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[Event] Strongbow #GoldenMoments With 3 New Apple Ciders Variants

Strongbow New Variants of Apple Cider Launch

Talking about alcohol, apple cider was always my favorite in my list. It is more like apple juice mixing with beer together that gives a refreshing fruity notes when drinking it. I am drinker and a fans of Strongbow for many years and you never thought how many bottles still in my refrigerator now, lol.

Anyway, turning back to my last week recap, I was invited to the launch of Strongbow. Strongbow has continuously selected the finest apples for their cider recipes while retaining the crisp and refreshing flavor. Besides that, Strongbow was also the number one cider brand in the world.

Strongbow has came out with three new variants which are Gold, Honey & ElderFlower. They aims to give consumers more choices and to suit different individual tastes.

For your information, the three new ciders will begin appearing at on and off-trade premises available on early of December 2014 in Malaysia.

(L-R) Bruce Dallas & Hans Essaadi show the new Strongbow Apple Ciders variants

Three New Variants of Strongbow Apple Cider
• Strongbow Apple Ciders Gold
• Strongbow Apple Ciders Honey
• Strongbow Apple Ciders ElderFlower

Both the Strongbow Apple Ciders Gold and Honey contain 5% ABV (alcohol per volume) 
while Strongbow Apple Ciders ElderFlower contains 4.5% ABV.

Each is designed with a beautifully embossed detailing on a 330ml sleek pint bottle.
It will be available in early of December 2014.

Strongbow Apple Ciders Gold

Among three of the new variants of Strongbow Apple Cider, this was my favorite. Strongbow Apple Ciders Gold has more apples added comparing with the original one. It was using the combination of Gold apple with green apple to makes, that offers a refined sweet and crisp apple bite that captures the light aftertaste of bittersweet apples, giving a very long finish.

Strongbow Apple Ciders Honey

Honey fans? Then try out the Strongbow Apple Ciders Honey as it contains a unique golden bronze hue and ends with a refreshing hint of rhubarb for a fruity finish. I like this as well because it delivers the saccharine aroma of honey while maintaining the crisp taste of cider. What a sweet and pleasant cider.

Strongbow Apple Ciders ElderFlower

If you're prefer something new and unique, you may try Strongbow Apple Ciders ElderFlower. It was made by the blend of elderflower and lime that hits the 'bull's-eye' by capturing the sweet floral aroma, along with hints of Muscat and freh litchi fruits. The taste is pleasant by apple ciders with a touch of elderflower and lime. It's gives a lightly flowery yet refreshing notes when drinking it

Personally, my favorite was Strongbow Apple Ciders Gold. All of three were good but Honey touch my hearts better. I love more apples scent in the ciders that giving me even more refreshing notes. If you're looking more unique taste, suggest you to try out Strongbow Apple Ciders ElderFlower. The taste is so pleasant of apple ciders with a touch of elderflower and lime. It's gives a lightly flowery yet refreshing notes when drinking it. Lastly, Strongbow Apple Ciders Honey is another best recommendation for you. I feel classic with a touch of sweet pleasant honey scent notes when drinking it. Omo! Three of them are really greats. All flavors are much acceptable by anyone.

Which variant you prefer? Gold? Honey? or ElderFlower? *chuckle*

Here's some tips for you to fully enjoy Strongbow Apple Ciders to maximize refreshment.

Method 1
 - Well chilled the bottle at around 3-4°C

Method 2
1. Fill a Strongbow glass with approximately 1/3 of ice cubes.
2. Take a chilled bottle of Strongbow or Strongbow draught and pour over ice

Try it! Personally I love Method 1 more because I do not 
like the ice cubes mixing with my lovely apple ciders when it's melt. Hahaha

End with a group pictures with bloggers babe.

For more information on Strongbow, please visit
Instagram: (#GoldenMoments)


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