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[Event] Lee Min Ho graces Innisfree Festa 2015

Annyeonghaseyo my lovely and also innisfans❤

Nothing is ever excited when received exclusive invitation by innisfree to meet Lee Min Ho in real life. If you haven't read my post about innisfree Store Opening in Sunway Pyramid, then you must because I have share almost all products in my post.
 Go go go read it BUT you have to come back yea! LOL

Anyway, back to topic! innisfree was super happy with the overwhelming support in Malaysia. Therefore, innisfree continues the celebration of Jeju's essence in natural beauty with its Global Ambassador from Korea, Lee Min Ho.

The innisfree Festa 2015 was designed to share the holistic experiential overview of the naturalistic K-beauty brand, was enjoyed by distinguished guest, media representatives and also 110 lucky customers who won their chance to be at this event and meet their idol, Lee Min Ho.

Save Green, Play Green

The event was today. Yes! It's 10th Jan at Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur Hotel at morning. Since I really excited wanted to share with you guys here. Okay! Although I do not mean to show off but literary yes, lol.

Besides than meeting innisfree's global ambassador, Lee Min Ho. innisfree (translated literally to 'pure island') also showcased its pursuant of the philosophy of bringing healthy beauty to body and mind with the pure ingredients from the clean island of Jeju through innisfree Festa, which has been successfully held in other countries like Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore.

Apart from its rich heritage and sought-after range of skincare products, innisfree is also known for its green ethos. Over at its Eco-house, learnt about innisfree's Green Life Campaigns and its advocacy in painting a greener future through efforts such as replacing tissues with innisfree's eco-handkerchief, recycling the empty cosmetic bottles, preserving the charm of Jeju Island and more.

Eco Handkerchief Campaign since 2010

Forst carried out in 2010, the 'Eco'Handkercheif Campaign'is innisfree's leading environment campaign and was held in the month of environment, with the slogan "Take out your handkerchief for the Earth."The campaign urged consumers to use a handkerchief instead of tissue paper to reduce woodcutting for pulps-making and to keep the Earth clean and green.

Besides that, innisfree's also running empty bottle recycling campaign since 2003. The campaign is based around the desire to encourage customers to recycle and participate in an environment campaign.

For example, if costumers bring their empty innisfree product containers to the empty bottle collection box in the stores, innisfree recycles them into various products. This is achieving CO2 reduction effect as well as helping to save tress from destruction.

Using recycled skincare bottles as the vase of plant
Love the idea❤

At the Eco-gardening zone, guests were seen getting their hands dirty (literally) in a fun manner through a simple planting session using recyclable innisfree bottles, which they took home as a souvenir.

I really love the idea. First, it's eco-friendly while second is the overall looks was so cute and beautiful. I place it at my room and will definitely do more in future. I don't want to protect the environment, I want to create a world where the environment doesn't need protecting.

Eco stamping pouch section

There's a section to let us play around with. Using eco pouch with many selection of Innisfree signature stamp and logo to create our own design. I make it pretty simple, a logo pairs with leaves at the center then some flakes as border. Then at the back, I also stamped a big Innisfree logo at the bottom right too. :)

How do you think about my design? I know it looks pretty simple but I love how clean was it. Hehe :)

Thank you innisfree for the pass to meet Lee Min Ho in real life. Although I'm not a big fans of him but leng zai 
was a worth of flirt, lol. Anyway, I wore save the green msg t-shirt to match the theme of today. :)

Okay! Is time for pictures spamming. 
Let's the pictures do the talk. ~(≧▽≦)/~

Lee Min Ho❤ Lee Min Ho❤ Lee Min Ho❤

Omo! Super awesome when meeting him in real life. There's has two session, morning for media while afternoon session with customers. I believe afternoon session will be more merrier because there's have many fun get up close activities with Lee Min Ho while media does not have; only serious talk and interaction.

Anyway, I was glad get to see him in real life. He was super perfect in any angle; handsome and tall in person. 
Omo! Leng zai!  \(❤o❤)/

Saw this beautiful dessert on table so just snap and share in here. :)

Ending this post with my #OOTD.
Thank you so much for reading and I will see you again on my next post.

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