Sunday, June 21, 2015

[Food] Dazzling Cafe Pink, Taiwan | Are you Dazzling today?

Yay! Like finally I managed to arrange my travel photos and divided them into section after killed the lazy worms in my body space.

Let's start with foodporn first. It's my first time visited Dazzling Cafe during travelling in Taiwan. I know Dazzling has many branches in many country but how sad it's not in Malaysia. I hope Dazzling Cafe will has one very soon.

To dessert lover, this is a must visit because no matter the interior, food presentation or even the taste just makes you endlessly revisit again. For guys if you hate sweet food, no worry! Their sweet food not too sweet (just perfect) or else you can go for savory food which also super yum! d==( ̄▽ ̄*)b

Dazzling Cafe has many branch in Taiwan. I went to the oldest branch where located at 台北市东区. The theme of the Dazzling Cafe is in pink. For your information, Dazzling Cafe has many theme like Sunshine, Blueberry, Sky, Bubble, Kiwi and more. If you're not a fans of pink, you can go to other branches. I just went to the nearest one. :)

Let's make Taipei Main Station as center station. Taking blue line to ZhongXiao Dun Hua Station (NT$16) and exit at Exit No.2 (there's many exit). If you see Zara store when you walk out, means you take the right direction. Then go straight and you will see a small road at the left hand side, turns left and walk until you see a noodle stalls (or many food stall selling). Turns right and you will see Dazzling Cafe. Quite easy to find. :)

◆ Likely visit at working hours

◆ Try not go on Weekend! It's just so peak!

◆ Pre-booking asking for reservation if possible

◆ Do not expect that you can eat right away! Wait at least 30 mins up to 2 hours!

◆ Minimum order of one drink per person *compulsory*

I reach there around 3+ pm and only able to eat around 4.15pm. During the gap time, I went to for another dessert. Again, always pre-estimate/plan your time or call for reservation. There just full in every minutes. No joke!

Princess dream pink with kinda vintage design just melt every girl's heart! Always love this kind of theme. O(∩_∩)O~

Went to my two bestie and have to order at least one drink person. Therefore, I end up order Mocha Latte for myself since I'm not a tea or coffee drinker.

Dark Chocolate Chip Mocha Latte (NT$150), combination of chocolate and coffee drink pairs with a piece of butter almond cookie. If you love mild coffee taste, then this is perfect for you. Not too sweet and camera ready. O(∩_∩)O~

Cappuccino with Oreo Powder (NT$120), milk percentage more than coffee drink pairs with butter almond cookie. Not too strong of coffee even myself will love it but not for coffee drinker because it might be coffee milk in your opinion. Affordable price with medium cup size.

Dazzling Black Tea (NT$100), a fresh and fruity ice black tea. Pretty presentation and has many different fruits cube inside. I didn't taste this drink but basically I love the amount of fruits cube. Pretty affordable too!

Mentaiko Spagethi (NT$280), light runny carbonara pasta. More milky taste but this is so yummy! I love the salty mentaiko brings the pasta into another taste of level in every bites. It's a combination of sea salty, crunchy, milky, a little cheesy all in one bites. Love this fushion food. Definitely recommend to you guys! Try it and you will love it unless you're not a fans of milk.

Hazelnut Chocolate Honey Toast (NT$290), must try signature dessert in Dazzling Cafe. This hazelnut chocolate flavor (like nutella or Ferrero Rocher). So DELI! I miss this so so much! Not too sweet, just perfect for sweet tooth. Vanilla Ice Cream at the top covered with fresh cream. Inside has divided into cube toast with hazelnut chocolate filling. Yummy! Yummy! And yummy! Must try! *thumb up*

Mochi Vanilla Ice Cream Waffle (NT$200) add on extra (NT$20) for into Mochi Waffle = Moffle; total NT$220. Chewy moffle top with fresh cream and pairs with Vanilla Ice Cream and Honey. A little crunchy on the outside while chewy inside with fresh cream, honey and ice cream makes you won't stop! Another must try dessert in Dazzling Cafe. This is yummy!

I spent NT$452 include 10% service tax for three drinks, one main dish and two lovely desserts. Pretty environment, good service, nice food presentation, camera-ready and affordable price tag. It's even cheaper in some cafe! A must-go restaurant if you're visit Taiwan. Try their super yummy toast and waffle, you won't regret for it.

Dazzling Cafe Pink


Sun - Thurs: 12pm to 11pm
Fri - Sat: 12pm to 12am



  1. Omgosh..all o the foods is just so nom nom nom!! Your look in this post in so cute, you looks like a living doll Chency!! ^_^

    1. Right! I wish to revisit again. Their foods are so delicious. Anyway, thanks for the compliments darling. :)

  2. Arhhh... The toast so delicate 😍

    1. Right! Yummy! Why Dazzling Cafe not in Malaysia. >,<

  3. Love your pictures and all the details! <3

    1. Thanks Carmen. I'm your fans when comes with food post. :D