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[MakeUp] COVO Kiss-proof Matte Lip Fluid

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I am super duper love lips products in whatever type. Look at them just makes me feeling so damn happy. And yes! Another addiction of lips product from COVO brand, where I quite obsessed it since a long time ago. COVO always brings the best in makeup and skincare to even the most discerning user at a reasonable price. I own quite a lots of makeup and skincare from this brand. All thanks to COVO for loving me for so much. O(∩_∩)O~

I will try to introduce their product soonest but NOW!! Let's talk about the most recent one. COVO has add on the new, COVO Kiss-proof Matte Lip Fluid where comes available in 6 different color shades, collaborates with Francesco Riva, the highly sought-after Italian makeup artist.

COVO Kiss-proof Matte Lip Fluid is your most loyal lip fluid as it stays “Kiss-proof” transfer-resistant throughout the day with high-impact colour. This ultra thin film, matte finish collection includes the trendiest colours providing comfort and lastingness more than a lip gloss or lipstick can perform.

With just one-swipe, colour stays intense, bright and kiss-proof throughout the day. Infused with Vitamin E to protect the lips and reduce signs of aging, this lip fluid is your ultimate lip partner!
(*as claim in description)

SEVEN Key Features:

• The One-Stroke High Impact Lip Fluid
• 6 Kiss-Proof Shades
• Matte Finish
• Extreme Long Wear
• Ultra Thin Film
• Infused with Vitamin-E
• Built-in Mirror for Effortless Touch-ups

Available in 6 Kiss-Proof Shades:
Marshmallow | Wonderland | Spellbinder | Sunshine | Magical | Rainbow

The One-Stroke High Impact Lip Fluid

Simple, sleek and classy design

Perfect for travel and bring-around

Built-in Mirror for Effortless Touch-ups

COVO Kiss-proof Matte Lip Fluid is a matte finish and pigmented lip fluid. Guess this is not a new things in market anymore because I own a huge amount of lip fluid in any brand. This type of lips product are my first pick because what I like is the color-intense (very pigmented) and it's non-transferable, water-resistant & smudge-proof. Those features are kinda common on all types of lip fluid. Same goes as COVO Kiss-proof Matte Lip Fluid, but they also infused with Vitamin E to ease any dryness and to protect the lips from signs of ageing.

The packaging is sleek and simple where not lost the classy. The design is kinda normal like other lip gloss and lip fluid in the market; nothing special but really travel friendly and the built-in mirror at a side really convenient for touch-up.

For color and shades, like what I said, it owns six different color shades. Although is not a big selection but it still owns from nude to dark color as selection.

You know I love bright color, so "WONDERLAND" definitely is my favorite among the all. Besides that, another favorite of mine is "SPELLBINDER" where at first I never love this color because from my eye sight, this color is kinda dull for me. Surprisingly happen after a makeup artist try this on my lips and I absolute fall in love at the outcome color on my lips. It's so pretty while not too dull and dark.

The applicator is easy to create a clean line. If you don't want a super bold lip, use the tip of your finger to dab on the fluid for a subtle natural look. It gives a matte and velvety smooth finish while very pigmented as well. Not only that, my lip doesn't feels tight and not creating lines or chapped when I am eating or moving my lip around. It is really last longer and not transferable to any surface. Try to avoid oil because it basically the only con of any type of lips fluid but no worry, it's not a big deal actually.

What I don't like is after several hours, my lips feels kinda dry. My lip lines is kinda seen-able where I am so much dislike but the color is still perfectly stays on my lip. Perhaps I own a even better one therefore this not really impress me so much. If comparing with price wise, COVO Kiss-proof Matte Lip Fluid is the winner because the quality almost can bet those high-end brand.

Not forgot to mention, COVO Kiss-proof Matte Lip Fluid is paraben-free and animal cruelty free.

Personally thought that COVO is very potential brand with good quality of product and affordable price. COVO Kiss-proof Matte Lip Fluid available in 6 different color from nude to dark shades. Lip fluid is apply like a cream and dry up quickly then gives a matte and velvety smooth finish. The color is pigmented also contains Vitamin E to protect lips. If you have fair skin tone, go for pinks, nude and cherry reds. For medium skin tone, pinks with brown undertones are recommended while for darker skin tone, choose browns and purple shades instead. What I recommend is try the product onto your lips so you will know which suits you the best.

PROS: Matte & Velvety smooth-finish, Bulit-in mirror design, Pigmented, Infused Vitamin E, Easy to apply, Long lasting, Non-transferable, Water-resistant, Smudge-proof, Affordable price, Paraben-free, Animal cruelty free

CONS: Lips line show up after several hours, Lips kinda dry after several hours


SHADES Marshmallow | Wonderland | Spellbinder | Sunshine | Magical | Rainbow
PRICES: MYR 45 / 5ml
MADE IN: Italy

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  1. The matte colours are so damn nice! Plus the built-in mirror is brilliant!

    1. Yes! The color is so nice.... You should try it as well :D

  2. My favorite shade would be Rainbow and the 3 key features of COVO Kiss-proof Matte Lip Fluid are 6 Kiss-Proof Shades, Matte Finish and Extreme Long Wear! :)

    1. Darling, should no comment at here. Is at another link at

  3. The One-Stroke High Impact Lip Fluid
    • 6 Kiss-Proof Shades
    • Matte Finish

  4. I love the color of rainbow and marshmallow shade.


  5. with the Lime Crime Velvetine Lip Stain which one better?

    1. Hi Sera,

      If comparing with Lime Crime, personally I am much more prefer on Lime Crime. The application both are smooth but for vibrancy and more velvety finish, Lime Crime better. :D