Thursday, January 8, 2015

[MakeUp] Nars Holiday 2014 Lipgloss in #Soleil D'Orient

Bonjour my lovely ❤

Continue with NARS again but this time I going to share with you the lipgloss; alsp a part from NARS Holiday 2014 Collection that has special design; 'Laced with Edge' futuristic printed that was designed by Chris Kabatsi. The lipgloss also available in three color shades that specially pairs for the NARS Hardwired Lipstick (read my review 'here').

If you have read my review on NARS Hardwired Lipstick in #Femme Fleur, then you will knew that I have mentioned this lipstick looking even better with this collection of lipgloss in #Corsica and #Soleil DÓrient. Personally, I love #Soleil DÓrient better so today I am going to share my thought on this shade. :)

#Soleil D'Orient is a gold shimmering pink champagne color. The champagne shade that flashes with hints of pink is truly lovely. It's a warm undertones of beige color base color with soft fine gold-pink shimmer finish. This color looks good on fair to dark complexions no matter warm or cool undertones. It gives a flattering shimmering finish.

#Soleil D'Orient had semi-opaque color coverage. The nude base was hardly to cover and it requires at least more than two layers for nice base coverage with shimmer. If you just want the shimmer effect, then just apply one or two layers should be enough for pretty finishing. This lipgloss has lightweight formula where comfortable to wear but yet still feels moderately sticky.

This lipgloss dried up pretty fast, around 2 hours and I started to feel dry but it does not really dry up. I mean it still moisturizing enough without creating fines lines or chap my lips. Somehow, I will touch up as soon when my lips feel dry.

In conclusion,  #Soleil D'Orient has became one of my favorite nude lipgloss because the color was so pretty. What do you think? :D


SHADES Soleil D'Orient
PRICES: MYR 85 / 6ml
MADE IN: Canada

For more information, please visit to



  1. The color looks gorgeous on you... 😊

    1. Thanks Melissa. I also never tot that this shades looks great on me. Definitely fall in love it. :D