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[Hair] Tsubaki Shining Shampoo, Conditioner & Mask for Dull to Normal Hair; Shine From Every Angle

Kon'nichiwa ❤
Tsubaki (means Camellia flower), a premium haircare brand by Shiseido in Japan. It's the only brand that has Camelia Oil as its ingredient. This ingredient can only find in 2 countries; China and Japan, where Japan has been providing the finest Camelia for 140 years.

Tsubaki was not strange in my blog. Back to year 2013, Tsubaki had improved their formula and now even widely recognize by public. I have general blogged about Tsubaki Hair Range and you can click 'HERE' to read my two years old post. :)  Other than that, I have also mentioned in my twitter before said that my first time hand-on experience was when my 16 years old life in National Services. My mum bought for me to National Services. #SuchAMemories

Well in this post, I am going into more specific review which I will concern review on Tsubaki Shining Hair Range. If you wish to have a shining manageable hair like we seen in tv adv, then you have to keep scrolling down.

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Tsubaki Shining Hair Range is for normal and dull hair. If your hair are dry or damage, this range definitely NOT your pick, you should go for Tsubaki Damage Care Range.

Tsubaki was the first one to discover hair melanin is lost daily due to UV and other factors. The loss of melanin created a hole causes irregular reflection and loss shine on hair.

It contains High Purity Tsubaki (Camelia) Oil EX with Shine Sensor Mechanism. High Purity Tsubaki Oil EX which awakes gloss and flexibility of hair. This camellia oil was made combination of traditional camellia oil and unique ingredient which Shiseido developed hair beautify element, and it will restore and bring out hidden beauty that hair originally have.

Tsubaki Shining Shampoo

I have finished the pretty Bené Premium Bluria Delicious SPA Shampoo and Treatment and I'm back using Tsubaki Hair Range for almost two weeks now. Usually, I wash my hair two days once so my usage with Tsubaki Hair Range still haven't reach a good ten times. LOL  My hair is normal but dry at the end and lack of moisture (that's what my stylish told me).

The big pro of this shampoo is the scent. It has such a pleasure floral smell with a note of fruity. Since my hair is super long and thick right now (until waist) so of course! the smell should be stay longer compare with other. The shampoo is a milky white fluid texture. One pump was enough for short to medium hair because it creates quite good amount of bubbles.

For me, normally I will double wash my hair one/two times per week to deep cleanse my scalp. Normal wash will required me two to three pumps of shampoo (I have super thick and long hair) while for deep cleanse scalp care, I will start with one pumps then rinse off and then continue with two to three pumps. Let be honest, sometimes I will not using Tsubaki Shampoo for deep cleanse scalp care, I will using specialist for scalp shampoo then only continue with Tsubaki Shampoo.

Tsubaki Shining Conditioner

Milky white thick creamy consistency leaves a soft manageable finish at the end of my hair. The scent was similar with Tsubaki Shining Shampoo but lighter and more powdery-ish. I believe every girl know how to use a conditioner, apply from half to the end hair and leave for few minutes (better) and rinse off.

Some tips to share with you guys from my stylish, for a silkier and smoother hair, section your hair into few parts and apply section by section by going thru with your finger from half to the end of hair. Just like what stylish did in salon. The reason is because sometime the conditioner not even starts to moisturize our hair and we already washed off. This method will helps to let the products go thru every single each of the hair and the result was completely different. This is my conditioning direction right now. :)

Tsubaki Shining Hair Mask

Tsubaki Hair Mask is my favorite! The texture is much thicker than Tsubaki Shining Conditioner yet the moisturizing level is even triple of the one. One thing has to pay attention, this product was abit hard to rinse off so always make sure to rinse off completely so it won't leave any sticky residues to hair. Anyway, I use this together with my home-steamer so the product can deeply penetrate into my hair.

I use this hair mask one time weekly or bi-weekly. Because my hair is dry at the end, especially after curling, it's getting even drier and crunchy so I used this mask as my ultimate rescuer. After using this mask, my hair turns smoother and soft. The biggest difference was my hair texture at the end of the hair especially when using my finger come across, I can feel it turns smoothly and tangle-free.

OVERALL, Tsubaki Shining Hair Range helps me to maintain my hair looking healthier and manageable. I 'm not going to lies you guys that actually I went to the saloon for hair treatment once a month to keep my hair healthier. So, the treatment that I did in the saloon was helping to improve my hair texture turns better and now I am using Tsubaki Shining Hair Range to maintain the healthy level of my hair.

Always put effort on shampoo-ing especially when the conditioning and you will see the hair turns healthier and better. I am truly loving Tsubaki Shining Hair Range and I really want you guys to try it as well.

Not forget to mention that Tsubaki Shining Hair Range is for normal and dull hair while Tsubaki Damage Care Hair Range is for dry and damage hair. If you looking for silicone free shampoo, then you can try Tsubaki Head Spa Hair Range that suitable for all hair type including oily scalp and dandruff. :)

Tsubaki Shining Shampoo 200ml (MYR 18.90) / 550ml (MYR 38.90)
Tsubaki Shining Conditioner 200ml (MYR 1890) / 550ml (MYR 38.90)
Tsubaki Shining Hair Mask (MYR 44.90)

Tsubaki Damage Care Shampoo 200ml (MYR 18.90) / 550ml (MYR 38.90)
Tsubaki Damage Care Conditioner  200ml (MYR 18.90) / 550ml (MYR 38.90)
Tsubaki Damage Care Mask (MYR 44.90)

Tsubaki Head Spa Shampoo 550ml (MYR 38.90)
Tsubaki Head Spa Conditioner   550ml (MYR 38.90)
Tsubaki Head Spa Massage Spa Mask    (MYR 44.90)
Tsubaki Head Extra Cleansing Shampoo   (MYR 29.90)

Currently available at selected supermarkets and leading pharmacies


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  1. Hi,
    I would love to try this new Tsubaki Damage Care set!! Never try their product before and looks how healthy and volume your hair <3


  2. "I would like to try out Tsubaki Damage Care Trial Set. Apply hair conditioner every day, at least once week for hair treatment mask.


  3. Hai,

    I would like to try this Tsubaki Damage Care as the scent you describe attracted me. I wish to try on this product long time ago and now it giving me chance to try. Wish to have such black and shine hair as you too.

    Koo Yee Hung

  4. Hello Dear Chency
    I would like to try out Tsubaki Damage Care Trial Set as it comes in handy in a travel set I can get to try out eventhough i am outstation sometimes .I hope it can save my dry and dull hair.

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  6. Hi there :D

    I would like to try out Tsubaki Damage Care Trial Set. My hair type is very dry due to long time exposure to the sun. I will always use hair conditioner whenever I've washed my hair. But still not impressed, I will put on hair oil to moisturize my hair and give it a healthy shine.

    Ng Yen Nie

  7. Nice giveaway! Like 'blog.giveaway' and message them your giveaway info to get more awareness for your giveaway! :)


  8. I would like to try out Tsubaki Damage Care Trial Set!
    Sometimes I apply Coconut oil for more hair care after hair wash ^^


  9. first of all,thanks for holding this giveaway! your hair looks amazing tho *_*
    i really curious to try them especiallyit's under SHISEIDO ,no need to doubt about the quality bcs all of their product is superb and i want try it to help my dry hair!


  10. "I would like to try out Tsubaki Damage Care Trial Set. (You can share with me your tips of maintain your healthy hair. :D)"

    1. One of the way i will do to maintain my healthy hair is use hair treatment mask once a week . Besides that, i will trying to wear cap and using umbrella when hang out as long time sun expose will damage my hair

  11. You have such gorgeous hair!

    I would like to try out Tsubaki Damage Care Trial Set. I always apply hair serum and allow my hair to air-dry.

  12. Hello Dear Chency,

    First of all, many thanks for the giveaway! I am very interested with the product which you recommend! I would like to try out Tsubaki Damage Care Trial Set. My way to maintain healthy hair is to limit my use of a hair dryer as much as possible and let my hair dry naturally instead as frequent use of a hair dryer can dry out hair, causing breakage and split ends. Hope that I will be one of the lucky person to try out the product! Thank you! =)

    Yee Lian

  13. Hi~
    I would like to try out the Tsubaki Damage Care Trial Set~ My secret to maintaining healthy hair is by having a healthy diet. I also reduce the styling products that I use on my hair and leave it as natural as it can be. Conditioners and hair oils are a must to make my hair soft and shiny~

    Wei Ying

  14. I would like to try out Tsubaki Damage Care Trial Set. Me still using the old way which put santan to make my hair more healthy and shiny

    Nannie isa

  15. "I would like to try out Tsubaki Damage Care Trial Set. To maintain my healthy hair, the most basic is regular weekly do hair mask at least two to three times. After wash hair let hair dry naturally, hair can sustain heat damage easily, try not to use a blow-dryer. And i will trim my hair regularly :)

  16. Dear Chency, I am Tan Yee Lian. I am one of the 5 lucky winners who won trail set of Tsubaki Damage Care Trial Set. May I know have you sent the email? Until now I didn't receive email from you. My email is purple_angel_88@msn.com. Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you!

  17. Hi Chency,

    Good day. I am one of the winner Amelia Chiang and I haven't received the email from you yet. my email is ameliachiangkarmun@gmail.com. Hope to heard from you soon.

    thanks you.