Tuesday, January 20, 2015

[Hair] Beautiful BENÉ Premium Hair Range is finally available in Malaysia❤

Kon'nichiwa my beautiful lovely
Non-silicone shampoo is the new hits in the world! Nowadays although there's only minor of people know the cons of silicone but I'm glad the major has also start on eyes on this topic. Did you know silicone is a very common ingredient in most shampoos because it giving a smooth and less frizzy finish. But in fact, silicone is the main problem that giving the appearance of unhealthy and damaged hair in long run. Besides than that, silicone also can causes hair follicles to clog, resulting in difficulties to throughly cleanse the scalp and affects hair growth and long-term hair loss.

Understanding the importance of having the right hair care range to give our hair smoother and healthier in long-term is our right! It's not only protecting our hair but also health in a same time. :)

Bené Premium Bluria (blue) & Bené Premium Rougeria (pink) 
Introducing you the beautiful shampoo, Bené Premium Hair Range that is highly recognized in Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan for its award winning of Double Non-Silicone shampoo and hair treatment formula which uses the best natural ingredients like enzyme through transforming hair to its original health and beauty through intensive penetration, cleansing all impurities on the scalp from roots to tips.

Bené Premium has comes with two series which are :-
Bené Premium Bluria Delicious SPA series
• Bené Premium Rougeria Delicious REPAIR series

What so special about Bené Premium Bluria & Rougeria?
Bené Premium Bluria & Rougeria is Double Non-silicone
means there is both shampoo and treatment are SILICONE FREE! 
During shampoo, large portion of silicone can be washed away during rinsing. 
However, silicone used in treatment often remains on the surface of hair and scalp.

Bené Premium Bluria Delicious SPA series
(Non-silicone x Green Enzymes)
Bené Premium Bluria has beautiful blue-purple packaging with refreshing fragrance of rose, a delicate floral middle note and a musky base to helps brings relaxation and healing like SPA. This series is specially for scalp care by the blessing of sea. Rhassoul (Marocco Clay) for deep cleansing while Dead Sea Salt rich mineral helps for scalp care and repairing hair. It brings back refreshing lightness to the hair through the purifying power of green enzymes found in kiwis, green papayas, avocado and cucumber to exfoliation and anti-inflammation.

Ultimately, the Bené Premium Bluria range will restore damaged hair back to health by providing the scalp with right cleansing treatment and restores with help of rich enzymes.

Bené Premium Bluria Delicious SPA range:
• Bené Premium Bluria Delicious SPA Shampoo (MYR 43.90 / 530ml)
• Bené Premium Bluria Delicious SPA Treatment (MYR 43.90 / 530ml)
• Bené Premium Bluria Delicious SPA Hair Mask (MYR 43.90 / 210g)
• Bené Premium Bluria Delicious SPA Night Care Milk (MYR 43.90 / 115ml)


Bené Premium Rougeria Delicious Repair
(Non-silicone x Red Enzymes)
The dazzling rosy pink Bené Premium Rougeria is focused on providing intensive moisture to rejuvenate damaged hair. It contains Argan Oil and Apricot Oil from Morocco to nourish and glossy for repairing damage hair. Additionally, it has the conditioning power of red enzymes and strong antioxidants found in apple juice extract, tomato juice and carrot extract to keep your skin young and improve scalp. Have hair smelling like the intoxicating scent of the Rougeria Rose, which is a combination of fruity, floral and rose notes, perfect for bright and cheerful women on-the-go.

In conclusion, Bené Premium Rougeria Delicious Repair range, hair is eventually restores to silky and healthy tresses through the conditioning and regenerative influence of red enzymes.

Bené Premium Rougeria Delicious REPAIR range :
• Bené Premium Rougeria Delicious Repair Shampoo (MYR 43.90 / 530ml)
• Bené Premium Rougeria Delicious Repair Treatment (MYR 43.90 / 530ml)
• Bené Premium Rougeria Delicious Repair Hair Mask (MYR 43.90 / 210g)
• Bené Premium Rougeria Delicious Repair Hair Oil (MYR 43.90 / 40ml)


Japanese famous hair stylish showing hair tricks and tips 
for a healthier hair during launch.

 Takeshi Odera from Number76 demonstrated giving his stylish tips for 
sweet and romatic curl hairstyle.

Sweet and romantic hair look
With BENÉ Premium, your hair will become more manageable and less frizzy, 
so it's time to style it and try out a different look.

The Bené Premium Bluria and Bené Premium Rougeria range is 
exclusively available in selected Watsons outlets in Malaysia. 

For more information about BENÉ Premium Hair Range, please visit:


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