Sunday, April 26, 2015

[Hair] Beautiful Hair with Deep Layer 5 Steps System Hair Treatment at number76

It's hair diary today! Yay! Hair is part of my main concern so basically I will went to salon monthly for pampering besides than diy at home. Not going to talking much about Number 76 where I believe this salon it's mouth gossip for everyone.

In February 2015 before holiday at Taiwan, I went to number76 Starhill for Ultrasonic Premium Hair Treatment (my review here). Love the smoothness and tangle-free hair after the treatment. But this time, I went to number76 Mont Kiara to try out their latest hair treatment called "Deep Layer 5 Step System Hair Treatment" where exclusively only available at number76 Mont Kiara.

The Deep Layer 5 Steps System Hair Treatment is an intense hydration that helps to lock moisture and hydration without need of machine. This treatment specially for dry and damage hair.  It comes with three kind of treatment depends on how badly damage is your hair.

Deep Layer Treatment Price List
2 Step System (virgin / light to low damage damage hair) RM88
3 Step System (medium - badly damage hair) RM168
5 Step System (for very damage hair) RM228

Deep Layer 5 Steps System Hair Treatment at number76
exclusively only at number76 Mont Kiara

As usual, my hair is dry, lack of moisture and damage due to previous extreme chemical service. Therefore, I am suggested go for full steps which is 5 Steps System to protect and treat my hair. Overall the treatment took me around an hour with no any machine use excpet blowdry and curling for style at the end. What I love is the product is used from Moltobene, Japan which my favorite brand ever (read my Bene Premium review). Start from shampoo and then blowdry then continue with 1, 2 & 3 Steps where I just have to sitting enjoying hair styling massage my hair little section by section. After, I am transferred to wash off and continue with step 4 & 5, waiting around 15 mins and done!

STEP 1: 
After shampooing and slightly draining the hair, divide it into several sections and start to apply treatment using step 1 product especially on damaged part. Apply treatment and comb the hair as rubbing it into the hair. Tapping makes the hair more adapting and having better effect. Plain rinse after.

STEP 2: 
Using step 2 product and properly spray and comb on sections, especially the damaged part

STEP 3: 
Using step 3 product and properly apply treatment on sections especially the damaged part. Apply and comb the hair as rubbing it into the hair. Tapping makes the hair more adapting and have better effect.

STEP 4: 
Using product step 4, after slightly draining the hair, properly apply and rub treatment on the damaged part of the hair. 

Using step5 product and properly apply and comb on the damaged part of the hair as rubbing it into the hair. It will make the hair more adapting and having better effect. Then properly rinse and wash out. 

Blow dry and do some styling :)

After  Deep Layer 5 Steps System Hair Treatment at number76 Mont Kiara
Smooth, silky and shinier hair.

The result is my hair becomes softer and shinier. What I love about this treatment is no machine required but the effect does not as bravo if comparing with their signature Ultrasonic Iron Treatment which cost slightly more expensive (read my review). The product used in this treatment is very concentrated so that why it will gives a better result comparing with home care products. Anyway, I had slight cutting for my front hair as well even no different at all.

After the Deep Layer 5 Steps System Hair Treatment, costumer will be given Step H as home care. The home care can use for 3 days to one week after the treatment. Besides that, number76 Mont Kiara exclusively carry hair care brands like MoltoBene's Deep Layer, Moe Moe and Loretta which can't be found at any other number76 salons.

number76 Mont Kiara

E-01-02, Block E, Plaza Mont Kiara,
2 Jln Kiara, Mont' Kiara, 
50480 Kampong Segambut Dalam,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Working Hours:
9:30 - 19:00 (Closed on Monday)

Phone: 603-6203 5111 / 4111

For more information, please visit to



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  2. Thanks for the review! I really want to go now haha. Your hair looks really beautiful as well. :)

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