Wednesday, August 13, 2014

[Wellness] Bella Skin Young Again - Indiba Stemcell System

Hello my beautiful shining lovely,

Bella Skin Care has launched new facial treatment called Indiba Stemcell System; is an inspiration by the latest state of art treatment that promises to leave your face looking years young.

What is Indiba Stemcell System?

Indiba Stemcell adopts the patented technology of Prolonic Action together with a powerful adipose derived condition media (growth factor) serum to stimulate and rebalance the ion cellular exchange, thus helping cells in recovering their natural vital function in our body metabolism. The thermal action from this treatment will increase capillary circulation and oxygenate the tissues, bringing the effect of draining and eliminating impurities from the body yet also carried into the face through the patented frequency can also improve the skin elasticity and boost cell metabolism.

Indiba Stemcell System replenishes cell and boost the collagen

1) Boost
Powerful booster for instant result
The new and improved Stemcell booster that ranges between 6 to 10 times stronger for quicker cell life recovery depending on individual

2) Repair
Optimum deep cell enhancement therapy
This therapy is designed to maximize the skin cell to increase tissue metabolism

3) Reverse
Reversal to a bouncy collagen-filled skin
The dynamic collagen boosting stage begins. fell the instant face life and bouncy skin like never before.

During the event launch, it is an informative launch. I have learnt many new thing about do & don't about skin care and also watched live demo of Indiba Stemcell System. After that, I received a complimentary voucher for myself to try it out the treatment. I can't express my excitement to try this Indiba Stemcell System but unfortunately since I just had my filler done, I have no other choice by passing this chance to my mum since she need it as well.

So, I made appointment at nearest Bella Skin (Damansara Utama branch) to let my mum experience and feel the result of Indiba Stemcell System.

Before the treatment start, my mum has to did skin analysis to know what was her skin condition and problem so Bella Skin Care would know and targets the problem area.

After changing clothes, then the therapist (Sally) helps to cleanse and toner my mum face as usual facial treatment will do. Then, the therapist will go through an energy procedure to determine the optimum energy level for the skin by stimulate nine limp nodes on mum's face and neck for better absorption and detoxifying.

After nine limp nodes, the therapist will start target on epidermis level to tighten and tone the skin and archive better drainage. Not forgot to mention, it's kinda incredible that Indiba Stemcell System is suitable for eyes area as well. Therefore, the therapist also went thru my mum's eyes area.

For the last step, the therapist will put the machine on her hand and then massaged thoroughly by hand to ensure the nutrients are delivered deep into dermis level ti increasing the fibroblast responsible for collagen production and improving cell functions.

Here' the comparison before and after treatment. It's quite a big different when comparing.
(Kindly apologize for blur picture of before)

I like Indiba Stemcell System. The treatment is warm and very comfortable made me fall asleep in halfway (*laugh). I can feel my skin starts tighten few minutes when the therapist gently massage my face and it's even more stronger when she repeating massage my face afterward. My favorite part is when the therapist massaging using by her hand gently on my face and neck. When my daughter showed me the picture and told me that she is sending the energy to my face thru the machine on her hand, it's actually pretty fresh thing although I knew this concept was not new. But I can feel myself in Bella Skin.

I can see there was a big different. I found that wrinkles and fine lines are less visible (desalination). Then, my face is more glowing and it still glow until now (forth day after treatment). The biggest different is my face definitely looks firmer and lifting. I can feel my skin is tighter as well. The therapist told me to put a hydration mask at night after the treatment to prevent dry skin on the next day because it's pretty normal when skin went dry after facial treatment. It's pretty work! My skin is not dry on the next day after treatment and my nose area (driest part) doesn't peel. Overall, I love the treatment. I am thinking going back for more.
*speak by mum, wrote by me (Mum's verdict)

PROS: Reduction of wrinkles and fine lines, Glowing skin, Firmer, Lifting, Skin more tighten, Progression is comfortable

CONS: Not budget friendly for everyone

For those who interested to have a bouncy baby skin, Bella Skin Care is inviting you to experience the good of Indiba Stemcell System, Bouncy Baby Skin @RM699 with an instant v-shaped face result!

Visit 'HERE' to apply if you're interest. 

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