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[Aesthetic] 我の雙眼皮 | My New DST Double Eyelid Experience

Bello my lovely❤

Yeah!! \(^o^)/~ Like finally I going to blog about my new double eyelid. Lol~ 
Anyway, kindly apologize for really late update about my new eyelid condition since many of you very curious 
and want to know what, where and how was my new eyelid.

If you're my instagram friends, you probably already knew I have shared about my new double eyelid before 
and you can see my everyday condition by my selfie, lol.

So in this post will be super lengthy post.
I will try to make it as simple / minimize as I can but in the same time won't make you boring.
I know dragging words are lazy to read. 

Awesome! Hehehehe.....
Without future ado, jom mula~~

 Mine procedure claims as Aesthetics; not surgery
What I did to my eyelid called 
'Double Suture and Twist Technique (DST)' aka 'Scarless' Double Eyelid.
(more details at below)

I did my double eyelid at 15th July 2014
Another step to change my life

ME Clinic, Times Square, KL (Malaysia)
I have blogged about my experience of getting nose filler at ME Clinic too
click (HERE) to read

Here's the simple drawing drew by myself.
I knew it might abit ridiculous but trust me!
This is the true story on how I getting my new double eyelid.
I never thought of getting double eyelid for myself but after I did,
I'm swear I never ever regret of getting it because it's makes my life better and easier.
I'm definitely not overstating!

Before heading to more deeply information, here's the video of my latest new eyelid condition.
This is my latest condition about 4 months and still counting after I did DST.
In the video below was my latest eyelid condition so feel free to view before scrolling down for more.

Anyway, I did eyelashes extension at TopLash.
This is the best and softest eyelash extension I ever get.
Feels very light, soft and won't as stinging as other eyelash extension.
You can refer more details and info at my facebook, 'HERE'
I just have to draw eyeliner tail if I want define look. Save my life like forever.

*PS: Please view in highest resolution*

Close | Half-close | Open

Like what I said, Double Suture and Twist Technique (DST) was a part of aesthetic not surgery.
This method was also called as 3 points suture and twist method.

The biggest advantages of DST are:-

The process is pretty simple. Doctor will starts with marking on crease with three 3mm dots on eyes then continue with Anesthesia 麻醉, lastly to DST method. Whole progress only took 30 to 45 mins to complete.
My condition: Took me 45 mins to complete

One of the main highlight of DST. After procedure, you can even put on contact lens or makeup (but still not recommend) or even you can straight heading to works without taking leave. This method only required less than two weeks to completely heal without looking swollen or leaving a scar.
Why I say two weeks? Because different people different condition. Two weeks is the prediction time.
My condition: No swollen nor bruising on the 5th day. Probably started makeup like normal.

DST doesn't required cutting in the progress. DST only took 3 points; front, center & end of eyes, sewing, suture and twist to forms double eyelid.

Another highlight of DST. It does not like Blepharoplasty (double eyelid surgery) that will creates evident scar after. DST does not create scar even when you look down or close eyes, no scar will be shown. During the first two months, when using hand to touch the eye area, will feel three dots but after will barely feel it anymore.

Let's me tell you in first. If you wish to have a very high prominent eyelid crease, sorry! DST might not suitable for you because to create a prominent eyelid mostly have to remove excess fats from eyes and this required knife to do so. You got what I mean? Of course! It's depends on personal eyes condition as well.

DST will gives a very natural looking double eyelid. If you won't tell people that you go under DST, probably no one can tell that you did before.

The best part ever! You can change your mind to make it higher or lower crease or even can revert back to single eyelid. Omo! This is great!
My condition: Two weeks later, I am back to ME Clinic to increase the highness of the front of my right eye. Both are actually balance but because there's a line on the front of my right eye that made my right eye looks tapered while my left eye looks parallel. So Dr.David helped to increase abit at the front of my right eye. Awesome isn't? 

More information about DST, you can visit to

Left: Typical Single Eyelid (No line, No crease)
Right: A line form after years of double eyelid tape usage

I have to admit that although I have a pair of typical single eyelid but my eyes basically not small. Well~ At least that still a point I was feel happy in general. My eyes are typical single eyes; not inner fold eyelid or what so ever but was typically NO CREASE NO 'LINE' at all. I did mentioned in 'Blog My Life' that I am the only girl in my family but also the only single eyelid person. Oh well~ Lucky me! o(>﹏<)o

Before I have my new double eyelid, I am using eyelid tapes to fake it. I have to deliver my zillion thank you(s) to the one who created eyelid tape. Basically, this product is so well know in Asia because majority of us own a pair of single/inner fold eyelid (well... in conclusion... not prominent at all). Believe or not, I have all types of eyelid tape like normal tape, double-sided tape, lace tape, fiber, glue, eyelid artifact, etc.... (I will share about this and tutorial soon so stay tuned... Anyway, I did this related post just the day before getting my double eyelid O(∩_∩)O~ )

Obviously answer, if a girl giving an opportunity to enhances themselves, who will say no?! Sorry not me!

You never imagine how exhausting am I, putting eyelid tape on my eyes and sometimes it just went wrong. After faking a double eyelid then I have to draw eyeliner; a thick eyeliner (comparing with now). This really eat my times. When going for eyeshadow, it's just went so so wrong if followed those makeup guru on Youtube because was hard to find the crease and the result was obviously so different. Okay, perhaps was my skill problem. But for those who own single eyelid, you will get what I mean....

My friends surrounding me was getting their double eyelid too. I have to admit that maybe I just followed the trend surrounding them but in other case, I would be glad if my years('s) problem was solved. I was thinking if I am getting double eyelid, it might really save and makes my life easier.
Nothing is even better than less effort but can pretty as well in a short time.

Another reason was I want to be picture perfect because I have to face in front of camera for events, reviewing product, pictorial, etc.... At least, I don't need to keep on snapping zillion pictures to get the perfect one. Now only took me like maybe hundred? to get the one. Well~ I know is still alot but better than previous, lol.

*Please click the image for larger view*

*Please click the image for larger view*

So hilarious when searching back my previous photo pictures.
It's such a big changes when looking back to myself and I realized that I'm only selfie when on makeup so it was so hard when searching back my non-makeup photo pictures.

Without eyelid tape: My eyes was really typical single eyelid. Due to long time of wearing eyelid tape, sometime my eyes have 'line'.

With eyelid tape: My skill improve from time to time. That's all I can say.

Gently tips:  Try usings eyelid tape everyday (recommend using normal eyelid tape), and you can really create 'forever' double eyelid after a long time usage but it depends on eyelid as well. Personally, it doesn't works for me (only sometimes the 'line' appears) but one of my friend made it to forever.  :)

Anyway, I am slimmer comparing with previous me. Read my diet journey.

You can choose either go for tapered or parallel eyelid. 
But what I suggest is go for doctor advised for a better look. 
Try well communicate with doctor for what you want then listen carefully for advise. 

Then, you can choose the highness you prefer.
Depends on your eyes shape, choose the one of highness that suits you the best.
In the mean time, doctor will also besides you to advise which suits you more.
You can go for natural or dramatic depends on your personal preference.

Important tips:
Choose a doctor who really comfortable and honest to work with. 
I know sometimes what doctor said might not like what you expect but better than mess up everything 
at the end. Listen to the advise because they are professional and has deal with many patients before. 
So yea... do not afraid to speak out what you want, listen to advise and well communicate with doctor.


At first, I am much prefer go for highest with parallel eyelid like those gyaru in Japanese Magazine. During the consultation, Doctor David from ME Clinic is the one who in charge of my eyelid. I told him what I want and then he passed a mirror and took out one 'stuff' and started measure my desire highness on my eyelid. While looking into the mirror, Dr.David told me that medium crease is the best for me because if I go for the highest one might looks weird on me. Then after few consultation and consideration, finally I listened to Dr.David advise because I really don't want to mess up with my stubbornness. My consultation with Dr.David was so comfortable and relax.

MY EYELID: Parallel & Medium crease

Just pretty simple! Nothing complicated at all.

During anesthesia (麻醉) injections :
Yes, the only part that feels painful but the pain level is mild.

During DST :
Nope! Feel nothing at all

After DST : 
Nope! I just felt so bengkak only like I gaduh with people yesterday, lol.
It also feels like something pulling my eyelid and it's disappear on the third day.

In conclusion, overall is not pain at all. If your pain level is low, this kind of pain is mild and acceptable for you. After DST, doctor will also giving you Antibiotic, Painkillers and Medicated Lotion. If you feel pain, you can eat painkillers to reduce the pain level but I didn't even eat one of this medi because I did not feel pain at all. For antibiotic & medicated lotion, I applied it everyday because these two are more important for my heal progress, lol.

After DST :
Swollen, Bruise, Feeling something pulling my eyelid

1st to 4th Days after DST :
Swollen and Bruise slowly reduce

5th Days :
No more swollen, Mild bruise & start wearing makeup like normal

First month :
It is normal if feel the eyelid is abit too high. No worry!
No freak out because although from outside view, it was completely recovery but
the inner part was still in recovery.

Two months after :
Eyelid is going natural day by day. Two months after, eyelid was completely recovered
then you can only see true result of your new double eyelid.
*ps* you will experiencing the downing of your eyelid because the inner part was getting better

Here's my picture:

*Please click the image for larger view*

Awesome isn't? Never ever regret went for double eyelid.
Omo! Omo! Omo! *thumb up*

Watch my video again if you're haven't!
*PS: Please view in highest resolution*

I have to say thank you so much to Dr.David and ME Clinic who made my wish came true.
Then, thanks to my parents and friends who really supports me.
Sometimes, I'm still can't believe that right now I am double eyelid girl.
It's really change my life! Prettier, easier & more dolly look.
Thank you so much everyone!

Here's the detail of the clinic that I went for :
LG-18, Lower Ground Floor, Berjaya Time Square,
No.1, Jalan Imbi,
55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Phone : 03-2143 3866
WeChat / Watsapp : 018-2228 122

Website :
Facebook page :

Truly recommend this clinic to you. Not trying to shoutout or anything else but
I really love their professional and they are so friendly.
Nothing is better than finding a comfortable clinic to deal with.

In other way, I also like to deliver my heart and thank you so much
to you as well for reading my lengthy post. I sengaja blog now after 4 mths
I did my double eyelid because this is the true result.
I hope to share the honest result to you.
Anyway, hope this post can helps you too.

If you have any question, please do not hestitate to leave a comment in my comment box below.
I will try my best to reply you as much as I can.
Thank you.



  1. What contact lens are u wearing in ur video? looks nice :)

    1. Hello,

      Sorry, I bought it at Japan. I forgot the name >,<.
      You can find similar patterns if you could, the outside ring is in brown while inside is black.
      Its creates more friendlier and pleasant looks.


  2. Is there extra charges if we go back to increase the crease?

    Thanks you :)

    1. Hi Ah Lingg,

      I think should be free of charge. The doctor did not charged me when I am back with touch up. :D


  3. Love all the cute drawings!! I hope I have the guts to try it cause it really looks pretty after the procedure!

    1. Hello Nicole,

      Thanks for the compliments. I just simply drawing only. Haha
      Babe, if you want pretty, just dare to makes yourself looks happier and pleasant with it. Of course! You're pretty too. No need to do also pretty ahahhaa. Too envy neh


  4. Omg your eyes are so beautiful now ��. It's worth to have it done! I can relate to your experience as I myself is so sick and tired of eyelid tapes. I made my appointment with ME Clinic. I wanna have pretty eyes like you too, lolz ☺

    1. Hello Tammy,

      Omo! Glad to hear from you. Can't wait for you new result. Please update me if you do. Get in touch with me in facebook ( I'm excited for you too. Omo! Lol


  5. Hello thanks for sharing about this! You have really pretty and round eyes now :) can I check how much you paid for your surgery?

    1. Hello, it's around 3.5k or 3.8k. I couldn't really recap for the price. You can quote my name 'theChency' for free consultation. :)
      Hope this will helps you.

  6. hi can i ask how much u do the double eyelids?

    1. Hello, it's around 3.5k or 3.8k. I couldn't really recap for the price. You can quote my name 'theChency' for free consultation. :)
      Hope this will helps you.

  7. hi can i ask how much u do the double eyelids?

    1. Hello, it's around 3.5k or 3.8k. I couldn't really recap for the price. You can quote my name 'theChency' for free consultation. :)
      Hope this will helps you.

  8. Hi,can i ask how long will lasting this DST?

  9. Hi, I have just done eyelid stitching too yesterday, and up 'til now I have a discomfortable feeling on my eye whenever I close it, but only on my right eye. Did you have the same problem?

    1. No dear. I think maybe your right eye was more sensitive comparing with the left one. Try wait for few more days if the feeling might be disappear. :)

  10. Hi,

    I have done my eyelid stitching too. Do we need to apply for new passport?

    1. No dear... It doesn't make a big different. :D

  11. Replies
    1. I can't sure anymore since I did this few years ago.

  12. Hi,

    Is the 3.5k- 3.8k in Ringgit? And i have to tell the doctor its DST? does it make diff from any other eye sticthing?

    1. The price has been raised since I'm did double eyelid last 3 / 4 years ago. DST is actually eye stitching but perhaps different clinic call this differently.

  13. I also just done my double eyelid in Johor Bahru. The aesthetic services is quite good.

    1. Omo! Wish to see your new eyelids. Tag your picture in instagram (@thechency) if possible. :D

  14. You have an amazing eyes! I have tried to use only eyelash extension to improve my appearance but it was a disaster. Eventually I took a decision for surgery. My double eyelid surgery was 2 years ago and now I am going to have one more. I think that if you did it once you will never stop :) Best regards!

    1. Currently I am still happy with my 3-4 years eyelids hehe :D