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[Hair] UltraSonic Premium Iron Hair Treatment @ Number 76, Starhill Gallery

Kon'nichiwa my loves ❤❤❤

I have no idea what Chinese people busy with every year of Chinese New Year?! Busy with exaggerating grocery shopping, buying new clothes and also pampering session. WHY? Because everyone was 'kiasu' and wanna looks good in front of relatives. You never understand how 'gehpo' were 'yimagujie' will talk about you in front of your parents.
Frankly speaking, I am always enjoy preparing for Chinese New Year because it always a good excuse to spending without asking too much. And the most enjoyable part for me is pampering myself to looks good; eyebrow embroidery, eyelash extension, spa, nails and hair. You know #girlbeinggirls

So, I went to the famous amos saloon in town to did their signature UltraSonic Premium Iron Hair Treatment at Number 76, Starhill Gallery before I fly off to Taiwan to fixed my messy and frizzy hair. My feedback is my hair was so easy to manage (this definitely save my time!) and healthy looking during travelling. I am so pleased with it❤

How satisfy am I?
Let's begin my virgin experience of Ultrasonic Premium Iron Hair Treatment.


pictures credited to Sabby Prue

Number76 Salon at Starhill Gallery is their latest branch. It's is located at the posh shopping gallery; the first shop of right hand side at lift there. The theme of this salon is wood. I love the spacious, bright lighting and wood decoration. It's cozy and elegant!

Before starting my journey, here's the comparison before and after did Ultrasonic Premium Iron Hair Treatment at Number 76, Starthill Gallery. Thanks Odera San and Xuan for taking care my messy frizzy hair.

After several damage by super chemical, my hairs becomes split, dry and frizzy. If you're following my instagram then you will know how colorful my previous hair, like puking rainbow everyday, lol. Anyway, my natural hair was stubborn and hard. So, my hair needs to use extra time to let's the product penetrate into it. I have to always spending more hours to sit at saloon to get it done! I know! It's super damn troublesome.

Upon arrival, was greeted with super friendly polite in Japanese and gave me a special room for treatment. Aww❤ I was served with a cup of tea with biscuit to yum yum. Btw, they also provided services for takeaways so you can order from Starhill Tea Salon to enjoy while pampering your hair in the salon.

Mr.Odera San and senior hair stylish, Xuan politely checked out my messy hair. Since I'm not interested with any chemicals treatment so I only have their signature treatment, UltraSonic Premium Iron Hair Treatment. This treatment is an upgraded version into 3-steps with improved formula, improved technique, improved result such as collagen powder and more for even stronger, smoother and softer hair. This treatment is only available from 18th Jan to 18th Feb 2015 with special price of MYR 280 (N/P: MYR 350).

Ultrasonic Premium Iron Hair Treatment
Step 1 : Iron Treatment
Step 2: Hair Moisturization
Step 3 : Locking
Extra Care : Scalp Toning and Nourishing Oil

After washed with scalp shampoo to cleanse my eww scalp and paired with comfy head massage,
my hair was ready to get pamper❤

Watch as the iron changes color when it comes in contact with my damaged hair, from red to blue.


This is the magic of the Ultrasonic Premium Iron Hair Treatment. This hair iron is not a new toy to me but this is my first time get to play with it. The special about this iron claims can helps deeper penetrates and fast-lock the product into hair; pushing the mega-nourishing treatments deep into hair structure. This iron is not hot at all so it won't hurt our hair. It vibrates at 37,000 beats per second, separates particle of protein, water and oil in hair treatment as well.

Notes : Although is an iron but it doesn't have straighten effect, lol.

Applied treatment lotion on my hair then using Sonic Premium Iron to deeply penetratating the product into my hair. For one section of hair, this process is repeated 5 to 8 times to make sure the product was even penetrating into the hair. During the process, I can feel and hear mild vibrating sounds. :)

After premium sonic ironing, moving on to Steps 2 & 3 which are Hair Moisturizing and Locking. Both treatments are done in sink. All I need to do is relax and sleep, lol. Hair Moisturizing is a step that giving enough moisture level to hair so the hair won't dry and keep healthy. Then continue with last step, locking the moisture so the treatment can last even longer and better results.

Here's come the final, applying scalp tonic for healthier scalp and nourishing oil to hair especially end of hair. The result was seemable upon after blow-dry. My hairs turns shining, volumize, smooth and healthy looking. Love the result so muchie❤

Then comes with styling! Xuan is take over to style my hair. I requested for a romantic big curls because I have to rushed to photo-shooting right after treatment. During styling, Xuan was sharing my hair condition and some tips for extra maintenance for my stubborn hair. Thank you Xuan to keep bubbling with me *giggle*

By the way, this treatment is last one month and up depends on how you take care of your hair. They was generous enough giving homeé hair treatment for me to maintain healthy and silky hair at home easily.

My hair condition during travelling at Taiwan
Looking shining and smooth, easy to manage, less frizzy and dry. Love it so❤

Thank you Xuan for the beautiful romantic curl ❤

Number76 Starhill Gallery
S4, Pamper Floor, Starhill Gallery, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel: 03-2141 6676 / 03-2141 7076

Other branches:
Mid Valley: +603 2287 0661
Bangsar 1: +603 2284 0076
Starhill Gallery: +603 2141 6676
Plaza Mont Kiara: +603 6203 5111
Tokyo: +813 5786 1642

For more information about UltraSonic Premium Iron Hair Treatment
please visit Number76


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