-proof up to 6+ hours on humid country before the need of blot or touch up
Still remember the first time I'm wore this foundation was during lunch date at barbecue restaurant. In a humid country plus in a hot environment, the very first thing I care about if my makeup will melt or not or did my face look oily? The moment I looked to mirror, hell yea! This foundation never disappointing me! The price definitely worth everything. Looking flawless, non-greasy or oily at all from noon to mid-night (almost 11 hours), just look slightly greasy on my T-zone at the end of the day.

I am impressed with YSL Fusion Ink Foundation. It becomes one of my top 3 luxury foundation. Frankly speaking, it pretty similar with Giogio Armani Maestro Fusion Makeup (review will up soon) but even then I would say the YSL version is more lightweight, so it just depend which is more into your selection. My shade of this foundation is B20 which is a light neutral tone. It's perfect for my complexion and stay perfectly without oxidation all day.

Although this price is kinda pricey but functionality, brand and packaging are worth of everything. I love using foundation brush and I am using Etude House My Beauty Tool Secret Brush121 Skin to apply; effortlessly and blends so well without stroking. This foundation is ideal for normal to oily skin because it contains ingredient that works perfectly for controlling sebum. I have few areas of rough skin around nose and this foundation sometime settles and clings to said patches but problem solves if well moisturize.

YSL Fusion Ink Foundation

SHADES: B20 Ivory (16 shades available)
PRICES: $60 . Approx. MYR 240 - 280 / 25ml
MADE IN: France
AVAILABILITY: Airport Tax-free shop / Online at


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