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[Travel] Visiting The Line Plastic Surgical Clinic in Gangnam,Korea

Annyeonghaseyo (~ ̄▽ ̄)~♥

I'm writing straight from Korea and this post is writen using by my iPhone's blog app (normally I blog thru laptop) which is quite a new experience but I found it's come difficult for pictures alignment but hey! I think I done a good job neh. Ahahaha Oh ya~ This is my very first post where I didn't use photoshop at all; no liquify on myself at all. ノ( º _ ºノ)

Anyway, sharing moment here. I was staying at Gangnam and it's about 16 to 22 degrees here on avg. It's pretty warm during daytime and cold in night but still I'm enjoying every single bit of this sweat-free atmostsphere. Haha. Anyway, it's was already a week in Korea and I will still spend few more days here. People here are so friendly, lovey dovey couple everywhere, good looking and stylish people everywhere and nice food everywhere. Suprisingly, many of them can speaking Mandarin (Chinese) instead of English so if you know Chinese this will be a big advantage for you. :) Anyway, I'm still love everything in here but I couldn't explore much during this trip.
Why? Scroll down to read more ≧◡≦

When talking about Korea, what is your first impression? 
Kpop? Plastic Surgery?

Yup! You're right! 
If you don't already know, I'm come to Korea for interviewing to become 
the next Kpop Superstar! ┏(^0^)┛

Nah! I'm just kidding!

I flew here was for plastic surgery improving myself.

(This time definitely is not a joke!)

I planned this trip to here is because of plastic surgery where I was so tempted to get some improvement for myself especially bodyline. Like what I always mentioned in my blog, I'm a chubby bloat person. I don't consider myself as a fat person but definitely not a petite girl. I want to get rid of my fat(S) especially bottom area because my thigh was pretty rough.

So yea! I planned this trip about few months ago. I did many researches about surgery, taking down notes and highlight them in place. It actually still unbelievable that I'm here now. And I done with my surgery! FTW! But I will reveal and share my surgery experience on my next post so please keep stay tuned (¬‿¬)

I decided to done my surgery at The Line Plastic Surgical Clinic where I knew this clinic thru 'Let Me In', a Korean reality show that giving free plastic surgery to selected participants. Then by Facebook as well. It's located at I-Station Tower, 561-31 Sinsa-Dong, Gangnam-Gu, Seoul, Korea where that's the reason I live in Gangnam as well.

So some basic introduction about The Line Plastic Surgical Clinic; is a affordable plastic surgery clinic but offer professional services. The satisfaction and result are well-known and yet they consists of seven specialized plastic surgery centers:‘Eyes & Nose Center’, ‘Face Outline Center’, ‘Lifting & Anti-aging Center’, ‘Breast Surgery Center’, ‘Body Contouring Center’, ‘Anesthesiology Center’, ‘Postoperative Care Center’, and it plays a leading role in medical market with 3D-CT, ultrasonography, state-of-the-art educational facilities operating in real time. (understand more at here)

So it happened at 10th May 2015, took a flight at midnight (0100) and reached Korea around 7.45am. It took in total 6 hours and the time in Korea is an hour late than Malaysia. The first thing when I'm reached Korea was not planning to visit any tourist must go places, but straight to The Line Plastic Surgical Clinic instead; for consultation. Time is money!

But first! Let me take a selfie.
So much different right when I didn't edit my face right? Chubby round face forever :(

Reached The Line Plastic Surgical Clinic where located at Sinsa-Dong, Gangnam

Never expected this clinic could be so grand looking. It's actually a tower where they own almost half floors of this tower

The lobby area. Many beautiful + professional consultant that know many type of languages
My consultant is well speaking in English so basically I have no problem communicate with them at all

While waiting for serving, there has many sources to let me know more about this clinic, 
I spent so much time reading 'real story' of the patient's transformation and I can't wait to jot down my own version.

The girl that happy with her transformation.

Okay! I'm getting tired now because just ate medicine so I am going to make it shorter,
Keep stay tuned on my upcoming blogpost where I will blog about my surgery experience.
In case you're wondering what kind of surgery I did
Here's some teaser for you :)

the video above is actually the first day after surgery (like about 8 hours)

So can you guess what kind of surgery I did in The Line Plastic Surgical Clinic?
Candy for the nom who guess right,

Anyway, please keep stay tuned on my upcoming blog post,
I will share with you as soon when I'm getting better. (◠‿◠✿)

In case you want to know more about The Line Plastic Surgical Clinic,
you can visit to:


See you on my next post, Bye!



  1. Please update your progress & the surgery cost.. Thank you

  2. What surgery did you undergo and is the cost affordable?- you looked great by the way

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  6. Great post.. I would like to know more about your surgery experience..Thanks for sharing your story with us..