Thursday, April 2, 2015

[SkinCare] 花戀肌 皇家馬卡龍面膜 | Hanaka Macaron Facial Mask

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Would you like to have some French Earl Grey Tea with beautiful macaron? It's come with ten pretty flavors depending on your need. Which color attract you the most? O(∩_∩)O~

Nah! I am just kidding! These macaron is not for your stomach BUT IS FOR YOUR SKIN. Yup! This is a mask. The cutest mask ever, I swear! I am so exciting to show you guys these mask because I believe this will spoil you as well, right?

I get to know this when I did some research on 'Must-Buy' beauty items for my Taiwan trip and the image was appeared in google search which spoiled me so so much. So, I went to Taiwan at the end of Jan to Feb 2015, half months there and I bought this back to Malaysia. Super pretty right? It just like a real macaron.

Oh ya! I forgot to do some little introduction. This is Hanaka Macaron Facial Mask (花戀肌 皇家馬卡龍面膜), a brand from Taiwan. I believe Hanaka brand is not strange in Malaysia beauty market because their best seller mask, Charcoal Pore Reduces Facial MaskIntensive Renewal Facial Mask were such a big hits among human, lol. 

Hanaka Macaron Facial Mask (花戀肌 皇家馬卡龍面膜) is one time use facial mask. One macaron has two sides which means each side equal to one mask. It comes with ten beautiful colors representing the key ingredients of each mask.

It comes with three different sets; single, five per group and ten per group. What I bought was their biggest set (ten per group) that contains 20 pieces (2 pcs / macaron) with ten different types of mask. These mask has divided into two categories which are brightening and moisturizing.

Not going to bla too much on the packaging since you have saw it on my pictures. Beautiful macaron with Hanaka's logo on top. Real-like packaging like what we buy a box of macaron. It comes with a spatula to apply and remove as well.

Hanaka Macaron Red Wine Facial Mask 
(Firming X Fine Line X Tender) with yogurt-like texture
smooth fine lines, improve muscle elasticity, relieve skin discomfort      

Hanaka Macaron Arbutin Essence Facial Mask 
(Whitening & Brightening) with gel consistency
Long-term storage, translucent white skin instantly. Gently remove old skin keratinocytes, 
improve muscle elasticity and moisture doubles, supple and firm, white and shine.

Hanaka Macaron Vitamin C Facial Mask 
(Moisturize X Whitening X Tender) with gel texture
Soothe the skin early aging, awaken brighten skin while pale, 
soft water like a natural apple muscle.

Hanaka Macaron Hyaluronic Acid Facial Mask
(Hydrating X Moisture Lock X Moisturize) with gel texture
Giving full moisture deep into skin and calm the skin

Hanaka Macaron Volcanic Mud Facial Mask
(Oil Control  X Exfoliating X Micro Polishing) with micro-bed mud texture
Micro-polished clean skin dead skin cells, unclog pores effective, 
powerful oil control, brighten skin

Hanaka Macaron TeaTree Facial Mask
(Oil Control  X Refreshing X Soothing) with gel texture
Regulation of water balance skin, mild purify the skin pores, 
with soothing plant extracts formula cleanses

Hanaka Macaron Collagen Facial Mask
(Boucy X Supple X Hydrating) with milk-gel texture
Repair damaged skin, allowing the skin to restore the original tender and smooth, 
deep penetration of liquid collagen, while moisturizing skin feel power, 
distributed cathartic supple feel.

Hanaka Macaron Vitamin E Facial Mask
(Repairing X Fine Lines X Hydration) with gel texture
Time to heal skin marks, awaken the skin vitality, moisturizing zero peeling, 
reproduce smooth and soft watery muscle vitality

Hanaka Macaron Q10 Facial Mask
(Soothing X Hydration X Brightening) with gel texture
Increased skin resistance against early aging, smooth fine lines, skin silky shine bouncy 
skin brilliance, beauty good improvement lasting collapse.

Hanaka Glacial Mineral Mud Mask
(Oil Control X Exfoliating X Hydration) with micro-bead mud texture
Deep Purifying water balance doubled, volcanic energy whitening power 10 min birth, 
translucent skin feeling a dressing soared


SHADES: Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen, Q10, Arbutin, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Red Wine, Volcanic Mud, Glacial Mineral Mud, Tea Tree
PRICES: NT$ 749 (≈ MYR 75) / (8g x 2)
MADE IN: Taiwan
AVAILABILITY: - (currently not available in Malaysia, can search online)

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  1. The mask is so cute! You still looks beautiful with bare face, anyway. :) Nice review!

  2. Hi dear, can't seem to find the ques for giveaway on your blog heh. Fyi, Hermo does sell this mask as well :D I love your photos, lovely as usual!

  3. Wao,all the mask are seem so cute and colourful! And i think Hanaka Macaron Teatree Facial Mask will be my favourite as i am having large pores and dry skin.

  4. Really really cute!!! Can't wait to get my hands on them! ^^