Wednesday, November 12, 2014

[Hair] Kracie Butterfly Kawaii Soft Launch

Kon'nichiwa my beautiful butterfly ❤

Another awesome event news that would like to sharing here. This year Halloween was special for me because everyone goes dark and hauted look while I am dressing into sweet and lovely look. The Butterfly Malaysia with Kracie Malaysia were the organizers of this cutest Halloween theme ever.

On top of that, the main aim was to welcoming Kracie to Malaysia (wuhoo!) and also to introduce their famous hair care line, Ichikami and Hadabisei skincare line too. Perhaps you have know about these brand or not but I am totally a fans of especially their shampoo. Super glad that Kracie is finally available in my country so I don't need to travelling to overseas to buy their products.

For your information, Kracie is now available at selected Aeon Wellness stores. So you know where to hunts them down! Hehe

Ichikami is a well-known hair care brand (well... at least for me!) from Kracie line. Ichikami is a hair care series that uses Japanese Botanical Essences to not only repair existing hair damage, but prevent future damages as well. They holds their tagline of "Hair smoother than silk" that they're believing the important of getting a beautiful and healthy hair of every women.

Ichikami is formulated with repair and prevention ingredients, “Pure Japanese Botanical Essences” that specially designed to resolve the problem of the hair like dryness, frizziness, and damaged hair with fine lather cleans hair gently while protecting against further damage from shampooing.

Ichikami currently has two different categories of hair care which are Moist (orange) and Smooth (pink). Each line has using special ingredients like apricot oil and tea flower extract as the key ingredients for Moist care line while Azuki beans (red bean) as the key ingredient for Smooth care line.

Ichikami Smooth Care Line

Ichikami Moist Care Line

Ichikami's Special Care and Stylish Product

The reason why I love Ichikami Hair Care especially their Smooth Care line because firstly I can resist of their packaging and they have a very nice soothing scent that really lasts on my hair. I always received compliments whenever I used their product. I own a very damaged hair due to zillion times harsh chemicals and Ichikami hair cares really do smoothen and makes my hair look healthier. I have stopped their product due to lack of stock in my bathroom last time and now Ichikami can be find in Aeon Wellness. Wuhoo! I'm definitely back to Ichikami again. *muacks  I am also in love with their styling product especially hair jelly. I love the texture and of course! the scent was the main reason why I love it too.

Besides that, Kracie this time was also introducing Hadabisei Face Mask too. Wondering if you know or no, Hadabisei was also a very popular product that everyone craving about. I get to know this brand was from my Taiwan friends as souvenir to me, she said this mask is so popular in Taiwan. I have tired their Hadabisei Brigthening Moisturizing Face Mask and Hadabisei Advanced Super Suppleness Penetrating 3D Face Mask before. I love how moisturizing and the face mask texture so supple on my cubby face. And again! I am so glad Kracie has bring Hadabisei to Malaysia as well. Extra Love❤

*photo courtesy of Chocky Chok*

few of Hadabisei Masks
Hadabisei offers wide variety of masks to choose from to suit different skin trouble needs. They also offers daily mask in monthly too.

(Which types you're interest in?)

Me with Kracie products

Anyway, thank you to The Butterfly Malaysia and Kracie Malaysia to make it happened.
Totally having fun during that day. Everything was so lovely and sweet.

You can find Kracie products at majority of Aeon Wellness.
Thank you for reading
*muacks ❤


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