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[Supplement] BYTara Fastrim & Nightrim Collegen Slimming Drink

Minasan kon'nichiwa❤

Maintain a healthy lifestyle while diet at the same time are not easy for me. And I believe it happens to people nowadays too. I always tried many ways to diet but all of the methods I ever tried have required must controls my appetite which is the hardest than jumping down to the building. #fml

I have tired HCG Treatment before and it was great! It's helps to control my appetite so in naturally my food taken will be lesser. Frankly speaking, HCG Treatment was not really my diet preferences because it expensive! and I don't hope to jabs my stomach like everyday. Doesn't mean I hate HCG Treatment but I just hope my wallet won't get slim as well. You know?! lol

So I keep searching more healthier option that has similar effect with HCG Treatment until BYTara get in touch with me. I'd tried BYTara Fastrim and Nightrim since two months ago. GUESS What? I'm absolutely love it! 

FOUR reasons why I love it?!
1) Really control my big appetite
2) Slimming drink with collagen include where I can get slim and boost collagen as well
3) The taste is good and acceptable
4) No need of keep visiting toilet to do big business

Let's scroll down to views my thought and review. *big thumb up* 

BYTara Fastrim (purple) & BYTara Nightrim (red)

Breifly information about BYTara Fastrim and Nightrim, is slimming beauty drink product. Their best seller was BYTara Fastrim while BYTara Nightrim is their latest addition. Okay! It's might not new anymore because I get to try this was two months ago. The special about this slimming drink was have include beauty effect as well! It does not only helps you for a healthy diet while also helps to plump up your skin. It's like killing two birds with one stone, haha! The ingredient were strictly stand on quality that come from Japan. They always has insisted on producing only high quality, effective and reasonably -priced products to the market.

What is the different between BYTara Fastrim and Nightrim?
FasttromLet's make it simple! Both are slimming drink BUT
Fastrim has added on with collagen while Nightrim is more concerns on detox.
Both are only available with one flavor; Fastrim is Cocoa flavor while Nightrim is Mango flavor.  


BYTara Fastrim Slimming Collagen

Fastrim will help you to burn off excess body fat and speed up your body’s metabolism, also function as detoxification for the day. Fastrim can help you lose at least 5 lbs of weight in 2 weeks. Besides healthy slimming, fish collagen is proven to be effective in improving the skin texture, elasticity and revitalizes the aging skin including fine lines, wrinkles, roughness and dryness as well.

Fastrim archives weight loss in 3 synergistic actions:
- Stops the absorption of carbohydrate, starch and sugar into our body to avoid new fats deposits
- Softens and break down stubborn fats, cellulite and wastes. Thermogenesis process transforms reduced sized fat cells into energy, burns fat and prevents storage of fat in the body
- Removes eccessive fast and wastes through bowl movement, expels water retention and gassy stomach, accelerates detoxification, thus achieving weight loss, good health and radiant skin simultaneously.

For weight loss, consume one sachet daily in the morning and for maintain weight, consume 3 days a week in the morning; pour into 150ml lukewarm water stir well and drink immediately.

Please do not consume during menstruation or pregnancy. For best result, drink at least 2500ml of water a day.

Personally was highly recommend Fastrim to everyone. The main reasons why I continue to consume Fastrim are it's really can control my appetite and the taste was good. The taste was like diluted very mild chocolate drink with a touch sesame scent. I have no idea if sesame has includes in Fastrim or not but the smells just love for me. :) It was slightly powderish and thick so it recommend to shake or stir it well. It contains fish collagen but doesn't have the smell.

I woke up quite late everyday so I just drink Fastrim as pre-lunch before I have my proper lunch. Sometimes if I'm in a rush, I will replace Fastrim as my go go breakfast; drink and chao. It really does control my appetite; not cravings for food anymore and my stomach won't feel so empty. I can keep away those snacks and heavy carb meal. #thumbup

Anyway, the best part is this drink does not makes me stomachache at all. For real! There's no need of keep meeting for a big business, everything go easy and smoothly. You know what I mean! hahahaha XD


PRICES: MYR 178 / 15 sachets x 15g each
MADE IN: Japan
AVAILABILITY: Beautyland e@curve | 


BYTara Nightrim Slimming + Detox

BYTara main function is Slimming and Detox. It is a 100% fruit and vegetable formula that helps improve your digestive system and provide a condition for healthy bowels. It is helps to stimulate removes inches of sludge from the walls of your colon, breakup and remove harmful tonixs that built up over the years. Result immediately seen in a few days after consume, indigestion and constipation will start to clear up and those with bad breath and body odor will begin to see noticeable change after about a week.

Being 100% natural and totally free of preservatives, artificial coloring and flavoring, Nightrim is the perfect way to a healthy digestive system. It is clinically tested for biovail-ability, this means that is safe to consume, easily absorbed by your body and fully maximizing its effect. After consume 1 to 2 days, constipation and indigestion will improve, after consume a week, body will lose weight and trim body shape.

For simming and detoxification, take 1 sachet daily after meals and for detoxification and health maintenance, take 1 sachet every alternate day after meals; pour into 150ml lukewater water, shake or stir well and consume immediately after meals at night. (No food allowed after consume)

Please do not consume during menstruation or pregnancy. For best result, drink at least 2500ml of water a day.

Nightrim is recommends to who have constipation, desire to lose weight, dull skin, gas and bloating, indigestion, bad breath and weak immune system. Frankly speaking, the taste was not pleasantable but still acceptable for me. The taste like spirulina drink and the consistency is viscous and like latex. I could say Nitghtrim might not for everyone taste. So, what I suggest is get a box for trial, try and see the result first before continue with the next box.

The result was good! It does helps to me to shoo away my toxic in my body. Like what it's state, I bearly feel the result for the first 3 days, then forth day I finally have big meeting with my toilet bowl, lol. Just smoothly and easy but very smelly as well. You got what I mean, lol. There's alot of stinky black toxic expels from my body. No worry! Nightrim is controllable; just like regular daily activity we must do in the toilet. :)

The result I felt after consumed was more energetic and vitality. My skin even looks healthier with healthy glow since the toxic has out of my body. For slimming part, I couldn't really giving you an exact answer since I drink Nightrim were concerned on detox more than slimming. I drink Fastrim for slimming. I couldn't really differentiate but overall at least I looks healthier and lighter. I believe the nutrients absorption will be more effective.


PRICES:MYR 118 / 15 sachets x 15g each
AVAILABILITY:Beautyland e@curve | 


For more slimming effectiveness you can take BYTara Fastrim in the morning and BYTara Nightrim at night. Both are really great product especially Fastrim which was my favorite slimming + collagen drink at this moment. BYTara Fastrim & Nightrim can be purchased online  or at Beautyland e@curve. I always got mine at Beautyland e@curve.

What do you think about Fastrim & Nightrim?
Share with me your thought and experience! I love to know more about it. :)

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