Monday, June 29, 2015

[MakeUp] Colourpop Lippie Stix in #Leather

Come here
Rude boy, boy
Can you get it up
YO✌SUP lippie junkies ♠

I love being unique with charismatic and I'm glad makeup can present it well! Sometime bend the rules is not a fault but is to giving message of what is our being in the rude society. Purple with dark tone are one of my favorite to tell the story.

Colourpop, no need more introducing on this brand as this USA brand rocks the world by their quality and unique formulation, affordable price, wide selection and pigmentation. It's a drug store price but in high end quality. That's make sense now. Hehe

Some sharing here. Just a few day ago, Colourpop just launched their newest matte liquid lipstick on their website. If you're a fans of liquid lipstick then you must try it out because it's only $6 (approx MYR 22). Ordered mine. How about you? :D

Anyway, today I want pull the look with using Colourpop Lippie Stix in #Leather that only costs me $5 (approx MYR 19). These lipsticks come in 5 different finishes such as Matte, Satin, Pearlized, Hyper Glossy, and Glossy.

For your information, they also comes with matching lippie pencils also in shade #Leather but I didn't get it since I'm kinda good with lining lol.  Colourpop Lippie Stix in #Leather is a deep blackened violet in a matte finish. Pencil type of packaging makes controllable during application. Hand up if you're fans of this kind of packaging. :D

• Darks, Violet
It’s a deepened, purpled with subtle warm berry undertone, slightly magenta tones and a satiny sheen. This is a true purple that looks great only any skintone complexion. Personally I think dark skin rock it even better. The color pretty similar with MAC Lipstick in #Heroine & Illamasqua Lipstick in #ESP. 

• slightly tacky cream finish
• neither drying nor hydrating
The formula wears comfortably but it's pretty dry. I believe they will accentuate to drier lips and the color seems to fall into natural lip lines.

• Not a smooth application
This matte lipstick does kinda dry but not overly so. It is still glide on easily during application. Advisable to prep lip with good lip balm / treatment underneath to avoid patchy and uneven application. Oh by the way, it has nice vanilla scent on it. :)

• No smudging, no creasing, great staying power
This lipstick stay on my lips all day long if I haven't been drinking or eating. The staying power is awesome as this lipstick won't go anyway but of course, the color fade off depends how active is your mouth lol.

• Not really matte finish
• Pigmented but not Opaque on the 1st swatch
It's not a true matte as shown by the slight sheen in my swatches. It's okay! As it's create dimensional better than a flat lips. The color payoff is superb great but it's not opaque on the 1st swatch.


BRAND: Colourpop
SHADES: Leather
PRICES: $5 (Approx MYR 19) / 1g
AVAILABILITY: | Online reseller, found one at MakeupNiche 

*PS:// I got mine from USA friends. :) *



  1. You rocked the colour nicely! I don't think I'm bold enough for that but its really nice!

  2. The purple lipstick is so vibrant and edgy!! I really like how you used a really light eyeshadow/eyeliner to create a cat wing :D
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  3. I'm curious with colourpop. I will try it! :D