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[MakeUp] Clio Gelpresso Pencil Gel Liner Mini

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Recently was surrounding with lots of advanced birthday gifts that made my day everyday. Happy girl in a happy month, and not forgot to greet every Muslim friends here, Happy Ramadhan and Happy Raya Aidilfitri in advanced. Saw few of Muslim blogger friends did their Raya tag on Youtube make me wanna follow them balik Raya jugak nie. If can, remember give me some kuih raya yea, hehehehee....  ╰( ̄▽ ̄)╮

Anyway, today would like to take a review on a eyeliner set kit from Korea which is Clio Gelpresso Pencil Gel Liner Mini (it's remind me of coffee lol). This eyeliner mini kit is filled with sliding gel texture in the retractable mini auto pencil. It glides on smoothly and gives high-defined eye line. Creamy and melting formula stays put all day long without smudge. (as claimed in description box)

This eyeliner mini kit has five mini different color of pencil gel liner and the shades are more to dark tone with glittery which is suitable for everyday use without exaggerated.
No.1 Beige Shine
No.2 Golden Khaki
No.3 Star Purple
No.4 Dark Choco
No.5 Golden Black

For packaging wise, I am felt in love with it. Black rectangular tin case with simple illustration and silver label logo of Clio. It is sleek, attractive, simple elegant and cute. Packaging is one of the reason why I bought this eyeliner mini kit. As for the pencil gel liner, a short black with auto sliding function pairs with different colors of font on the body to represent the shade while makes our life becomes easier when using these. The length of these pencil gel liner is only 10cm (half of the size of normal eyeliner).

Izzit travel-friendly? YES! This eyeliner mini kit is super travel-friendly especially for vacation. The height of the tin case is so slim (only 1cm) and overall the size is just around a hand palm size. The best part is contains five colors from highlight to eyeliner which already enough to bring it out sumore can play with different eyeliner according to personal preference of the day. A big BIG thumb up for this! (∩_∩)

Start from left: 
No.1 Beige Shine | No.2 Golden Khaki | No.3 Star Purple | No.4 Dark Choco | No.5 Golden Black

For the shades... oh my god!! I'm really love all the colors in this Clio Gelpresso Pencil Gel Liner Mini Kit especially No.3 Star Purple. The color is buildable and the texture are smooth and easy to glide on. But I do found that this eyeliner has to warm up first (simply glide few stroke continuously on hand) so it makes easier when applying, if not you will start piss out why has only little color comes out and it may hurts your eyes as well. Anyway, this not a big problem! Besides that, as you can see on the picture above, these eyeliner has gold glitter in it. It makes my eyes fancy wonzy lol.

 No.1 Beige Shine - Rose Gold Champagne

The color is actually more to yellow tone (like rose gold champagne) but my picture above looks white-ish. Perhaps is my lighting expose to this color. This beige shine color is like a highlighter helps to bring contrast to eye makeup and suitable to creates aegyo sal (eye bags) too. By the way, I drew quick thick below my eyes just want to show more the color in the picture.

No.2 Golden Khaki - Olive Green Black

I adore this color. It's creates a soft nice color comparing with black. This colors even suits more for daily eyeliner yet it's not too bored. An antique-y earth tones of darkened olive green pairs with gold glitter creates the perfect shades. Anyway somehow sometimes I am confused and I thought this is soft black color as well, ahahaha BUT still nice!

No.3 Star Purple - Galaxy Plum Purple

My favorite color among all. This purple eyeliner just got my attention and love. A dark shade of purple pairs with galaxy glitter (not only gold, is iridescent glitter). It's create a low profile fun look that also suitable for everyday eyeliner look. 

No.4 Dark Choco - Medium Toned Brown

It's create a the most natural eyeliner look because is brown tone, lol. However, this color always give a friendlier looking yet it also helps to enlarge your eye without looking drama comparing with black tones of eyeliner. 

No.5 Golden Black - Glittery Black

The so call major of people daily eyeliner look; vivid black color pairs with golden glitter. I call this eyeliner color as night sky because the gold glitter is shine in the black. 

Clio Gelpresso Pencil Gel Liner Mini claims that is not waterproof but they are proudly claimed that these eyeliners are good with smudgeproof. When the seller told me that this mini kit is not waterproof, actually it's made me change of my mind not buying it. I'd leaved it but then one week after, I went back to MUSE Watson at Sunway Pyramid again to buy this because I can't resist with the cute packaging and the colors.

So does these eyeliners act suck or not? Let's see~~


YES! I am amazed with the quality of these eyeliners. Although this was proudly claimed by Clio but you know... some eyeliner also claimed themselves are superb in smudge-proof but end up with disappointing result. I rubbed the eyeliner very hard and it's stay perfectly without smudging or turns flaky. This is superb wow! My eyelid considers as normal (is still get oily at evening but not serious). I wore No.4 Dark Choco on my bare eyes without other products all day till evening around 6 o'clock. The result I get is the eyeliner still stay perfectly without smudge on my eye. The color still looking nicely like what I drew on the morning. And yea... I am super satisfied with these eyeliners.

Tips: If you have a pair of oily eyelid or wish that eyeliner or eyshaddow stay longer on eye, it's recommend by sweeping a thin layer of powder before have your eye primer or eyeliner on. Try it! It's makes a huge different.


Oh my lady Gaga. YES! Surprisingly YES! I never expected that these eyeliners can do so well in water-proof. Or maybe these eyeliner actually is waterproof? Izzit the seller has the wrong information? Lol, whatever! I have sprayed some water on the eyeliner and then rubbed it as hard as I can. The result is much better than I'm expected. It's doesn't melt but turns flaky. Besides that, it is not that flaky actually because the outcome was little. Wow! These eyeliners is good in water-proof as well.

The Clio Gelpresso Pencil Gel Liner Mini is a pencil version of the pot gel liners. I like the packaging, colors and quantity (yes! Im'ma cheapskate lol) which contains five colors of mini pencil gel liner in one tin case. I like how the colors arrange in this kit, where I can get highlighter and eyeliners in same time especially it's made my life easier on vacation. The texture is smooth and easy to apply. The color is buildable yet strong in smudge-proof and waterproof. Another reason I am keen with it because of the price. The price is really affordable by dividing into five pretty and quality eyeliners with a sleek tin case although it is just only half size of actual eyeliner but for my personal preference, I'm happy with it because I just want all my eyeliners finish as fast as possible so I can have a reason to own a new one, yay! Hahaha.

PROS: Smudge-proof, Water-proof, Travel friendly, Easy to apply, Choices of color, Affordable price

CONS: Case is kinda hard to open especially when I have pretty long nails, Has to warm up by gliding few strokes on hand before apply on eyes for better color and application


SHADES No.1 Beige Shine | No.2 Golden Khaki | No.3 Star Purple | No.4 Dark Choco | No.5 Golden Black
PRICES: MYR 75 / 3 x 45mm x 5pcs
MADE IN: Korea
AVAILABILITY: MUSE by Watson (Fb's link here)


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  1. I have seen quite a number of reviews on this Gelpresso liners. My first impression was the same like yours, it reminds me of coffee because of the name XD it is indeed a set of impressive eyeliners after the tests you did, definitely worth buying :D