Thursday, June 18, 2015

[Food] After You Dessert Cafe, Bangkok | Top recommended cafe in Bangkok

When a place have nice food, then I will say, "The place is fun. Will definitely miss this place again."

Yup! My life never goes wrong with food. No matter where am I, will always wanted to try high-rated stall/cafe/restaurant in the area. If you're loyal reader, then you will know that I was been invited to Bangkok to attended GSC Thailand presented by Todd Piti Lauching Party. The event was only a night but I get to played around in Bangkok for 3 days 2 nights. It's awesome!

Messing around the schedule first. Foodporn always goes first in my blog, haha. This time I want to share with you guys a famous cafe that must try in Bangkok. If you searching on google, then you will notice, After You Dessert Cafe never miss out in their recommendation. Since I really want to hang out at nice cafe, so I picked After You Dessert Cafe as a breakfast with my mum because this cafe is the nearest one from our hotel. #lazygirl

By the way, pre-alert that this post is super-fat contained post. Beware of craving, lol.

After You Dessert Cafe has many branches. I went to Central World Plaza 
where located at 1st floor inside plaza by using tuk tuk car that cost me only 20 THB. 

click the MAP above to know other branches location

It's was located at 1st floor, Central World Plaza; nearby cinema area. It pretty noticeable because is a side-shop and the interior and atmosphere really attention seeking. After You is a Japanese dessert cafe. They mainly selling harajuku toast, pancake, cake, little biscuit, coffee and limited season ice shave. Besides that, the interior was quite japan-ish homie feel; warm and comfortable feeling.

Mayongchid Kakigori (185 THB), mayong chid ice shave. Mayong Chid is a Thai fruit that is also pretty similar with maprang (plum mango). Sweet, sour, refreshing and cold ice shave definitely fresh up my day in Bangkok. The sauce was a little tad sweet for me so if you're not a sweet-tooth person, do not pour everything into the ice.  But this taste really good. Thumb up for this ice dessert.

Sticky Toffee Toast (175 THB / small), a sticky crunch, aromatic but very sweet toast top with chunk of walnut, two vanilla ice-creams and fresh cream. Inside toast has divided into many cubes toast that load with amount of butter. Frankly speaking, this is a very very VERY sweet dessert yet kinda greasy after few bites because everything heavy in a bite. This is too sweet for me but if you mad at caramel, walnut and ice-cream, this might for your taste bud. Anyway, it comes with two sizes of choice.

Ferrero Toast (195 THB / small), combination of ferrero rocher chocolate, shibuya toast and vanilla ice-creams with fresh cream. If you're a fans of ferrero then you will love this. The toast has divided into small cube bite-piece that coated with a good amount of butter. The crunchiness ferrero pairs with cube of toast then add with ice cream will definitely melt your taste bud so well. It's still a little sweet but not as sweet comparing with Sticky Toffee Toast. The sweetness is still in my desire level but one thing is the toast abit grease because too much of butter. Other than that, this is divine!


Central Plaza Ladprao, 1st floor
tel no.029371547
10:00am-10:00pm (everyday)

Other branches location, check 'here'



  1. I'm curious about Mayongchid Kakigori! I wonder about it taste! It looks like with "Ice Teler" and "Ice Campur" in Indonesia.
    I love your layout and blog photos :)

    1. The taste was like mango with passion fruit, sour & sweet. Love it so much. I haven't tried 'Ice Teler' or 'Ice Campur', will definitely try it once I visit Indonesia. :D

  2. I want to try this one once I get to travel there. Indeed this are getting my palettes crave. | Spices & Everything Nice

    1. Try it Jeini Relova. :D You will fly in the heaven of goodness, haha :D

  3. Oh no, I just can say everything inside After You taste so so nice, went there once last year I couldn't find any place like this in Malaysia :D

    1. Right! I love the ambient there so much.

  4. Your pics make me drool!!! BTW nice photos, pretty!